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Whatsapp New Update brings Snapchat like Camera Features

Whatsapp New Camera Features update

Instant Messaging Service WhatsApp has introduced the cool and exciting feature which is out in the recent update. Customization and enhancing the photos and videos which you usually sent in WhatsApp. This new Camera Features enhances the chatting experience. This new feature already exists in the other social networking apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

The new things in the recent update are, the users can draw or add the texts the Emojis to the photos and videos which you capture and send within the WhatsApp. Also, you can pick the brush size and font size by adjusting with the simple drag on the color palette.

Whatsapp New Camera Features update Whatsapp New Camera Features update

The other improvements in this update are you can add ‘@’ symbol in the group for specifying the particular person. When you are Forwarding/Sharing one message to multiple members, you can do it by selecting them from the list.

Now check out the process how to use this new feature in the WhatsApp Messenger.

How does it work?

• Go to WhatsApp Messenger
• Open the Chat Thread to which you want to send the image.
• Either Capture the Image or select from your phone.
• Turn on the Flash or Off the Flash for the images. If no Flash screen Flash will be activated for improving the picture quality.
• After selecting the image, on the top right editing tools will be provided. (If not update the WhatsApp Messenger)
• Now you can draw on the image or add Emojis or even add the text as per your requirement.
• In the same way, you add record the videos and share them with the customizations.
• Click on Send to share the edited image.
• That’s it; now it’s time to show up your creative and innovative ideas when you share the pictures or videos with your Bae, Friends, Family or Colleagues.

WhatsApp Messenger is already starts rolling out this feature in Google Play Store. WhatsApp has improved its application features gradually to maintain their consistency in the Social Messaging service.

Recently Google has released their messaging application Allo, which is going to be the rival for it. Allo is included with the advanced features like chat bots and others. However, WhatsApp will soon come up with more new and advanced features in coming updates. What do you think about expecting the chat bots in WhatsApp? Have your words about in the comments.

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’ Feature Resembles Snapchat Stories

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’ Feature Resembles Snapchat Stories

It appears that Facebook is making its plan to attack the countries where Snapchat doesn’t have a huge user base. Facebook launched the “Messenger Day” feature in Poland. This new Snapchat stories like feature let people share filter-enhanced photos and videos which will disappear in a day. Facebook could boost retention and return visits by using the messenger popularity globally to spread the new Stories format.

Facebook hopes the new game plan would become a primary place to share the content before Snapchat grabs the attention. Presently, the social network giant is running small tests ahead of its launch in other regions. However, it is unclear about the feature expanding beyond Poland. It is unknown at this moment about the company plans of bringing the feature to the US.

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’

Snapchat is quite popular in US and Canada with more than 60 million users, an aggressive push of Messenger Day might annoy them. But it’s quite an acceptable thing to experiment in the countries where Snapchat isn’t much familiar.

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories, and Insta CEO said: “They deserve all the credit.”

 “We know that people come to Messenger to share everyday moments with friends and family. In Poland we are running a small test of new ways for people to share those updates visually. We have nothing more to announce at this time,” says a Messenger Spokesperson.

It is found that most of the features resemble Snapchat stories which enable to draw or add text to images. Another significant innovation by facebook’s Messenger Day is making use of photographic filters for suggesting what to share, where Snapchat relies on suggesting events or showing locations using geo-filters.

Snapchat Renamed to Snap Inc and Launched Camera Equipped Spectacles

Facebook Messenger is already a popular app which people are using for a conversation with their loved ones. Now, this new Messenger Day feature could end up being a better home for stories format. The slideshow format was proven a powerful way for sharing more than filtered pics what people usually post on Instagram.

Facebook is planning to take this casual sharing option everywhere before Snapchat. It is believed that Messenger Day may not attract many people, but surely it could provide a tough competition to Snapchat’s growth.

Snapchat Renamed to Snap Inc and Launched Camera Equipped Spectacles

Snapchat Debuts to Hardware Products by Launching Sunglasses at $130

Snapchat has brought the revolution of quick photo and video sharing which users are experiencing these days. The app made sharing videos and photos much easy with their family and friends.

