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Government going to launch malware and BotNet Cleaning Centre from December 20th

Government to launch botnet malware cleaning centre

The Indian government is going to start an operation of malware and BotNet cleaning center with the soft launch on December 20th. The main aim for this program is to remove the virus and malicious software from the computers and mobiles at free of cost.

Ministry of electronics and IT, additional secretary Ajay Kumar tweeted “major cyber security issue initiative of digital India. Soft launch of Botnet cleaning center of India CERT is December 20th

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Botnet is a network of malicious software which can steal information, take control of device functions and carry out cyber attacks like Distributed Denial-of-Service which prevents the access of websites. The government is going to start this BotNet Cleaning Centre project with 100 crores budget. This project has to start in 2014 only but due to some reasons it got delayed.

Ajay Kumar said from December 20th onwards Indian CERT will start informing to internet service providers about infected systems. Then they have to synchronize their system to meet the requirements of Botnet and malware cleaning system. These internet service providers will alert their customers and will give suggestion to download this BotNet centre to remove the virus.

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This software is free of cost from Botnet center, by installing this software, it will clean out the virus and malicious software from the system or mobile. Mr.kumar said around December 26th complete system will be operational.

Open365 an Open Source Takes On Microsoft Office 365


Open365 is completely open source office available for both the online and offline. Download the software and install in your computers and mobiles. This cloud service and desktop service is provided completely free for all. Open365 is the combination of LibreOffice online + Seafile + KDE. This helps you to improve the productivity and communicate better with the team.

Users have to sign up or join at Open365 Official site. Login to get the access to the Open365 user space. The user gets 20GB of storage space and sync the data in the cloud.

Open365 has come up with the unique names when compared with the Microsoft Office 365. Word as Writer, Excel as calc, Power Point Presentation as Impress, Mail is similar to Outlook in Windows.

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The group is one option available in the Open365. Admin is allowed to create and add the members to the group. The team can collaborate and work effectively using Open365. In Group one can use mailing services, calendar, and access or add contacts, Make to-do lists. With this, the communication and working are made easy.

You can create, edit, delete and share the files in online and offline. Library is available to view all the files in a structured manner. The desktop software is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems. Currently, Open365 offers Android Application to download from the Google Play store. IOS App for the iPhone and iPad will be available soon on the App store. Every operation performed on the desktop or mobile can by sync in the cloud which helps to access from anywhere.

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