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Android Instant Apps arrive in Google Play Store beta

Android Instant Apps (App Streaming) and VR purchases

The new version of Google Play Store is rolling out to the users now, but according to reports, the new update will not appear to be overflowing with any other big and bold features. But the interesting things to be noticed are floating around inside of the APK and the point to some of the things; we can look forward in the future.

The Google Play Store Version 6.9 in teardown apk having the built-in application streaming interface and the custom purchasing experience for the cardboards. The users are still looking for more changes in the store, and the interested developers can download the files, and they can explore the things by themselves.

As Google promised earlier, they are embedding the new features in the recent updates to the Google play store. The virtual reality content and the streaming preview of the applications on the store.

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With this app Streaming feature when the user searches for the few games on the Google search, then the results that are coming on the Google Play store. On finding the appropriate results, the users can access the application and can able to play few levels of the game or the application even without downloading the complete application.

Android Instant Apps

Already this feature works in the Google search, but the people are habituated to go straight to the Google play store and download the app or game which the user is looking for.  How things look is explained below.

When the user looks for the respective application in the Google search results, then you will be able to see “try now” button. This feature is now applicable to every application but only for the few Android Instant Apps. This prevents to downloading the lengthy applications and the installations.

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Apart from this, you can have the evidence to know how the virtual reality apps will looks inside the Google Play store when VR hits the Android mainstream. With the implementation of the Daydream Project, Google is likely to make the availability of the feature VR content inside the Google Play for both the Daydream and the Cardboard.

The Google Play store should automatically update on your Smartphone or the tablet. If you don’t want to wait for the release of the update, search the apk and grab the file from the sources.

VR users can experience Physical Impression with the $25,000 Baxter Robot and HTC Vive

VR users can experience Physical Impression with the $25,000 Baxter Robot

The VR world is so fascinating, and so far we came the long way to explore the virtual worlds with the help of HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but touching those false realities is the different matter. On solving this is finding with the haptic technology which can inherit the needs of the rapidly changing world of the Virtual environment.

In the present days the virtual world you are experiencing is as close to the world, you inhabit. The combination of the high-resolution screen, head tracking, room-mapping cameras and the motion controllers on the top-end systems like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive can make this digital world look real.

HULU to support Oculus Rift through its VR application

One of the Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast has come up with the solution by using the robot arm.  This haptic System uses the HTC Vive VR headset and the controller along with the $25,000 Baxter robot for helping and simulating the physical resistance. So the virtual reality isn’t just seeing the fantastic worlds and experiences, but you can also feel them.

The PhD candidate, Scott Devin, has built the setup for the proof of the concept ‘encounter haptic system’, which actively follows the Virtual reality user’s pushes towards the prior moments to simulate the physical objects in the virtual space. The rigging up of the $25,000 Baxter robot with the HTC vive is not a practical haptic feedback setup, but this is arrangement looks effective.

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House through Steam

From the demo of Devin, this served to provide the force feedback and weight to the users pushing the virtual wooden blocks from the VR shelf/table. The VR user can reset the level of weights to light, medium and heavy and continue the game. The Baxter robot tracks the positioning of the user’s hand, and it pushes back to simulate the weight of wooden blocks. The more weight the blocks gets is programmed, and the Baxter pushes back and gives the VR user physical impression that the user is pushing down the digital objects.

Google is Aiming for the High-End Headsets to Compete with Oculus Rift and Vive

Google is Aiming for the High-End Headsets

As per the recent reports Google has shut down their internal project to work the future Virtual Reality Headsets, and aiming to develop the high-end standalone VR headset devices like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The sources mentioned to the spokesperson of the Engadget that the company is moving forward to design the dedicated VR headset where there is no need of the mobile phone or any computer for making it functioning. In this Google Project, the VR headset will have the screen which features in more augmented reality.

The dimensions and the design of this future Google’s headset are yet to know. The technical experts are mentioning that this headset is going to look closer to the Microsoft’s Hololens or something like the Oculus Rift.

