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The Story of Ron Malhotra,the Achievement Strategist

Managing personal finances smartly with the right investments is not everyone’s cup of tea. A majority of them would need assistance from a financial advisor or wealth expert. And when we talk of wealth experts, Ron Malhotra is one of the top names you would get to hear – he is popular not just for his impactful financial advice but also the lessons he can impart to you on various aspects of life. He provides advice related to your business, he mentors ambitious professionals, writes a lot of best-selling books on life skills, and is known for his public speaking abilities.

Well, with so many talents piled up within him, we certainly need to know the success story of this ambitious personality and what advice he has to give others.

For those of you who don’t know much about Ron Malhotra, he is a renowned wealth expert, the founder of ‘The Successful Male’ and the Managing Director of ‘Maple Tree Wealth Management’. He is also a leadership trainer, best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and influence & success expert. Following a time-tested fundamental approach to help people accumulate wealth gradually, Ron has almost two decades of experience in the financial planning field.

The Beginnings

Ron migrated to Australia from India as a teenager and was quick at relating to the Western culture of the country. His fascination for money was where it all started. He had seen his parents struggle financially even though they had good jobs. This was just because they hadn’t planned their investments properly. This is when he decided to learn more about finances and his fascination for money landed him in his first job at a local bank in Australia.

Soon, he realized that his interest was not in selling financial services to people or counting cash but rather in educating them about wealth management. This set the path to his self-discovery journey.

Ron’s Passion and Purpose in Life

Ron started to define himself based on his values, strengths, and vision. This helped him discover his purpose and passion in life.

Ask Ron about the purpose of his life and he shoots back with this prompt answer – “My life’s purpose is to inspire & empower people to THRIVE, by helping them strategically MAGNIFY their Influence, Success & Wealth.

As for his passion, he is obsessed with empowering people by providing them with a leading and comprehensive success formula based on the advanced success psychology and proven basics of prosperity, wealth, and leadership.

Once he was clear on these two aspects, he started to make smart decisions about his career and life. This led him to find more and more ways to improve the lives of people. He loves to inspire and teach them to do things they never thought would be possible.

Ron: The Achiever

Whichever field Ron has stepped his feet into, he has experienced immense success – the main reason for this success has been his fervent passion to succeed and achieve in every aspect of life. From being the author of three best-selling books and an acclaimed international public speaker to being featured in top publications like CNN, NewsX, Forbes, Money Magazine and more, his achievements have had no limits.

Ron’s business, as well as life, is driven by his passion to enable people to magnify their lives. He says – Enabling people to live better lives & lifestyles is what I do best.”

Ron’s advice for anyone who looks forward to building wealth is to learn the time-tested principles and follow the same to create long-lasting wealth. He advises to have a clarity on what the wealth goals are, know the reasons for creating wealth, and have a well-defined strategy.

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