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Samsung Galaxy S9 Beats iPhone X in LTE Speed Tests

When you buy a smartphone, there are several things that you generally take into consideration, including aspects like camera, performance, design etc. Have you ever considered the uploading speed or downloading speed of files? This is an important criterion if speedy internet access is of priority for you. A new study has revealed a list of the fastest phones and Samsung Galaxy S9 turns out to be the winner in the list beating even iPhone X.

This study was conducted by the third-party firm behind speedtest.net – Ookla and it revealed that Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus outdid the other smartphones as far as downloading content and streaming content is concerned. Samsung has always claimed to have one of the fastest smartphones in its kitty and now the results of this study back up the claim.

The download speeds of Galaxy S9 are up to 42% faster when compared to the other smartphones and when compared with iPhone X’s speed Samsung S9 is 37% faster. This is no doubt a great achievement, thanks to the inbuilt CAT 18 downlink LTE modem that delivers up to 1.2 Gbps download speed (even though it depends on the speed of the network). iPhone X’s X16 modem was logged down with a download speed of 1Gbps in the tests.

In an email statement, Samsung Electronics America’s Senior VP, Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing – Justin Denison said – “This summer, consumers are going to be on the road, at the beach, and relying on their phones more than ever, but without the latest and fastest network technology that’s available in the Galaxy S9 and S9+, their phones may quite literally slow them down.”

Samsung is on cloud nine following the test results and it is likely to create a buzz about its present LTE speed champ status. The smartphone manufacturer is known to be launching a new ad campaign soon touting the Ookla test results.