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India Using Advanced Technologies to Close the Border Between India and Pakistan 

India using advance technology in border to stop militants infiltration.

After Uri attack, India government is considering all the options that are related to the eradication of the infiltration of terrorists across the border.

As a part of the options review, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the India-Pakistan border will be closed by 2018.

The decision is being implemented at a rapid speed. There is an agreement signed with Israel for this purpose. It is observed that the Israel has a strong border built around it. It is considered as one of the strongest and high security provided border.

Many countries in the world are facing the same problem as India with its neighboring countries. The United States is struggling to control the illegal entry from Mexico. It decided to build a 3,360 fence KM which is under construction.

A Tribute to India’s ‘Missile Man’ Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on his 85th Birthday

A border between Western Sahara and Southeastern Morocco is also an affective measure to stop entry between the two. The border built is 2,700 KM long.

A 700 KM long border between Iran and Pakistan is intended to block smuggling, drug mafia entry and terrorist’s entry into Iran from Pakistan.

Israel and Gaza has a 60 KM border size which intensifies the tensions between the two countries. Terrorist and Palestinians illegal entry was controlled with this high-security border.

Now, that India on a large scale is looking into the aspect of building a barrier between its neighboring country Pakistan.

India has a lengthy border of 3,323 KM of land border and a 740 KM marine border. Pakistan and its raised militants use both ways for infiltration. There is a huge loss in terms of Civilians life and Army men death with these terrorist activities.

Indian Hackers Massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government Network

Use of advanced technologies like Sensors, Cameras, Drones, and Radars will be set up along the borders that are being and already built.

Analyzing the past loss of life of army men while patrolling and protecting the borders, the Indian government has announced the decision to modify and implement latest technologies in safeguarding our borders.

On the other hand, many experts think that seizing of borders will not be the solution for stopping terrorist and their activities. The Indian government has to think another big way for curbing this problem.

Amitabh Bachchan on his 74th birthday: It’s time to express Solidarity to Jawan’s sacrifices

Amitabh Bachchan on his 74th birthday

The Big B Amitabh Bachchan made a straight statement paying tribute to the Indian martyrs on the occasion of his 74th birthday addressing press conference that “This is not the time and I don’t think it is the right to put forward these questions. Who said what, where and how….. this is not the time.”

Ignoring the political call for banning the Pakistan actors in India concerning the Uri Attacks, Mr. Bachchan strongly refused to comment on the question raised by a journalist on the ban.

Besides, he stood by the Indian Army and said “The Nation is incensed we all know that. People of this country are very angry by the incidents that have been happening at the border. I think it is the time to show solidarity to our Jawans and our armed forces who are sacrificing their lives so that you and I can be safe here. That is what needs to be put in question. Nothing else.”

Uri attack: Celebrities Pays Condolences to the Martyrs

“ I have answered this question earlier that, I respect every artiste.” Responded to the question about how far it is fair to ban artists.

When questioned on the tweet made after the attack, if he would indeed by paying a musical tribute to the context to Uri attack brave heroes “ Someone praised the Hanuman Chalisa which I had recently sung, and I sh ould pay homage to Uri martyrs, I said I would like to do it but would need to have some inputs. But it was reported that indeed it is happening. ”

Initially, the issue on objecting the Pakistani artists and their ban was raised by the Raj Thackeray’s led Navnirman Sena after the attack. The Sena supporters had also warned that they would not allow the release of movies casting any Pakistani artists. Pakistani artists are slammed for not condemning the brutal attack, which resulted in leaving 18 soldiers dead and many injured since the attack happened in September.

Parmeshwar Godrej Died at Age of 70 in Mumbai Hospital on Monday Night

This Bollywood Shahanshah has backed and supported the tweets and responses of other Bollywood stars who had earlier raised their voice on the Attacks. The majority of the Bollywood like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, and other stars supported the Pakistani artists and spoke in favour to them delinking them with terrorists saying “They come here on valid visas given by our government. There are no reasons on blaming them for the attack done by some terrorist groups. They are artistes, not terrorists.”

Birthday greetings are poured to the Megastar who was dubbed India’s first ‘angry young man’ Mr.  Amitabh from all around. Many Artists and Politicians are among them.

Indian’s PM Narendra Modi greeted “Dear@Sr Bachchan, wishing you a very happy birthday. Your versatility & humility has many admirers. Praying for your long and healthy life.”

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan, both countries have escalated tensions in the Asian region. For the first time, India has taken an aggressive stand against its neighbour because of its actions.

India after a long wait and patience has taken a bold step to tackle the cross-border terrorism. Indian Prime Minister firmly stated that any action that challenges Indian integrity and security will be given a fitting reply.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his concern over the prevailing situation in this part of the world. As a step to defuse the tensions, he has proposed to mediate if needed or accepted by both the countries.

Shameless Statement: A Pakistani Jud Terrorist Group Leader Warns India against Surgical Strikes

After Uri’s terrorist’s attack in India and the lack of reaction from Pakistan has clearly proved the amount of interest in maintaining the peace in this region. Though there were enough proofs submitted to Pak by India regarding the attack, it did not respond positively.