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House through Steam

According to the website Recode, This upcoming Google project is designed to compete with the current standalone gaming VR devices. Apart from this company is developing other hardware projects were in the development.

Already Google is having their determined plans for the Virtual Reality. Earlier in this year, Google has unveiled their project called Day Dream which is an Android-based VR platform which built on the successes of the Google cardboard. The ideology of the company is different and having the long-term plans which move beyond the Android-powered experiences including the solid hardware.

Google has worked on the AR (Augmented Reality) in other areas; it has backed the Florida-based Magic Leap which is the company that creates the “Mixed reality” technology and includes their very own headset.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

After the success of the Pokémon Go in the previous week, there is believe that the public is having the great interest in the Augmented Reality and the future of Augmented Reality. With this technology, updates are going to change the complete phase of the Augmented Reality.

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House through Steam

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House

Nvidia is famous for their GPUs (Graphic Processing Units), and now they stepped into VR games. The company has released their first ever VR video game named “VR Fun House”.  It is the collection of the Virtual Reality games designed and developed for the VR devices. The users can experience the collection of carnival themed VR mini games in the VR Fun House. These games are designed with the advanced physics and visual effects which are built on the Unreal Engine 4.

Nvidia cautions that these games will run only on the low graphic settings although you have bought the company’s powerful GPUs like 980 Ti or 1070 card or in the medium with the single 1080, the users will need two 1080s for running the tandem or one with the 980 Ti for serving as the backup card and for experiencing the best results and the performance. These are the resource heavy game as per the VR standards. Apart from all these, you must possess the HTC Vive device as well.

As per the reviews, the users who use the rig with the single 1080, the results are pretty impressive. The games like skeet shooting, archery and the firing goo into clowns, etc. exploding the liquid filled balloons above their heads and all are designed to push the technical limits of the Virtual Reality.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

If you are having the VR device HTC Vive and the Nvidia’s high-end GPU along with the VR Funhouse, then it is worth to be checking out these latest VR Funhouse gaming collections. And it is available now on the Steam for free, and Nvidia is setting the plans to release the open source later this summer. This enhances the rate of developers in increasing towards developing and creating their games in this same technology. Check out the NVIDIA® VR Funhouse at Steam 

The system requirements are given here. So if meet these requirements don’t be late to get your hands on the VR Funhouse games.

NVIDIA VR funhouse

Jesus Christ Film Coming This Christmas in Virtual Reality

Jesus Christ Film Coming This Christmas in VR

Well, you all have seen the depicted movie of Jesus Christ’s birth, crucifixion, and resurrection in Movie Theatres or Televisions. Here, Technology goes miracle.

You have seen everything works in reality in VR since its emerging. Now, Jesus is coming soon in Virtual Reality in this Christmas. 90 minutes VR is set to be release in this X-Mas featuring a live action film describing Jesus birth, crucifixion, and resurrection. The VR movie is going to locate in Matera, Italy.

The Final Destination 5 fame Tim Fellingham will play Jesus. Movie Director, David Hansen said Virtual Reality would be perfect to tell such a compelling story and viewers can be able to get a 360-degree view. Enzo Sisti, who served as Executive producer of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, will function the same role on the VR movie.

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The story of Jesus is going to be available on all leading VR platforms with the 4K resolution which means viewers will be able to look any angle they want to view. Mel Gibson’s American epic drama “The Passion of the Christ” which was released in 2004 depicts the Passion of Jesus, face more critics than Applause. As the film cover the last twelve hours of Jesus life, using excessive violation in the movie.

 So the unknown fact is that whether the VR movie will be like the version of Gibson’s or hoping to make the audience fell like they witness events first hand as per the version of David Hansen, the director, and producer of the new coming VR movie soon.

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The Director also said that “the viewers will truly feel they are the Jesus and his disciples.” And this will be the most powerful story of all time and VR is the perfect way to tell it. The Jesus Christ’s, VR movie available for rent or purchase for VR systems such as Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift and pricing has not yet been set.