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Zore X the Smart Gunlock Notifies your phone, if anyone tampers it

Zore X is the smart gunlock designed by Indiegogo

Earlier there are some incidents that an unlocked gun can ruin one life. There are also few circumstances that children were getting hands on the gun.

According to the reports from the previous years, toddlers have the incidents involved in one shooting per week. So here comes the new Indiegogo project Zore, wants to help the unconditional incidents.

Zore is a startup which is manufacturing the smart gun lock that helps the users to unlock their gun remotely. To unlock the gun user have to use app or PIN code. If any person tampers your weapon, it gives you an alert as long as you are in the Bluetooth range.

You can also connect through the Zore Bridge, which is Bluetooth Wi-Fi router, where you can plug-in the bridge in the power socket so that you can get the notification or the alerts directly on your phone. There are many unique features in the Zore X lock, and it contains the electro-mechanical dial which is designed to improve the security measures. You can unlock the gun even in the dark.

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There is the mobile application where you can install and perform the operations directly from your smartphone. The things you can do from the mobile app are, you can receive the gun movement notifications and can send you a message for the dial movement directly which takes place on the lock.

Smart Gun

With this project, new smart gun technology will help the gun safety in the United States. This project from Indiegogo has raised the campaign with huge $296,388 USD from 1707 backers against its flexible goal $100,000. Almost there is a month left, and still more amount can be raised.

The company offers the earlybird sale for this featured product which includes ZORE X + Bridge + Watchdog with the amount of $169 including the shipping. The shipping provides the delivery across the world. We can expect the product by the February 2017.

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The users can also claim the “Big Thank You” towards the support of the company and helping them to create the next gen gunlocks. The company will update the progress, and they will be invited to the live and the virtual events.

“We can say that the campaign’s success is not a big surprise because we saw the interest in the gun community in the United States, even before we started,” Yonatan Zimmerman, co-founder and CEO of Zore, “We knew we had an exciting product on our hands. But we’re certainly very happy with the response.”

Zore X

Zimmerman says one thing that Zore team has noticed and the point they missed, when the team initiated the project, they were thinking about the handguns model, by adding the features like biometric ID.

In the smartphone app, you can able get trained with the Zore. This also acts as the Zore Trainer. Just set the reminder to unlock the gun lock, when you are reminded then reach to the gun and unlock the Zore gun lock. Improve your score by unlocking in the less time.

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It took two years to the company to make the work done and bringing it to perfection.

If you are interested in buying the product, then you can utilise the exciting earlybird offers. The cost of the Zore X is about $199.00, but if you were pre-order you can get it for $169.00 along with Bridge and watchdog. If you want to buy only the Zore X the gunlock, then you can get it for $95.00.

The company is also offering the bundle offers on Zore X, Bridge and Watchdog. First Shipping to the backers will be starting from February 2017. The gun is available for sale at official site. 

Join the Zore Revolution and Own Your Gun. Zore X helps you to be ready, aware and safe more than ever before.

Yahoos’ Conversational Travel Planner Mobile App For iOS

Yahoos’ Conversational Travel Planner Mobile App

Yahoo today released a new conversational mobile app to plan your trips. The latest application Radar which is launched for iOS is available on the App store for free. This conversational travel planner app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now helps you in planning trips, has a smart chat bot which makes it easy to interact with. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence Radar provides you additional recommendations, reviews and activities of your planned trip.

Radar app in addition to Yahoo mail supports other email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Outlook. You can login to the app with any of your email accounts. Radar then scans your account and provides you all the information about the hotels, upcoming flights and rental cars confirmation receipts.

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Radar helps you to explore 16000 US cities with the recommendations included in the app like “sights to see” and “places to eat.” So, once you explore the major cities in US, you can filter the basic suggestions according to your preference through some conversational and pre-populated answers like “Adventurous” or “family friendly.”

As of now, Yahoos’ travel planner app uses data from third-party travel apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor. Conrad Wai, Yahoos Vice President of Product management said VB (Venture Beat) that the app uses additional sources from its search engine. And as it is the first version of the app, it only allows to do research – you can’t book flights or accommodations or make other reservations, or even deep-link into third-party apps. But over the time Radar will learn your preferences and will suggest you much better for the coming trips. Wai told VB, that the app is still in infancy and “Not every kink here is worked out.”

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With the mobile revolution in place things are happening on the go. Wai said. “Instead of planning more beforehand as in previous generations, you’re doing it on-demand now.”  According to Venture Beat, Wai believes the app’s simplicity could drive traction: “If I can combine some of the 50 tabs I have [when researching trip planning] on-the-go, it would be great. We’re trying to aggregate, distill, and combine information for the user across the web.”

Yahoo Radar is currently available for iOS devices and there is no plan for Android devices. And the app at present is designed only for the US cities.

