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US Government Spending More Than $60 Billion on Outdated Technology

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I always thought of using Floppy Diskette at least once where I am unaware of using it. But I couldn’t make it.

The US arsenal using the 8-inch floppy disk released by congressional investigators also told that the US government is spending around $60 billion to maintain museum ready computers.

DDSACCS (The Defence Department’s Strategic Automated Command and Control System) uses the same 8inch floppy to send and receive emergency messages to US nuclear forces that run on 1970’s IBM computing platform.

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) said: “Replacement parts for the system are difficult to find because they are now obsolete.”

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The Pentagon was told bringing on initiating for the full replacement of ancient machines very soon while the entire upgrade will take longer. Dept of Treasury and Veteran Affairs reported using IT systems that are at least 50 years old.

According to the GAO, the reports say around $61.2 billion spent to maintain the out-dated systems. The Pentagon says the nuclear control unit will step out using floppy disks by the end of 2017 which will further modernize by 2020.

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The Office of Management and Budget has started an initiative to replace the IT systems, but the policy wasn’t finalized and fully executed. “The Govt runs the risk of maintaining systems that have outlived their effectiveness,” the report states.

Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson told the Two-Way via email:

“This system remains in use because, in short, it still works.”

“However, to address obsolescence concerns, the floppy drives are scheduled to be replaced with Secure Digital devices by the end of 2017. Modernization across the entire Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) enterprise remains on-going.”