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Everything You Need to Know About Lenovo Moto Z Mods

Lenovo Moto Z mods

Motorola releases a new Z series of smartphone challenging the iPhone and Samsung with its unique accessories. The module accessories in Moto Z smartphone will be one of the coolest features called Moto Mods. The peripherals will extend functionality to the phone along with style. The device works with the power of magnets which each mod is integrated with and securely attaches to the back of the phone.

Moto Z mods enhance the particular functionality for which it is assigned for, be it a battery backup, speaker or a projector. Motorola assures that the integrated magnets are strong enough to hold the mods tight and can also be swap one mod for another. The company has released 4 mods so far for Moto Z, and each one has is unique in its way.

Moto Style shells:

 These simple covers allow users to choose the finish at the time of ordering a Moto Z through Moto Maker. These style shells are available in a number of wooden types, nylon finish and different colors leathers and few more colorful plastic ones. However, Motorola hasn’t mentioned about the available colors but will me revealed in time.

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Hasselblad True Zoom:

Earlier before Moto Z, there were many rumors suggested a unique modular camera made by Hasselblad, as Motorola is better known for building an excellent quality of cameras.  With the recent launch, the rumors came to an end as it became real and named as the Hasselblad True Zoom. Unlike digital zoom on the phone, the mod offers 10x optical zoom without any quality loss. The mod also adjusts any settings like manual focus, f-stop, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure.

JBL sound boost speaker:

Lenovo –owned Motorola paired with JBL to create the Sound boost Mod which is a stereo loudspeaker with two three-watt drivers. The mod is designed exclusively to amplify the phone’s sound and aims to replace portable speakers. JBL sound boost speaker has a built-in 1,000mAh battery for a better phone’s battery life.

Moto Insta-Share projector:

This can be considered as the most widely adopted mod with its pico projector attached to the phone. The mod can project a video or image measures up to 70-inches diagonally from any angle. The main defect is that the mod offers an only 480p resolution. It also sports a built-in loud speaker.

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Incipio off GRID Power Pack:

The power pack mods add a battery of 2,200mAh battery to the Moto Z, which almost doubles the inbuilt battery’s capacity. There are three different versions yet to confirm which includes offGRID version from Incipio, TUMI model, and Kate Spade model. The company also said that it’s working with a Mophie on a Power Pack and also mentions about the wireless charging for some of them.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Leaked Specifications, Features and Launch Date might be in September

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Leak Reports: Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will go on Sale in September 

Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturing company, having its hold in the gadget market of smart devices like mobiles and tablets. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 in its new leaks unveils that the launch date will go on September.

Over a period, there is a lot of rumors regarding the latest smartphone model Xiaomi Mi Note 2. The social media sites are going viral with the unknown upload videos and images of the gadget. Though there is no official comment on these things as the officials, as usual, have kept their silence prevail.

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Till date, there are many things that have come out in regarding Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Specifications. The latest unconfirmed information is that the device will have 2 or 3 variants and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 launch date might be in September.

The entry level model will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 SoC processor and Speed is supported by 4 GB RAM. 32 GB internal memory might be provided for storage.

Xiaomi Mi Note leaked image indicates Android 7.0 and 6GB RAM

On the other hand, the high-end model is powered by Snapdragon 821 chipset processor and the speed is supported by a 6 GB RAM. 64 GB / 128 GB internal memory might is provided for internal storage.

Both the variants may come with a regular 5.7-inch Quad HD 2K AMOLED display screen and 4000 mAh battery which support fast charging. The other features like Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, NFC and Hi-fi Audio are common in all the guessing’s.

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There are even expectations regarding the prices, the release date of the models.  Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Price varies between CNY 2,499 to CNY 3,499. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Release Date is expected as October 2nd, 2016.

Huawei is working on native mobile Operating System

Huawei is working on native mobile Operating System

Huawei is the one of the leading company in selling the mobile phones in large number, last year Huawei reached more than 100 million sales. Most of the orders have come from China, and the company wants to expand the sales across the Europe and rest. Huawei is the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and they are planning to develop their mobile operating system.

Currently, the development is in initial stage and need more miles to go. The phones manufactured by Huawei are running on the company’s Android skin, EMUI (Android-based user interface developed by Huawei). But from the recent reports they are planning to build the alternate OS and in case their relationship with the tech giant Google sours.

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Recently the company has reported that the team has started working on the mobile Operating System in Scandinavia. Currently, the team is involved with the ex-Nokia employees. Although Huawei is not only the Android mobile phone maker exploring the alternatives for the better competition. As you all know Samsung has its native Linux based OS Tizen, sources have a word that the information says that companies OS aren’t far along.

Huawei aims to become the global electronics brand and as of now the company is selling almost all phones in China. The company has yet to have a secure deal with the leading US carrier. The company sells their unlocked smartphones through online, and its products lack in trustworthiness in the west due to their unoriginal software.

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The company is worrying about the future, what might happen if the event management model of Android changes in the future. Huawei will be trouble if Google stops providing the supporting Android on third-party devices or restrict what OEMs can do with the platform.

We all have to know that Huawei is undergoing with the complete ground-up project, or it is starting with the Android as the base. Huawei will ever have reason to deploy its secret OS; apparently some of the work is done just in case.

Study Reveals “People Can’t Stay Without Touching their Smartphones for more than 44 seconds.”

People Can’t stay without touching their Smartphones

Can you sustain without touching a phone? If yes, for how many minutes, hours or days? I guess it’s somewhat tough to answer. A recent study reveals shocking facts about how people are connected with their smartphones. Germany’s Wurzburg University and Nottingham Trent University in England collectively conducted research on Men and women.

They asked the participants to wait in a room for 10 minutes and on average they didn’t stay even 44 seconds without touching their devices. Women lasted for 57 seconds before using their smartphone whereas men waited for Just 21 seconds before touching their smartphone.

The research was carried out by the universities on behalf of cyber security enterprise Kaspersky Lab. After 10 minutes of waiting session, the participants were questioned about estimated time before reaching their phone.

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Common answers are between two and three minutes, which shows a huge a difference between the perception and real-time behaviour.

During a press release Jens Binder from the University of Nottingham Trent, states that “The experiment suggests that people are far more attached to these devices than they realise and it has become second nature to turn to our smartphones when left alone with them. We do not just wait anymore,”

Binder noted that “The immediacy of information and interactions delivered through our smart devices make them much more of a digital companion and connection to the outside world than a piece of technology.”

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During the 10 minute study, most of the participants had used their smartphone for about half of the time on average. The results suggest that how much time humans are glueing to their phones, and it also says the more phone usage leads to the increase in stress levels. Also; the regular sticking to the smartphone is due to the Fear of Missing Out something.

According to Astrid Carolus, from the University of Wurzburg added that “The more participants use their phone, the more they are afraid they are missing out when they are not accessing it.

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He also stated that “it is tough to say which attribute fuels which – do people use their phone more because they are afraid of missing something, or is it because they use it so much that they worry they are missing out.