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Google Chrome Gets VR Support in its Latest Version

Google Chrome Gets VR Support

Google unveiled its updated version of Chrome browser which brings Virtual Reality experience to web users. Now, users need not use a separate app or YouTube for browsing virtual reality content. Google declare that users with Daydream View headset and Daydream-compatible phones will get the fully immersive experience. Users on computers and other smartphones can also go through the content, albeit using finger or mouse.

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“For a fully immersive experience, use Chrome with your Daydream-ready phone and Daydream View-just browse to a VR experience you want to view, choose to enter VR, and put the phone in your Daydream View headset,” says, Megan Lindsay, Product Manager and Collector of VR Headsets at Google

Explaining the advances of Chrome for Android, the search engine giant has mentioned few websites which support VR content. Also, declared that some more are in line up to come soon.

“For example, explore the intersection of humans, nature, and technology in the interactive documentary Bear 71. Questioning how we see the world through the lens of technology, this story blurs the lines between the wild world and the wired one,” he added in the Blog post.

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Google mentioned some of the other websites which include Matterport’s library (with 300,000+ celebrity homes, canyons, museums, iconic architecture and other real places), Within, Sketchfab (community hub for VR content), and WebVR Lab from PlayCanvas. Google claims to bring the virtual content to everyone on any device in coming months.

Google Earth VR is Now Available on Stream, Explore the World with Different Perspective in Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR is Now Available on Stream

Travelling across the world is the most beautiful thing in the life. Even if you got the chance to visit the beautiful places and amazing places, but you could not able to travel all of them across the world. So what if you can see them all at one place? Feels Great right. Google Earth is now available with the Virtual Reality. It was almost a decade ago, Google Earth was introduced and it is helping the people to explore the planet earth.

Google Earth is having more than two billion downloads so far and today they come up with introducing the Google Earth VR. This is the company’s next move for exploring and experience the world in different way.

Google Earth VR is available for free to download for the HTC Vive VR Headset. With this VR Earth you can fly over the cities, mountains, oceans and more like the superman. You can view the things in the 3D aerial views. With the simple spins you can grab the sun out of the sky and you can experience the things, how they will in the day and night. So stop worrying about travelling and start experiencing the places you love with the Google Earth VR.

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Google Earth VR will let you walk around the places, fly over the locations and browse them. With this you can put the whole world within your reach. Go anywhere and explore anything across the world with this VR application.

You can download the Google Earth VR on the Stream (First Available) for the HTC Vive. This requires the best system rig with the decent specifications for the better experience. You must have the virtual reality headset for accessing this Google Earth VR.

Things you need for the VR support

Headsets            : HTC Vive

Input                   : Tracked motion controllers

Play Area            : Seated, Standing, Room-Scale

Samsung Gear 360 Sale starts on 29 April only in South Korea and Singapore

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Samsung announces new Gear 360 camera Sale starts on 29 April only in limited countries .

The age of traditional cameras may be ending soon as most of the tech lovers are opting for Cameras, which supports 360-degree mode. The Virtual Reality is the need of the hour for everyone. Keeping in this mind tech giant Samsung had developed a 360degree camera which is released at an event called Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the starting of the year.

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The camera is aptly named as GEAR 360, is going to be shipped from 29th April 2016 limited to South Korea and Singapore. With only one day left to the shipping date, the officials had announced the price of Samsung’s 360-degree camera which is $347.When compared to other camera’s like LucidCam VR it comes with a very affordable price.

Coming to the physical structure of the camera it sizes is little bigger than a golf ball. The Samsung Gear camera is featuring with two 180 degree fisheye lenses attached back to back together making it a 360-degree video.

Gear 360 camera is capable of taking 30 Megapixel shots along with video shooting of 3840×1920 resolution which is equivalent to 4K videos.

The other specs of this masterpiece are that it comes with dust & water-resistant body along with a tripod/handgrip to hold. It is also provided with a rechargeable and removable battery. PC software is available for more in-depth editing capabilities. It can shoot videos with different modes built within the device. The Storage capacity of the Cam can be increased up to 128GB with External Memory Cards.

Videos can be viewed with a Virtual Reality device or on the screens of mobile /tablet/PC by dragging the cursor. It can be linked to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and later models. Capturing and storage of the videos and images can be done by using the smartphone.

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It can also be turned to VR Action Camera for recording action sequences by switching into the single-lens mode. A small screen is placed for onscreen display and it also supports Bluetooth option. The length of the device is 2.6×2.2×2.4 inches and weighing only 153grams.

Briefing in a presentation at the Company’s Developer Conference in San Francisco, Mr Andrew Dickerson, director of software engineering for Samsung VR stated that “2016 is shaping up to be the year of VR”. The Firm is making people participate in making Virtual Reality content and not just consuming it.

