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Google Photos can Animate, Recall and Discover Old memories, Auto-Rotate, Recognise faces

Google announces the launching of four new features of Google Photos which are available from today. The photos team of Google says that there are three new, different ways to see the memories, highlights, and experiences. One can also fix those experiences in a sideways in the albums.

Google Photos can now auto-detect the photos which appear sideways in jumbled directions, as we may click a photo by turning our camera in many directions. To save you from the manual editing of rotating the photos to one direction, Google will rotate and group these pictures to one direction and even asks you to confirm the edits done. Obviously, this feature will be a time saver for many of the users.

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The other interesting feature is especially who are obsessed with capturing the clicks of their babies or the pets. This feature with a pop-up enables the user to view the best photos in a new card over the course of one month. This makes you easy to send the newly-assembled best shots of the kid at once to the near and dear.

Google Photos has a new talented feature for facial recognition. This feature can detect the face of the person in the picture and can re-discover all the old memories of that same person. That will be fine if and only your ex won’t meets you after a long time if so it stings your heart.

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Finally, the Google photos can loop up and animate a segment of videos too. Earlier this feature is only for photos only. Find out these exciting new features on Android, i0S, and the Web and surprise your close ones saving time.

Facebook Takes on Snapchat, adds “Instant Video” to Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the app used by Millions of the users. It recently added “instant video” option to the existing text chat. With this additional feature, the conversation can include the richer communication experience. Tap the icon at the top corner on the right side to activate this service.

Facebook feels “sometimes you just need to see something, not hear it,” and hence the audio is off by default to avoid the background disturbances.

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When you are chatting with your friend, and eventually you would like to show the environment around you, without the audio playing in the background, this feature helps you and you can also share the video back to your friends. This service is different from the regular video calling. This instant video feature is available only inside the Messenger app, and hoping that it might be available for group chats one day.

Facebook Messenger currently covers over 1 billion active user’s monthly. Since videos are the growth drivers, the instant video seems to be a useful addition. The instant video feature will be available for both iOS and also for the Android users who have an updated Messenger app on their Smartphone’s.

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Similarly to the Snapchat, the video supports only when both the conversations should be kept open in the app. The Facebook Messenger has many additional qualities when compare to Snapchat.

“Video calling is still relatively new, and until recently, reserved for special occasions,” the company said in a blog post. “Instant video is a reflection of the ubiquity of video — we simply expect to have that ability in real-time, all the time.”

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