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Google Launches Public Toilet Locator in Delhi and MP

Google Launches Public Toilet Locator in Delhi

Google launches Public Toilet locator in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. This feature will help the people to find out the nearest public toilet. The main objective of introducing this feature is to eradicate open defecation

In India, we know about Swach Bharat Mission which has introduced by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign is launched to make our country clean. As a part of that mission, they have taken the help of Google to provide sanitation facilities for the people

In the case of the urgency of going washroom at outside, you can take the help of this public toilet locator. Sanket Gupta, the product manager for Google Maps, said when you search for public toilets in the Google map, you can see a list of public toilets near you.

Google & Govt of India Planning to Launch Toilet Finder tool

Along with the location, you can see the respective address and opening hours of that particular location. This tool is much more useful for the travelers who are traveling by their own vehicle. As if they are traveling in a car or bike probably they don’t have facility of going to washroom, so by this tool they can find the nearest public toilets

According to the survey about 60% of people don’t have the facilities of the rest room, so they can also use this facility. This tool is available on both desktop and mobiles on versions of ios and android. At present this tool is launched in the areas of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh

The locations are marked as swatch public toilets. Many women in our country are feeling difficult for open defecation so that they can use this feature.

Google & Govt of India Planning to Launch Toilet Finder tool

Indian Government to launch Toilet Finder tool

Google and India government coordinates to launch toilet finder in India. In our country toilets is biggest problem, 60% of people are doing toilet activities in public. By this tool, we can make our India clean, in part of Swatch Bharat, they are going to start this program.

India ministry of urban development has taken this campaign. Already they have introduced the mobile app IHHL toilet locator and now they are introducing locator tool with the help of Google. In maps, you can find out the nearest toilet.

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Google is providing the searches in English and native languages like the toilet, lavatory, swachta and sulab. Maps will show the toilets nearby hotels, restaurants, and other places.

After going to the particular toilet in case it is dirty, we can give bad ratings. Ratings are available for all locations so that you can give ratings. By November end, this tool will launch in Delhi. Government is trying to find the solution for the toilets problem; they are giving loans to build a toilet. Soon we can see a clean India