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WhatsApp May Soon Allow You to Reply to Status Messages and Mute Them

WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp is taking after its parent company Facebook in turning into a social networking zone as reported. Jan-Koum, CEO, and co-founder of WhatsApp founded new functionality which let you mute and unmute status notifications for specific users and allows you to reply to status messages.

This latest WhatsApp feature seems to be borrowed from Snapchat Stories. The WhatsApp status message will let you reply to your contacts status messages.

Whatsapp to Get Live Location, Status Indicator Features Soon

Screenshots of Whatsapp beta for Windows Phone 2.17.40+ with the button to mute/unmute status alerts are shared in WABetaInfo. The statuses of the contacts won’t show up in your status section once you muted. Whenever they change their WhatsApp statuses, you won’t get the notifications form these users. You can reverse your decision when you feel like it, and can even go to the mute list to scan those unwanted statuses.

The current feature is little familiar with Snapchat Stories like, you’ll be able to reply to WhatsApp statuses and have a conversation. WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.46 version supports the mute ability. Nonetheless, there are lots of improvements coming for WhatsApp Status feature, mostly the push notification and the ability to delete the status in 24 hours.

WhatsApp iOS Update Allows You Send Messages Even Without Internet

WhatsApp statuses have also seen on many versions of Android and iOS. The Android app is tipped to get a separate tab for statuses, and joining the existing chats, calls and contacts tab.

Snapchat is now featured with “Filter Games”: Check out the details

Snapchat is now featured with “Filter Games”

Snapchat is the mobile application where users can do image messaging and multimedia. Snapchat has come up with the new games feature selfie filter games which have appeared for the users to create this new addicting feature which is going to be the new dominant feature.

Earlier in the month of March, Snapchat has tested the limited run of Sponsored Kraft Mac & Cheese game, the user has to catch the noodles in your mouth. In the next month, it is offered with the unsponsored puzzle face game and where you have to slide the tiles around for reconstructing the image of your face in less amount of time.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

Previously, Snapchat has allowed some traditional snap ads in discover to be swiped up to launch a web browser with the game inside like Serena Williams tennis game and the Under Armor Cam Newton game. These weren’t built by the Snapchat or hosted by default in the app. Instead, they were designed by the ad agencies and hosted on the web.

Now Snapchat is offering its well-produced native game called Santa’s Helper. This is embedded in one of the first lens shown today. Just open the camera, and you can find it. Then hold on your face for scanning it and then you choosing the Santa’s Helper Lens.

Whatsapp New Feature: Clone of Snapchat Status

This game will place your face into an elf body JibJab-style, and then you tilt the device your back and forth to steer yourself down a ski slope. Parallel you have to collect the presents and avoid the obstacles. You can take a photo or the video at any time, and you can post it and share it with your friends for challenging them to beat your score.

So what you are waiting for? Try these new features by downloading the snapchat and play the featured game on your device.

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’ Feature Resembles Snapchat Stories

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’ Feature Resembles Snapchat Stories

It appears that Facebook is making its plan to attack the countries where Snapchat doesn’t have a huge user base. Facebook launched the “Messenger Day” feature in Poland. This new Snapchat stories like feature let people share filter-enhanced photos and videos which will disappear in a day. Facebook could boost retention and return visits by using the messenger popularity globally to spread the new Stories format.

Facebook hopes the new game plan would become a primary place to share the content before Snapchat grabs the attention. Presently, the social network giant is running small tests ahead of its launch in other regions. However, it is unclear about the feature expanding beyond Poland. It is unknown at this moment about the company plans of bringing the feature to the US.

Facebook Testing ‘Messenger Day’

Snapchat is quite popular in US and Canada with more than 60 million users, an aggressive push of Messenger Day might annoy them. But it’s quite an acceptable thing to experiment in the countries where Snapchat isn’t much familiar.

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories, and Insta CEO said: “They deserve all the credit.”

 “We know that people come to Messenger to share everyday moments with friends and family. In Poland we are running a small test of new ways for people to share those updates visually. We have nothing more to announce at this time,” says a Messenger Spokesperson.

It is found that most of the features resemble Snapchat stories which enable to draw or add text to images. Another significant innovation by facebook’s Messenger Day is making use of photographic filters for suggesting what to share, where Snapchat relies on suggesting events or showing locations using geo-filters.

Snapchat Renamed to Snap Inc and Launched Camera Equipped Spectacles

Facebook Messenger is already a popular app which people are using for a conversation with their loved ones. Now, this new Messenger Day feature could end up being a better home for stories format. The slideshow format was proven a powerful way for sharing more than filtered pics what people usually post on Instagram.

Facebook is planning to take this casual sharing option everywhere before Snapchat. It is believed that Messenger Day may not attract many people, but surely it could provide a tough competition to Snapchat’s growth.

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories, and Insta CEO said: “They deserve all the credit.”

Instagram Stories is a clone of Snapchat Stories

The users on the Instagram only posts the highlights of their life on Instagram, and the application is added to the new feature “Stories” which is similar and everyday content on Snapchat. It works quite exactly like the Snapchat stories, which allows you to post 24 photo and video slideshows that disappear. This Instagram stories will appear at the top of the old feed, and your followers will certainly see them without you needing to build the audience in another application.

This features Instagram Stories will rolling out globally for the iOS and the Android platforms in the coming few weeks.

Instagram Is All Set To Roll Out Anti-Harassment Tools

The CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom won’t disagree with you, when he is confronted about the Instagram stories being the replica for the Snapchat stories, we are unexpected, and he admitted that “They deserve all the credit,” but insisted “This is not about who invented something. This is the format and how you take it to a network and put your spin on it.”

Already some people are dedicated to Snapchat stories and might not have the need for the Instagram Stories. But the Instagram screens and the other things are likely to be attractive to use. The users feel very comfortable and able to save and reshare their pictures to Instagram stories with ease.

Now It’s time for the Instagram which is offering in the different way to share with no likes, no comments and with less pressure. The users who are stick to Snapchat and couldn’t able to build the following there can shift and revel in this new playground built within the Instagram.

 Instagram to add Translate button in coming month!

CEO Systrom says that “We’re north of 500 million people using the product”. “We can either let the system evolve the way it evolves — I think that’s a great consumption business. But we want to make sure to keep the soul of what made us love it at the beginning and Share whatever I want, when I want, with who I want. The daily use case.”