This extremely attractive app has been reportedly renamed to Snap Inc to the lineup with its present and future projects. In the recent past, Snapchat has evolved to offer news articles and became a platform for marketing outlet for international companies and brands.

Facebook Takes on Snap chat, adds “Instant Video” to Messenger

First hardware product of the company, followed by the renaming, called Spectacles. Just like a trendy pair of sunglasses, Spectacles come with a tiny Google Glass-like camera on the sides to record things happening in front of you.

As per the reports, the Spectacles features a button on the top, and when you tap the button near the hinge, it records a video up to 10 seconds from your first person vantage. As each new tap records another new video, you have to keep your finger on the button to complete recording one video.

The Spectacles sports a look of typical sunglasses with a tiny camera adjusted on both the sides to record view. The sunglasses use a 115-degree angle lens to simulate your vision. Eventually, the video it records will be in a circular one.

Facebook Live got New Features and Design to overcome Periscope and Snap chat

Spectacles also provide an option of connecting to your smartphone for sharing the video instantly with your friends. It is quite a good thing to notice that you won’ observe any projection on the glasses like Google Glass.

At this moment, the product limited to videos, and you cannot take photos to snap them to your contacts.

Snap Inc. will announce the product for vend from this fall for $129.99 and available in black, coral and teal colors in the US. The company hasn’t revealed any plans of its sales outside the US.

Facebook Takes on Snapchat, adds “Instant Video” to Messenger

instant video

Facebook Messenger is the app used by Millions of the users. It recently added “instant video” option to the existing text chat. With this additional feature, the conversation can include the richer communication experience. Tap the icon at the top corner on the right side to activate this service.

Facebook feels “sometimes you just need to see something, not hear it,” and hence the audio is off by default to avoid the background disturbances.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

When you are chatting with your friend, and eventually you would like to show the environment around you, without the audio playing in the background, this feature helps you and you can also share the video back to your friends. This service is different from the regular video calling. This instant video feature is available only inside the Messenger app, and hoping that it might be available for group chats one day.

Facebook Messenger currently covers over 1 billion active user’s monthly. Since videos are the growth drivers, the instant video seems to be a useful addition. The instant video feature will be available for both iOS and also for the Android users who have an updated Messenger app on their Smartphone’s.

Facebook to Revamp Messenger with New Look and Features

Similarly to the Snapchat, the video supports only when both the conversations should be kept open in the app. The Facebook Messenger has many additional qualities when compare to Snapchat.

“Video calling is still relatively new, and until recently, reserved for special occasions,” the company said in a blog post. “Instant video is a reflection of the ubiquity of video — we simply expect to have that ability in real-time, all the time.”

Apple devices are failing more than Android Smartphones: Study

Apple devices

Apple devices are known for their reliability and by that the company had acquired a huge fan base throughout the world.But now a days the reliability and performance of the Apple devices like iPhones and iPads are failing more often than Android smartphones, a study has revealed.

According to global data security firm Blancco Technology Group, iOS devices had a 58 per cent failure rate while Android smartphones reported an overall failure rate of 35 per cent in the second quarter of 2016.

It is the first first time that Apple’s devices have a lower performance rate compared to Android, softpedia.com reported, citing the study.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies team up against Anti-Robocall Strike Force

iPhone 6 had the highest failure rate of 29 per cent, followed by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus.For this, the study revealed the device failure rates by operating systems, manufacturers, models and regions.

Apple devices

In the first quarter of 2016, Android smartphones had an overall failure rate of 44 per cent.“Samsung, Lenovo and LeEco were among the manufacturers with the weakest performance and higher failure rates. Samsung scored 26 per cent in failure rate, while Motorola just 11 per cent,” the findings showed.

iOS devices failed more frequently in North America and Asia compared to Android and the quality of the devices being shipped may be one of the reasons.The main problem iOS users faced was not being able to connect to a WiFi network, dropped connections, slow speeds and incorrect password prompts.

Apple Struggles in India: Do you know 97% in INDIA are Android Users

Android smartphone users struggled with camera issues, battery charging, touchscreen issues and app crashes.According to the results, 50 per cent of iOS applications crashed compared to 23 per cent of Android apps.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were among the top mobile applications to crash on iOS devices.