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Reliance Company Cab services launching on Republic day for only Rs 5 per kilometer: This post going viral on Facebook

reliance company cab services

Recently in Facebook and WhatsApp, a post about reliance company cab services is getting viral. The news is about reliance is entering into the cab services on this republic day. They are providing these services for only Rs 5 per kilometer. If you got this post into your accounts, then don’t get cheated. It is not a genuine news, and it is just a rumor

Next Digital Mission of Reliance Jio: Connected Car App, Jio Tv and many more

Some anonymous used the reputation of times of India and created fake news. When you look at this post you can see clearly that photo is created by photoshop. So people should not believe in this fake news. In this picture they have given the reliance cab number as 3355 3355. This number belongs to the Ola cabs.

Original picture before photoshop

reliance cab service

Mukesh Ambani stated that they are going to launch reliance company cab services, but they didn’t mention the confirmation date. In meanwhile many people are creating rumors to get publicity. On Republic day reliance is not going to launch any cab services.

Reliance Jio plans to charge Rs. 100 for data and voice services after 31st March

In a speech, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani said they are going to buy 2000 cars of Toyota Etios in Kolkata to begin the project. The cars are said to have 4G connections and use complete compressed natural gas from RIL’s own fuel stations for the refill. They are going to charge Rs 4 to Rs 5 for kilometers less than Ola and uber. It will take some time to complete this project.

Until the official announcement don’t believe in any fake news

Salt Price Increase Rumor: Government declares Shortage of Salt in the Country

No Shortage Salt Country Dont Panic says Government

On Friday, Government has declared there is no shortage of salt in India and also advised the people not to panic in buying. The center has clarified after several reports of buying salt all over the country accompanied by rumors of shortage.

Reports say that salt is being sold in some parts at a high rate of Rs 250 per kg. The department of consumer affairs made clear that there is enough salt to meet even in a case of any unexpected shortage.

“We monitor the prices of 22 essential commodities on a daily basis. As per the rates reported by centers from across the country, there has been no increase in the price of salt whatsoever,” says, the department of consumer affairs in a statement.

GST Portal Goes Live: Software Almost Ready said by GSTN Chairman Navin Kumar

Rumours of salt shortage in several parts of the country made a way to a panic buying spree, with people rushing to shops with fear of the shortage may last for several days. It is reported about the rumor led to a panic buying in NCR, while the initial reports came from western Uttar Pradesh and soon spread to other states.

“The total production of salt in India, on an average, is about 220 lakh tones. Of this, only around 60 lakh tons is used for domestic consumption. The remaining quantity is for industrial use and exports. Thus, there is sufficient maneuverability to meet any sudden localized shortage, if any,” the department said.

Central Government Hikes 2% DA for Central Govt Employees and Pensioners

All districts magistrates in the Uttar Pradesh are directed by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav to take strict measures to ensure panic buying of salt and act against rumor-mongers. He also slammed the ongoing rumors and declared that there is no shortage of salt and has directed all district supply officers to make sure that there is no hoarding of salt.