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Augmented Reality Could be the Ubiquitous Smartphone: Tim Cook

Tim cook AR vs VR

Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to become as big as the ubiquitous smartphone and help people out in daily life, Apple CEO Tim Cook has told in Interview.

Unlike Virtual Reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what is happening presently, Cook said in the interview. But the Apple CEO stopped short of detailing what the company would do with AR.

“I regard it as a big idea like the smartphone. The smartphone is for everyone, we don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it’s for everyone. I think AR is that big, it’s huge,” Cook said.

Tim Cook: Augmented Reality will be Part of Daily Life

“I view AR like I view the silicon here in my iPhone, it’s not a product per se, it’s a core technology,” he added. However, this is not the first time Cook spoke in favor of AR.

Virtual reality “probably has a lower commercial interest over time” and that “augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far” Cook said last year.

The Virtual Reality Society (VRS), an information and news resource for virtual reality and its related technologies, describes augmented reality as a technology that takes the real world of the present and projects digital imagery and sound into it whereas virtual reality immerses your senses completely in a world that only exists in the digital realm.


Tim Cook: Augmented Reality will be Part of Daily Life

Augmented Reality will be Part of Daily Life

Apple CEO, Tim Cook in an interview session at Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Utah Tech Tour in Salt Lake City this weekend said that ‘Augmented Reality will be the future and will be a part of you.’

All are known to Virtual Reality(VR), apart from VR, Augmented Reality (AR) is the emerging trend of the technology users. AR is paving its way in the market by working with top companies and brands.

Top 10 Augmented Reality AR Games and Apps of the Year 2016

Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of the user’s environment in real time with digital information. AR is a live direct or indirect of your physical environment or real world whose elements are augmented by a system generated sensory inputs like Video, Audio, Graphics and other data. This technology functions by building up one’s present perception of reality.

Tim Cook mentioned that AR would be the mainstream in future, also said “AR as to me will become real big when compared with AR. The question here is, How much time it takes to reach a vast number of users? Well, its only a little time or less than it, because there are some technical challenges faced. But, this will happen soon in a big way.”

“ We would wonder that how we lived without this?, like our Smartphones 2day. I do think utmost part of the population of developed countries will experience AR every day. It is like having three meals a day, as AR becomes part of you ” he added.

Imagine Smart Augmented Reality Glasses

By the words of Tim Cook, we can predict that Apple might launch this technology integrated with its future products. If we look back Patent Filing filed in the year 2010; Apple device can receive live video with the informational layer which pops up on the screen. Apple started its baby steps to feature this AR technology, as the latest iPhone 7 Plus is sported Dual-Cam that would further develop to AR experiences.

This pretty hint towards the Apple can make us guess the interest for integrating its technology.

Super Mario Run to Hit App Store Later This Year: Nintendo

super mario run

After Pokemon GO, another beloved classic gaming character Super Mario to roll out on App Store later this year. This iconic character is said to be launched by Nintendo as Super Mario run on iPhone screens first. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook shared stage along with Shigeru Miyamoto at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to announce this upcoming game. It is reported that Nintendo is planning to launch the game on Android as well once after its get launch in App store.

Japan-based video game developer Shigero Miyamoto better known as the father of Mario announced that the company would launch this mobile game ‘Super Mario Run‘ on App Store in this holiday season. Based on the classic Super Mario Bro’s, this new ‘Super Mario Run’ allows users to play with a single hand due to its unending running style.

Google Launches a New 3D Imagery Game App, Verne: The Himalayas

“The magic of Mario is anyone can pick up and start playing, and now we’ve made it even easier. You can even play it one handed, while you’re holding onto the handle on the subway while eating a hamburger, or even an Apple. I want everyone around the world to enjoy Mario, and they’ll be able to enjoy it on iOS first.” Says, Shigero Miyamoto.

It is reportedly announced that the game would be launched on the iOS platform first and later on Android devices. The game has been already listed in App Store for free. However, the download is not available in any region.  A notify button appears on App store which updates the information to the user about the availability of app in their region.

Pokemon GO Game Update Leaves Users Angry as The Game Resets Automatically

The game comprises of Super Mario features like collecting coins and a flagpole at the end of each level. There is also a battle mode besides this, called Toad rally. This multiplayer mode lets users choose their opponent and compete with high scores.

Apple Twitter Account comes ahead of its new iPhone 7 Announcement

Apple re-activated its official twitter account on Friday

Apple activated its twitter account on Friday morning. The company joined Twitter back in 2011 and the account is been dormant with zero tweets and default display picture of the egg. Apple bought the account into active mode and by verifying and replaced the display picture with the Apple logo.

Currently, Apple operates several Twitter accounts to push their Apple Music and iTunes services. Many top executives tweet the updates including the CEO Tim Cook. The activation of the company’s official account has made a way to speculation about the live-tweet of the company’s announcement of iPhone 7 on September 7. However, Apple live stream the event through the company’s official website.

Apple Confirms iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Official Launch Details

It is unclear about how Apple is going to use this newly revised Twitter. Apple’s Twitter account has nearly 90000 followers as of this morning and haven’t tweeted any post. A buzz is that the company may use this account to promote the new device along with the MacBooks, new iMacs and 5K display. Seems this would be the best way to get the updates officially by just following Apple on twitter.

Apple Struggles in India: Do you know 97% in INDIA are Android Users

Apple loses its business market share in India in Q2 2016, according to the strategy analytics. Android captures 97 percent of Smartphone Market share in India during the second quarter of 2016.

Google Android maintains its first position and showing its rapid growth in perspective of India. A senior analyst at Strategy Analytics said, Total smartphone shipments in India grew a healthy 19 percent annually from 25.8 million units in Q2 215 to 30.7 million in Q2 2016.

Apple Acquires Turi, a Fast, Scalable Machine Learning Platform and AI Startup

After China and US, India is the world’s third largest Smartphone market in expanding budget middle class. India Smartphone operating system shipments and marketshare in Q2 2016: Smartphone OS Shipments in Million Units in Q2 2015 is 25.8 (Android 23.2, Apple iOS 1.2, others 1.4) and in Q2 2016 is 30.7 (Android – 29.8, Apple – 0.8, others 0.1). India Smartphone OS MarketShare (%): Q2 2015 is 100 percent (Android 90.00%, Apple 4.5%, others 5.5%) and in Q2 2016, Android – 97.1%, Apple iOS – 2.4%, others 0.5%.

Android Q2 2016

In the first three-quarters of this fiscal year, our iPhone sales in India were up 51 % year-on-year. Compare to the previous sales, iPhone sales in India were rise to 51% but with an overall aspect, the ratio goes down drastically as per the strategic analysis.

Android Instant Apps arrive in Google Play Store beta

In May 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook was in India and had schedule meetings with India’s top business leaders. He said that Apple will open stores in India soon and told iPhone will now be one of the fastest growing markets.

As per the analysis, 97 percent of Smartphone users use Android where Apple loses its business in India.

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