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Hasselblad’s X1D the Big Sensor and the New Mirrorless Camera costs $9000

Hasselblad’s X1D

Meet the Hasselblad X1D handmade in Sweden, which produces the excellent images where the smaller cameras can’t touch. These cameras are released from the vintage Hasselblad. Hasselblad X1D is the camera, which can able to capture the single still photos and video.

Hasselblad X1D is released in the recent event held at Gothenburg in Sweden. This camera is cool in the first look and secondly coming to the price segment, the only body of the Hasselblad X1D costs about $9000, although it expensive still is best and damn cool camera.  Few reviewers got this camera on hands and had their word on this camera. This camera is easy to carry and similar in size and close to the Canon Rebel camera and could fit in the shoulder bag. You don’t feel uncomfortable if you hang this on your shoulder all the day.

mirrorless camera

Shooting with this camera is like shooting with the most compact SLRs or other mirrorless cameras. This camera’s image sensor shooting process is significantly larger than anything else.

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Most of the features in this camera are inherited from the high-end model Hasselblad H6 cameras. Some of the features like touch screen interface and 50 Megapixel resolution. This camera is having dual slots for the SD cards. The dual memory slots will be useful for the professionals and memory efficient saver. It can able to record the 1080P videos and can shoot the still at the ISO value of 25,600 which is awesome for the low light photography.

The best thing in the Hasselblad is CMOS sensor, which is capable of capturing 14 stops of the dynamic range.


The specifications of this camera are mentioned in a glance, and you can walk through in them. This camera is having 50 MP resolution with 43.8 x 32.9 mm CMOS sensor and able to shoot the videos at 1080P with 30P video. Wi-Fi and small 3 inch Touch screen is enabled on this cam for the easy and fast access. The ISO value is ranged in between 100 to 25,600. The weight of the camera is less when compared with the other high-end camera models; and this model weighs up to 725 grams / 1.59 lb. This is really comfortable and handy to carry and have the vintage look with the stylish design.

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Price of the Hasselblad X1D Model

Hasselblad X1D with only Body                                  : $9000.00

Hasselblad X1D with 45mm and 90mm lenses           : $13,985.00

Sweden Starts World’s First Electric Highway

World’s First Electric Highway

Sweden has inaugurated the World’s First Electric Highway on 22 June for special trucks which have a set-up of hybrid electric diesel engines made by Scania. The E16 motorway between Sweden and Norway is now a 2.2 kilometer electric highway. The electric lines are supplied by Siemens.

 This system is to test out a modern way to connect trucks with the electric wires installed. These wires or cables are similar to electric trolleys. But this stretch of the highway is not for buses. The extendible pantographs are the innovative idea which allows trucks to connect to the overhead wiring while travelling at 90 kilometers per hour.

As a part of the Swedish government’s drive to achieve zero fossil fuel transportation by 2030, this system will test two trucks on this way for the coming 24 months. Government predicts that using electricity from renewable sources to power the trucks will lead to a reduction in carbon of up to 90%.

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Sweden Government also claims that a total of €20,000 (as per the current fuel costs) is expected to be saved when the German 40-ton truck runs for 100,000 km on its eHighway. So, soon the Swedish officials hope to extend this system to cover above 200 kilometers of road.

“By far the greatest part of the goods transported in Sweden goes on the road, but only a limited part of the goods can be moved to other traffic types,” noted Andres Berntsson, chief strategist at Sweden Transport Administration.

Magnus Ernström, project manager explained to Radio Sweden, that the route is an important throughway for commercial shipping. The eastbound railroad parallel to the eHighway is already at capacity, so the way is described as the electric lane as a “flexible railroad” by Ernström.

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Reducing carbon emissions is the main aim of the nations all around the globe. So, Sweden sees the eHighway system as one way to fight fossil fuels.

“Heavy traffic needs a lot of energy and you have to have a conductive technology if you want to run them on electricity today, that is, you need to have a connection between a wire and the system in the truck,” said  Ernström to Radio Sweden.

“If you would run a heavy truck on battery, it would need 20 tons of battery to transport maybe 30-40 tons of cargo, so you would not have so much room left for the cargo.”