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Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Google Allo Leaked

Google Allo is making its way to Android play store very soon. Allo was introduced at Google’s I/O Developers conference along with Duo. This new app from search engine giant is already announced that is going to be for text messaging. Google Allo Leaked ahead of its launch in incognito chat.

The preview test version of Allo Beta is leaked, and there are much many features which resemble WhatsApp and Snapchat. Whatsapp is a very popular app with the huge user base, and Snapchat is a pro at sending disappearing messages and videos to contacts.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Combining these both, Google has added the best of these features in its Allo. It’s the latest launch in the recent past Duo offers feature what hangouts has been offering till now. It is expected that this new Allo from Google will surpass the individual apps in the market like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Snapchat.

Google Allo Leaked

The developer believed the idea of simplicity which worked well regarding Duo. Allo possesses a Slicker and Much cooler interface. Leading text messaging platform WhatsApp has never concentrated on the looks, seems that became a boon for Allo.

Google’s earlier attempts like Gtalk and Hangouts to make a mark in a messaging world were proven failed. With so many messaging apps releasing in the market, hangouts didn’t found efficient and expressive. Thus, it leads to Allo and Duo.

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According to the reports, Allo and Duo share the same interface while using the Voice message feature. With clean animation and background, the app will be more like WhatsApp with double tick option too.

Recording a voice message can be done by pressing a button and can be cancelled by using a slide option. Allo also has the option to search keywords which help while rewinding conversations.

The app also offers incognito mode and will be end-to-end encrypted for a better security. Activation of Allo is quite simple and just requires user’s phone number. Interestingly, the same tech company is involved in the development of Allo and WhatsApp.

Facebook Should Focus on Camera Centred Apps for News feed

Facebook Should Focus on Camera Centred Apps

Facebook strategy has provided a canvas for developers to paint however they want for a decade.  The progression of Consumer social networking has taken a turn from text update sharing to gaming to one of the core utilities to photo sharing now. Content creativity apps had taken the spotlight, and people are lagging interest in sharing the same old picture of their face, sunset or food. Users are interested in the apps which make them look unique, and this is the reason behind the apps Dubsmash, Prisma and Artisto.

Snapchat can be referred as the king of these creation tools. A single app for all. Photos, filters, videos, texts, emojis, bitmojis, drawing, 3D stickers, animated selfies, face swaps. By offering outlets, it is observed that the Snapchat community grown quickly.

Facebook Forces Advertising on Users of the Ad-blocking Software

Facebook has become the most skilled and prolific copy-cat in software. This year it obtained Seene competitor MSQRD, launched Instagram stories by building a camera into the top of the newsfeed.  Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom agreed that Snapchat inspired Instagram Stories, and “They deserve all the credit.” Now, to bounce Snapchat and keep a good number of users from straying there, it has to stay fresh. The next big opportunity is to rally call as it did in earlier in games 2007, websites 2010, open graph 2011 and recent live video broadcasters this year. There is a need for Facebook to launch a new developer platform centred around the camera.

According to the April conference announcements, the Messenger Bot platform and Live video API made the major launches. Facebook released a Profile Expression Kit which allows the user to make special animations or to enhance the profile pictures using other apps like Boomerang, MSQRD, Vine. However, no one has experienced the Profile Expression Kit.

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“Neon (an Instagram Stories drawing tool), while a small example, is an example of where we want to take this product — where we think of really unique, creative ways of augmenting your photos that haven’t been done before and we use this platform just to go crazy with them. That’s what we’re looking to do.” Instagram’s CEO said.

Instead of trying to dream up every conceivable selfie filter, image modification and video effect, Facebook should get an ecosystem of devs to build them.

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories, and Insta CEO said: “They deserve all the credit.”

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories

The users on the Instagram only posts the highlights of their life on Instagram, and the application is added to the new feature “Stories” which is similar and everyday content on Snapchat. It works quite exactly like the Snapchat stories, which allows you to post 24 photo and video slideshows that disappear. This Instagram stories will appear at the top of the old feed, and your followers will certainly see them without you needing to build the audience in another application.

This features Instagram Stories will rolling out globally for the iOS and the Android platforms in the coming few weeks.

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The CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom won’t disagree with you, when he is confronted about the Instagram stories being the replica for the Snapchat stories, we are unexpected, and he admitted that “They deserve all the credit,” but insisted “This is not about who invented something. This is the format and how you take it to a network and put your spin on it.”

Already some people are dedicated to Snapchat stories and might not have the need for the Instagram Stories. But the Instagram screens and the other things are likely to be attractive to use. The users feel very comfortable and able to save and reshare their pictures to Instagram stories with ease.

Now It’s time for the Instagram which is offering in the different way to share with no likes, no comments and with less pressure. The users who are stick to Snapchat and couldn’t able to build the following there can shift and revel in this new playground built within the Instagram.

 Instagram to add Translate button in coming month!

CEO Systrom says that “We’re north of 500 million people using the product”. “We can either let the system evolve the way it evolves — I think that’s a great consumption business. But we want to make sure to keep the soul of what made us love it at the beginning and Share whatever I want, when I want, with who I want. The daily use case.”

Facebook Live got New Features and Design to overcome Periscope and Snapchat

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the current trending in the Facebook community and across the social networking sites. The Live videos are becoming habituated to the users on the internet. Facebook launched the Facebook Live, and the competitors are come up to overcome it.  But Facebook is consistently maintaining its standards and releasing the updates to stay in the top of the stack.

Recently Facebook has announced the new features on Wednesday at VidCon.

Some of the features are, the users can directly go live from the MSQRD app. The users can broadcast with the friends across the world, and the Facebook Live can send the notifications to their users before going live. Facebook also created the virtual lobby for the viewers until the broadcast initiates.

Facebook Signs a deal on Facebook Live with Superstars and Media Companies

Facebook-owned mobile application MSQRD, acquired in March. Facebook Live is introducing the bunch of filters and the peculiar faces which create the funny faces on using the MSQRD. Now Facebook allows the users to go Live directly from the MSQRD application. So this will be fun to have the live videos with the funny, comical and amusing creations. In MSQRD you can get the wide range of masks and filters available. With this thing, you can make the live streaming with more fun and entertainment.

Another feature in this coming update is regarding the broadcast with another user who is at the different location. Instead of worrying about the things you can add your friend turn into the discussion. You can add the additional user in another location where the chances for exploring the new possibilities in developing the marketing business, media outlets and celebrities.  Facebook has inspired from the collab videos to implement this broadcast video feature.

Facebook Emojis Reactions Now Shows Up In 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos

These all new features might hit the Facebook updates in next couple of months. These updates will be received for the verified pages and later, it will roll out gradually for the rest of users.

Mark wants to engage the Facebook users with Facebook Live and implementing the feature updates to increase the user base and the daily active users.

As you all know, Mark is engaging the media publishers and famous personalities to use the Facebook Live. As per the reports from the last week, Facebook has spent more than $50 million for the media on Facebook Live Video content.