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He also remarked that Samsung is working on the advancement of the current technology to overcome problems like poor image quality, insufficient computing power, the weight issues, restricted mobility of VR headsets, and dizziness. The shipping dates for the United States are not disclosed yet.

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GoPro launching Omni VR Camera; Gen-Next live streaming Tools

GoPro vr omni

GoPro, Inc. A US-based Action Camera Manufacturer was making way for its new invention in the field of Virtual Reality Camera. Having introduced many action cameras and virtual cameras for many adventures and realistic shoots the company has immense experience in this area.

As a part of the company’s latest strategy to encourage VR film-makers and enthusiastic fans released its new VR camera and VR platform to support sharing of mesmerizing videos, photos with high quality at 360 degrees. The company had also acquired Apple’s Daniel Coster as the designer & associating with 100 new companies as a part of their new business plans.

At an event named National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, last week had displayed the latest innovations. Starting with the launch of its new Virtual Reality Camera called Omni Virtual Camera, having a unique array sequence featuring Six GoPro Black cameras. It’s a bit like a Cube having cameras on all faces. The Collaboration of 6 powerful cameras allowing the user to capture 8K videos all sides.

Along with six GoPro Black Cameras, a light weighted aluminium rig is also kept enabling to click high definition action shots. The OMNI VR Camera is waterproof and can be used during adventurous outdoor activities like Water Surfing and Snow Boarding.

The Company also unveiled its new platform GoPro VR new platform which is a combination of website & app that supports Android and IOS. The new Platform allows users to exhibit VR content and share it globally.

As a part of its latest development, a surfing video is also being released at the event in which two surfers were showing their skills at a sea. The stunning video with high definition clarity with a 360-degree view would thrill the VR enthusiasts.

The Official Price of OMNI is $5000 which includes memory cards, cables & Kolor software.it is very affordable when compared to the GoPro Odyssey, having 16 cameras worth $15000. Even after the inclusion of 6 Hero cameras the price is still reasonable. If you already owns the cameras the rig alone can be bought at $1500

Along with the GoPro VR a wireless live streaming tool known as LIVE VR is also being launched at the same event. It would be available with all devices of GoPro and it is installed with the current VR platform. The live streaming system is a part of their collaboration with Moto GP and would stream more sport activities. At first the videos of Sponsored athletes would be telecasted later would go with general videos too.

With Out rolling of expensive VR headsets like  Facebook’s Oculus Rift & HTC vive now enforcing the market for providing both the software and hardware developments. There is an apparent urgency for the development of games and more VR tools as well as its content soon.

The development of Affordable VR headsets would make it reach the ordinary people too. OMNI VR Camera will be available for Pre-Booking on the Company’s official website GoPro.com from Monday.

Facebook woos Google Executive Regina Dugan, for Building 8

Regina Dugan

The Social Networking “Facebook” turns to Technology ambitious, install a new research lab “Building 8”, focussing on advanced hardware products to connect the world well in advance. Regina Dugan, who led Google ATAP (Advance Technology and Products) and also erstwhile Director of DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), will be on board to Facebook Building 8 very shortly.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg certainly told in an FB post on Wednesday to recruit hundreds of people and invest hundreds of Dollars for this active project over the next forthcoming years CEO & Founder Mark discloses a strategic plan for the next 10years. At its F8 once a year conference this week, focussing on having a breakthrough in the areas of AR, VR, and AI (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence) and tends to extend internet access to Billions of people, Facebook Chief Tech Officer, Mike said.

Who is Regina Dugan?

Dr. Regina Dugan, An awardee of Ph.D. from Institute of Technology, California in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The first women, to lead Pentagon research lab popularly known as DARPA served from 2009 – 2012 to oversee the entire operation. Later on associated with Alphabet Inc, Motorola (a division of Google) and accompanied in Google’s ATAP for new ambitious products. She was involved in advanced technology projects such as modular smartphones, Smart Fabrics, and 3D mapping devices, project Ara and lesser moon shots like Project Soil, which uses radar waves to detect the finger movements precisely to control the objects in the air.

Why named Building 8? Mark reasoned that “There are eight letters in Facebook,” aiming high to build future technologies among the company. At F8 conference, Zuckerberg unveils the 360 – degree video for social networking that indicates company’s consistent efforts in making up of new technologies of Hardware and Software.

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Dugan blogged this morning it is a bittersweet day that “I am on one hand excited to step in for the opportunity in Building 8 to focus on ambitious R&D to create a breakthrough” and “on the other hand, departing from Google ATAP and leaving my Pirates”. Google in a statement greeted Regina, for the contribution for the practical product development with Google’s ATAP with hundred number staff and one thousand subject experts working on various projects and although wished her “the very best.”

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