Ebook Buyers will Get Refund from “Apple” Price-Fixing Case suit

Ebook Buyers will Get Refund from

The 2012 antitrust case against the Apple and five major book publishers which include HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan, and Penguin is settled three months back by the US Department of Justice. As per the $450 million settlement, the tech giant has started paying off the US customers who purchased e-books from Apple and other e-book retailers in between 1st April 2010 and 21st May 2012.

So, now the giant who started paying the credits as a part of the price-fixing settlement will pay all the eligible customers. Customers will receive credits from e-book sellers, or they opt out of receiving credits they will get a check. A credit of $6.93 will be paid to the customers who purchased a book that was a New York Times bestseller and a $1.57 payment for other books. Apple will send an email to the customers regarding the confirmation of funds by June 24.

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“Attorneys say the process is uniquely simple for consumers — credits will be automatically sent directly to the accounts of users at major book retailers, including Amazon.com Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc., Kobo Inc. and Apple. Retailers will issue emails and put the credits in the accounts simultaneously.

If E-book buyers requested a check instead of credit, they would receive a check. If consumers received a credit during the first round of distribution of publisher settlements, and they did not opt out, they will automatically receive credit.”

Looking back into the case, the tech giant, Apple in 2010 accused of fixing the prices of e-books- it has worked with other book publishers in raising the prices of e-books to bring down the supremacy of Amazon in the e-book market. The aim of the giant was to restructure the business.

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While all the major publishers who have colluded with Apple settled the case earlier, Apple alone has fought for years. In 2013 the company tried to convince the court with its statement that the company’s actions were in the interest of customers and competition. But after a few series of appeals were unsuccessful, the company was found guilty in the same year.

In March, the Supreme Court finally declined to hear the case, and Apple was left to pay a $450 million settlement. According to Macrumors, $400 million will go for customers, balance $30 million towards legal fees and $20 million for the states who were also involved in the lawsuit.

Google Project Tango First Smartphone Lenovo Phab2 Pro Allows 3D Mapping

Google Project Tango First Smartphone Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro

After the Announcement of the Project Tango by the Google in earlier, it has faded and remains as a daydream. It doesn’t mean that Project Tango is entirely forgotten. Lenovo has showcased Project Tango smartphones at CES held at Barcelona Museum with the Project Tango Tablet during the MWC event.

 Lenovo Phab2 Pro is now officially the first Project Tango smartphone in the world. Apart from this, it is the first Lenovo’s phone to be sold in the USA. Apart from this device, there are two more devices which are non-tango project phones, Phab 2 Plus and Phab2 to be available in the US.

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Lenovo Phab2 Pro

Lenovo Phab2 Pro the Google’s Project Tango based smartphone which is computer vision technology is going to start deliveries worldwide from the month of August 2016.

Lenovo has announced Lenovo Phab2 Pro on Thursday. The device comes with 6.4-inch Quad HD display and IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours and resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels.

Phab2 Pro is pre-installed and comes with the Android latest operating system Marshmallow (6.0).

Coming to the processor segment, Phab2 Pro have Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa-core processor with Qualcomm Fluence Pro feature. 4GB of RAM enhances the performance of the device, and no lags can be observed.

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The audio quality is good with the Dolby Audio Capture 5.1 along with Dolby Atmos with the improvements in recordings and playback.

In the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, the camera comes with 16MP rear-facing camera and capable of recording 4K video. The front facing camera comes with 8MP. The battery capacity is 4050 mAh and the storage capacity is 64 GB as the internal storage, and it supports and expandable up to 128GB.

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This device is available for retail from the month of September in the US for $499. Lenovo Phab2 Pro is available in two colours Gunmetal Grey and Champagne Gold.

Walnuts Beneficial In Reducing Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

Walnuts Beneficial In Reducing Risk Of Colon Cancer:

A recent study has come up with the finding that consuming 28 grams of walnuts every day can reduce the chances of developing colon cancer by changing the gut bacteria.

According to one of the researchers of the University of Connecticut Health Centre in the US, Daniel Rosenberg, their findings showed that mice that consumed walnuts as 7-10% of their total calories developed fewer colon cancers. The study also showed that this effect was mostly found in the male species, which witnessed 2.3 times lesser tumours when they were given walnuts instead of a western diet.

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According to Rosenberg, “There is accumulating evidence that eating walnuts may offer a variety of benefits related to health issues, like cancer. This study shows that walnuts may also act as a probiotic to make the colon healthy, which in turn offers protection against colon tumours.”

In order to understand the importance of walnuts, the team of researchers conducted tests on the fecal samples of mice and examined the communities of bacteria present in their digestive tracts. The tests came up with the finding that consuming walnuts push the gut bacteria towards an ecology that was potentially protective against cancer. The researchers have said that in order to declare walnuts as cancer-preventing agents, more tests need to be conducted on humans also.

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Walnuts are considered to be extremely beneficial for the health as they help in healthy ageing and also assist in enhancing the blood cholesterol levels. They contain nutritional compounds, such as, polyunsaturated fatty acids of all the commonly eaten tree nuts, Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids and high levels of Vitamin E, which contains anti-cancer properties.