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Gravity of Jupiter and Venus Impact the Earth’s Climate

Recently, scientists have found that the two planets Venus and Jupiter impact the Earth’s orbit. The gravitational interaction from the two planets Jupiter and Venus swings the Earth from its orbit from normally circular to an elliptical path while it revolves around the sun. This swinging of the Earth happens once in 405,000 years. This concept has helped scientists to comprehend the climate of the Earth as well as it gives information on the formation of the solar system.

The ancient rocks from Arizona were taken as the first proof of this cycle and were clearly analyzed by researches that were earlier forecasted by astrophysicists. In addition, scientists have published their report in National Academy of Sciences journals. A group of scientists found proof for this cycle where the gravity of Venus and Jupiter impacted the Earth’s orbit almost 215 million years ago, which is far longer than capable of predicting highly advanced mathematics.

Paul Olsen, a paleontologist from Columbia University, accepted that it was truly a complicated stuff and that they are using the same kind of math to propel spaceships to Mars.

The team carried on this research on 1,500-ft rock cores from Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. In addition, the team also looked at cores from New Jersey and suburban New York. These rocks belonged to the time of early dinosaur evolution dating back to 209 million - 215 million years ago. The rocks from New York and New Jersey did not contain any layers of volcanic ash that can precisely date their origin. Hence, the team believed that they were from the same time window. Rather, the team accurately originated the cores of Arizona to find more proof of polar reversion, a time when the magnetic poles of the Earth reverse.

Finally, the team discovered that there is a 405,000 year cycle after combining data from both sets of rocks. This cycle seems to impact the Earth’s orbit.

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