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Sky VR app Launched for Free Download

Sky VR app Launched for Free Download

Sky VR app is launched and made available for free download from the Internet. This app will enable the viewing experience more realistic.

Sky VR app is a 360 degree viewing experience which makes it more flourished when compared to earlier. The latest app is compatible with the most advanced gadgets of Google and Samsung and other giant electronics.

Just going to be announced Google’s Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift are amongst the gadgets that the new app is going to support comfortably. As per the company statement, this app is of high quality and best content for its partners like “Anthony Joshua: Becoming World Champion” and some of the clips from Disney’s “The Jungle Book” and “Star Wars: Red Carpet”.

Panoworks 3D View Projectors without VR Headsets

Sports especially have the good time to enjoy as the craze is enhanced. Sky Sports feature will be a feast to the football lovers. The coming events of UK tour is an upcoming event for the watchers to have the real affective view with this app.

Soccer legend player David Beckham has expressed that the app will certainly make the biggest sport more bigger to watch. He also added that the unique opportunity to watch the world’s most popular sport with much closer affects as reality.

The app can be downloaded on the device irrespective of the Os run on the device. Android and iOS are easily compatible for the app. Only the version is to be taken care of. Android 5.0 version and iOS 8.1 are the minimum versions of OS that support this app.

Google may Announce Daydream VR Platform Launch in Coming Weeks

The VR has taken much new advancement from all the developers. The quality and the app support on devices is a major concern for all the makers. Sky has overcome all these barricades and launched the version for the most advanced gadgets too.

Panoworks 3D View Projectors without VR Headsets

Image Source: ali213

Panoworks Virtual Reality Projectors Introduced

Till date, the viewers with their naked eye cannot experience the 3D view. Panoworks introduced 3D glasses for the Virtual reality. The Television and the mobiles have been facilitated with some of the technologies. One among them is the latest invention.

Japan’s electronics manufacturer Panoworks has tried something new regarding 3D viewing. It has replaced the traditional goggles for 3D view. The bulky headsets for the Virtual view also now come to an end as people can view with their naked eyes.

Google may Announce Daydream VR Platform Launch in Coming Weeks

A curved shaped screen paired with an HD laser projector for the 3D view. The Panoworks projector will enable a 150-degree field view which can transpose 360-degree experience. The screen in curve shape will be useful for the viewer as one need not turn his head around.

Image Source: ali213

Other features like hand gesture controls and touch screen facility, trackball or a rotator facilitated for the Virtual reality. Leap Motion and Kinect integration technologies used for handling the controls.

The 4K screen resolution with a 5.1 stereo surround system and stereoscopic 3D technology will be a soothing hearing experience. The video output can also upgrade with other device connections.

MVRDV Dutch designed a Chinese Library about to Finish in the City of Tianjin

Though the company has not yet announced the date of release and other details regarding its price and specifications. There is a lot of guesses in the gadgets world. Globally the launch is expected.

Image Source: ali213

However, the company has indicated that the VR projector will be budget friendly. This indicates that the price would be reachable by a common man.

The advanced technologies are in fact making the live of people more comfortable and lavish at cheaper costs. Mobile screens, laptops, and the televisions have accommodated with the virtual or the 3D viewing technologies. Now, the projector has placed in this category.

New System That Allows Google Glass to Detect Early Brain Disorders

Google Glass to Detect Early Brain Disorders

Imagine a Google Glass type eyewear that can recognize integrated augmented reality with your own and give you the live information about your surroundings. A new device developed by researchers may make this possible.

They have developed the Google-Glass diagnosis system based on Virtual-Reality (VR) technology to detect early neurodegenerative disorders which also includes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. It consists of non-contact sensor controller and a mobile platform.

The motion sensor detects the changes in the human body posture when the person puts on the glasses and selects the VR mode where the environment changes the slope. This system is developed by the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) and Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) in Russia.

Google Glass App Projects a Magnified Smartphone Screen for Visually Impaired

According to the researchers, a person without any disorder quickly adapts to VR and keeps a stable position while a person with disease can’t adapt and loses the balance. They have been already tested this system by about 50 volunteers

“We have integrated existing devices and developed mathematical models for data analysis. We have also created a human skeleton model, identified 20 important points that Kinect monitors. Diagnosis provides results of deviations in the 20 points,” said David Khachaturyan, a scientist from TPU.

