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Much Scope for Online Video Advertising this Year, Says Reports

online video advertising

Latest reports from web analysts said that there would be a huge demand for online video advertising for the year 2017 and the growth of online advertising may be increased due to significant usage of mobile networks and the internet.

Mobile networks usage had increased by the smartphone users rapidly in the year 2016 why because many telecom operators launched new data packs for its customers at affordable prices. Meanwhile, the usage of mobile networks increased and not only this, but internet facilities are providing even in rural areas also.

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However increasing mobile network and using the internet would lead to a healthy growth of online video advertising this year, said reports.

Adomantra Digital, the online video advertising solutions firm, said, “2017 will witness a more aggressive approach from social media and video giants. The leading social media networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can endorse video consumption and associated advertising.”

As per latest reports, the segment’s revenue last year jumped around two-folds. The organization also stated that “The online video advertising industry has registered 200 percent growth in the year 2016 and the increase in consumption of video content enabled a shift in gears and growing demand.”

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“The increase speed rollout of mobile networks and easy availability of cheap internet access, 2017 will be the year for online video advertising,” it added.

Speaking about the reports, Vikas Katoch, CEO, Adomantra Digital, said that among the different online video advertising durations and formats, the primary focus for 2017 would be on long format video ads (45 to 90 seconds) for a robust brand rendezvous with the audience.Vikas said, “Brands and publishers will gain enormous benefits because of high viewability in rich media formats as users can’t avoid seeing these ads.”

He also mentioned that due to the availability of 3G/4G services, the on-going flow in internet perception in the country would be on the rise in 2017, leading to a considerable increase in video consumption.

Pinterest Stepping Ahead to Promote Video Ads

Pinterest Video

Pinterest footed a step ahead and begun promoting video ads in its search engine. Pinterest, the visual sharing follows Facebook and the Twitter strategy targeting the growing online video market. It is the first time launch, seems to be more widening its business for popularity. Pinterest Video is to promote ads.

Now the advertisers of UK and US can now purchase promoted video pins as premium, reserved ad inventory which the company launched promoted pins earlier this year. Pinterest, now focusing on an animated GIF video format (with an auto play mode) which unveils on Wednesday.

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Last year the visual sharing company introduced Lite video format that plays sound free videos while people scroll down as the user should tap on the video to see it.

Pinterest people added in their blog post that “Promoted Video brings together some of the best elements of Pinterest. According to recent data from Mary Meeker, 55 percent of people on Pinterest want to find or shop for products.”

Pinterest Video

Only 12 percent of people say that about social networks. And since 75 percent of the content people enjoy on Pinterest comes from businesses, we’re offering something unique and valuable to individuals and businesses alike.

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With Promoted Video, companies can share their ideas with the people who are looking for them and make it easy for them to give these ideas a try.

While other platforms primarily offer Pinterest Video views, we’ve coupled Promoted Video with promoted pins below the video. Now the 67 percent of people who say videos on Pinterest Video inspire them to take action can experience your brand and then just click below to do more with your products and services.

Plus, with our new native video player, this all happens in one seamless experience.

Meredith Schaffner, the marketing manager, added that we’ve run several campaigns with Pinterest and consider video a natural evolution on how we want to connect with our Pinterest audience. Our customers come to Pinterest with high intent, and the ability to show a recipe and our products through video is a unique opportunity to drive higher performance.


PINTEREST Promoted Video: Video Ads Come to Pinterest featured pins from Social Times on Vimeo.

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