Even after the Uri incident, Pakistan continued to raise the internal matters of India like Kashmir issue internationally. India in return has replied back strongly on the same dais. Keeping Pakistan’s behavior in view India has decided to go for surgical strikes along LoC in PoK.

After such a reaction from India, Pakistan lost international support and help. US and Russia have backed India’s operations against terrorists. In an attempt to gain international confidence, Pakistan has approached UN and asked for interference. As a result, the statement of UN General Secretary has proposed the peace talks.

US Security Advisor Susan Rice Calls Ajit Doval, says ‘Expect Pak to Act Against Terror’

India, on the other hand clearly expressed that no peace talks can take place at this junction. For any dialogue, Pakistan should prove its commitment to destroy terrorist activities on its land. There is a strong message from India to tackle any situation without compromising its interests.

Security Council mandate given in resolution 307 of 1971, the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) observes and reports on ceasefire violations along and across the Line of Control and the working boundary between the South Asian neighbors in Jammu and Kashmir. India till date has maintained its commitment towards peace and the UNMOGIP guidelines.

Facts about the Mastermind Behind Indian Army’s Surgical Attacks: Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval interesting facts

We came across many movies, from Hollywood’s James Bond to Bollywood’s Ek Tha Tiger where heroes play the role of Spies. These spies risk their life for the country and complete the task assigned to them. But you will be surprised to know the real life spies who are doing much more than in movies.

Ajit Doval, who is India’s best spymaster ever. His ideas are tactful, and strategies are every terrorist’s nightmares, and his words are stronger than bullets. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Doval was the powerful man in the country.

He is currently the India’s National Security Advisor and the mastermind behind the surgical attacks, execution of every spy operation. He is the man behind the counter attack of Uri which occurred on 18th September. The unknown facts about Ajit Doval are as follows:

Uri Attacks: Gujarat Businessman to Support Free Education to Martyred Soldiers Children

Ajit Doval interesting facts

  • Ajit Kumar Doval is the current and fifth National Security Advisor (NSA) of the country. Doval like other NSA’s works in close collaboration with the Prime Minister.
  • Doval has previously served as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau from 2001-2006 after spending a decade of the head of operation string. He was also the first youngest person to win Police Medal and also the Prestigious President Police Medal.
  • Ajit Doval spent seven years as a secret operative officer in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • In June 2014, Doval was responsible for rescuing 45 nurses from Iraq when the country is under fire from IRIS.
  • Doval was also the India’ main navigator with the hijackers of Indian Airline Flight IC-814, and that was hijacked and taken to Kandahar in 1999.
  • He played a vital role in influencing Kashmiri militants Kuka Parray to turn to counter-insurgency and even target anti-India forces. This has led to normal elections in the state.
  • Ajit Doval is also known to keep his opinions against Pakistan very local.
  • In operation Blue Star, it was Doval who posed as a Pakistani Spy and collected information from Khalistani militants. He also rescued Romanian diplomat Liviu Radu who was kidnapped by the terrorists.
  • Doval is known to have a hand in the last Sri Lankan Presidential elections.
  • He was awarded as India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award ‘Kirti Chakra’ in 1988.

US Security Advisor Susan Rice Calls Ajit Doval, says ‘Expect Pak to Act Against Terror’

US Security Advisor Susan Rice Calls Ajit Doval

The National Security Advisor of the United States of America, Susan Rice called the Indian Security Advisor Ajit Doval.  With the motto of US is committing a war on terror. Further, she also added about the Uri Attack and said Pakistan is expected to bring the justice of crime on these incidents.

“Ambassador Rice reiterated our expectation that Pakistan takes effective action to combat and delegitimise United Nations-designated terrorist individuals and entities, including Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, and their affiliates,” Spokesperson of National Security Council Ned Price said.

Susan Rice further said to Doval that, President Barack Obama is committed to bringing the justice about the terror. In its strongest remarks yet on the attacks in Uri which includes the terrorist groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad which the India blames for the terror attack that killed 18 brave heart soldiers on 18 September.

Pakistan Prime Minister Compels US,UK to Solve issues with India

In a phone call to her Indian counterpart, Ajit Doval on Wednesday offered greater help on a matter of counter-terrorism and designating that those who behind the Pakistan-based militant groups targeting India.

“She affirmed President Obama’s commitment to redouble our efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of terrorism throughout the world,” Mr Price said.

“Ambassador Rice discussed our shared commitment to India to pursue regional peace and stability and pledged to deepen collaboration on counter-terrorism matters including on UN terrorist designations,” Mr Price added.

The conversation between National Security Advisor’s of US and India comes in the midst of India is going to isolate Pakistan. India also pulled out SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Corporation) summit and got support from all regions except Sri Lanka.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan Pulled out of SAARC 2016 backing India

Today in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair the meeting and announces the MFN status to Pakistan. The meeting will be attended by Narendra Modi and officials of Ministry of External Affairs and Commerce Ministry.

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