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WhatsApp Makes Group Chats Much More Effective and Informative

WhatsApp has become an essential part in our lives. Be it personal, informal, friendly
or professional talks, marketing and business communications, Whatsapp is the best
ever option and medium. Apart from private one-to-one chats, there are a huge
number of features available. The extravagant status tab, allowing us to update both
pictures and own lines, has helped many to showcase to the world what they are
currently on to and spread awareness about the same. Another most highlighted and
tremendously used dimension is the exclusively different and full-fledged group chat
Be it events, parties, functions, meetings or vacations, WhatsApp group is the
ultimate platform for all the involved persons to discuss, plan, and get complete
information about the schedule. Yet there are a couple of drawbacks: during a
serious discussion, someone can start a chat, which in turn changes the forum’s
knowledge. There may also arise some confusion and misinterpretation due to
multiple persons messaging continuously.
WhatsApp puts an end to all such demerits by planning to introduce a setting for the
group chat to keep it as clear and efficient as possible. The new emergent will allow
the messages and replies only from trusted group administrators to reach you. It
may seem to be a plain change, but it certainly helps you filter out unwanted
messages. Aiming at elevating the quality of group chat, WhatsApp continues to
emphasize no change-bringing actions along with the recently added updates like
group descriptions and anti-spam mechanisms.
On its official blog, WhatsApp has stated - “One way people use groups is to receive
important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at
schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations. We’ve introduced this new
setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases.” The new update
facilitates you to receive only important and useful information and announcements
as they are messages from the admin.
All in all, users have seen a lot of changes in the app. The upgradation and changes
were all for bettering the functionality of the app. Let us now be ready to welcome,
learn, and use the new update, which is all set to release and rock.

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