“In the experiment, we tested how VR influences people. The procedure took almost 10 minutes. The experiment engaged both healthy people and those whom doctors had already been found disorders by,” said Ivan Tolmachov from TPU.

Meet the Sunglasses with built-in bone conduction speaker and Mic. Zungle Panther

“We have also found out how people with different diseases react to a virtual environment. For instance, people with Parkinson’s disease get hand tremor, more pronounced in the case of a central nervous system,” he said.

According to the reports of researchers, the Parkinson’s disease cell death process will start at the age of 30, but the symptoms will be noticeable at the age of 50. To avoid this type of situation, the scientists had developed the early detectable diagnosis methods for a Neurodegenerative disease.

The researchers had mentioned that the system needs clinical trials and also requires technical and toxicological certification. The system process will be completed in the year 2017.

Google may Announce Daydream VR Platform Launch in Coming Weeks

Google’s Daydream VR platform would make its debut in next few weeks

 It seems this year is going to be huge for Virtual Reality. Google announced its virtual reality platform Daydream at I/O conference in May. Now, the search engine giant is ready to launch its Daydream VR in coming weeks. Google is investing huge on Virtual Reality platform.  Much of the investment is spent on the development of video games and apps, shooting 360-degree videos and licensing sports leagues. Google will promote projects from Hulu and produces for 360-degree videos with famous YouTube stars.

According to the reports, Daydream is being built to run on the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. It is confirmed earlier in may, that leading handset manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Asus, Alcatel, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi have agreed to build “Daydream ready” smartphones.


“Google’s Daydream will help advance a mobile virtual reality. The mobile virtual reality is what’s going to get the most people to strap things on their head. They want more content in the store to get people talking. Google investing in the space continues the momentum and growth we’re all expecting.” Said, Oren Rosenbaum, a digital media agent at United Talent Agency who spearheads its VR effort.

Daydream’s store includes app, shorts and games to boost its VR platform. The idea behind the platform is to be the Android of VR. However, Google will afford to provide a VR platform for other companies to build hardware, just like its previous formula of serving Android OS for companies like HTC and Samsung to manufacture smartphones.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

It seems Daydream is more ambitious VR than Google Cardboard. There are plenty yet to reveal we don’t know about it. However, no one witnessed any devices designed exclusively for VR, but as per the sources, the headset set design resembles Samsung’s Gear VR.

Nokia 360-degree Ozo Camera to arrive in China’s Flourishing VR market

Nokia 360-degree Ozo Camera to arrive in China

The growth of the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is developing so fast, and the requirement for the cameras are also increasing each time. The cameras which can capture the live entertainment from the different angles and patch them together which support the VR hardware.

Currently, there are several cameras out in the market which supports all advanced features, and most of the high-end variety are not too far which are used to create the movies. But these are not for the customers for few reasons like price segment and others. The rig is quite hard to set up, and the worst part is, it is not portable.

Nico 360, The World’s smallest 360 Degree Camera

The company is increasing the sales with expansion by bringing this 360-degree camera product to China. Nokia has announced that the 360-degree camera has been targeted as the professional turnkey solution with ready-to-go stitching and production pipelines in place, will be for sale in China in September of this year. The Ozo is currently available in the US and Europe.

The perfect VR camera for the existing customers at this moment is released by Nokia which is woefully understated. Nokia Ozo 360 degree camera is one of the extreme high-end cameras, although it is portable and heavily priced with $45,000.

This Nokia’s 360-degree camera is originally sold for $60,000 and as a part of the deal, the company is offering $15,000 discounts to the individuals and early adopters. The final price is available at $45,000 in the US. We are expecting the equivalent pricing in the China Launch.

Casio EX-FR200 combines the 360-degree camera with detachable lens

The Chinese market has a “genuine hunger” for the latest and high-quality VR hardware and content which the similar content Ozo can produce, says Nokia. So the company is partnering with LeEco especially for their LeVR arm for going beyond making them a retail partner for the Ozo itself.