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No-Fail Policy to be scrapped for Students between Classes 5 and 8: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

prakash javadekar No-Fail policy

Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister, Prakash Javadekar stated that the centre is soon planning to end No-Fail policy for students between Classes 5 and 8. He also said that “This policy removal will be brought in to effect by the centre with the supports from all the states.

In a meeting at the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Javadekar mentioned that all the education ministers of the states have mutually decided that the students cannot reach 9th class without clearing 5TH and 8th class.  The title of the discussion was named as “Way Forward for Education Sector in Eastern Region.

HRD minister stated that “This policy has to be passed in the parliament; power will be given to the states to conduct examinations for 5th and 8th classes in the month of March. If the student fails to pass in these exams, last chance will be given to re-appear in an examination conducted May. He also added that, if the student fails to qualify in the given attempts then he/she will be detained. 25 Indian states have approved the proposal.

Punjab Pvt Institutes to Provide Science Education to Students

The ‘No-Fail’ / ‘No-Detention’ policy is laid down under Section 16 of the Right to Education (RTE) Act.  The Act prevents schools from expelling any student up to the class 8. The past policy was brought as to have no detention from class 1 to class 8. The students have only affected by this policy, said Prakash Javadekar.

The purpose of the policy then was to take everybody along; the students come to have the meal and then leave as they were no examination.

The Union Minister also said, “We want to improve the quality of education imparted to students. Knowledge is a part of education; the other part is imparting skills. We must impart skill as a part of education”.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar Launches RUSA App to Keep Track on Educational Projects


Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister, Prakash Javadekar launched the website and mobile application, RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan) on Monday. It is the centrally funded scheme which was developed by the Government of India.

Along with RUSA App and website, the minister also unveiled 17 facilities that are built across 14 states to keep a track on the projects of education scheme. Through the released RUSA Website and App, people can know the report card of states with details of higher education policies, best practices and plans for education.

Prakash Javadekar

“There has never been a more exciting time in the education sector as now. To re-imagine our classrooms, be in sync with time and technology and engage stakeholders in a constant conversation to do and achieve more is the aim of this App,” said by the Prakash Javadekar.

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According to the reports, during the last three years, the government has also increased the expenditure of Rs. 2,800 crore to hundreds of colleges and universities. The officials also announced that for this year budget they have also provisioned the Rs. 1,300 crore. Along with RUSA app, the HRD Minister also launched the Fund and Reform Tracker App to track funding details.

Javadekar also said that “a cluster University in Jammu and Kashmir, a micro ATM facility at the RUSA centre in Pune University, solar power facility in the ShriShankaracharya University of Sanskrit in Kalady, Kerala, (and) language laboratories in Ghatsila College, Jharkhand.”

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Father’s Name on degree certificates should be made optional: Maneka gandhi

maneka gandhi on father's name

Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women and Child Development has written to the Human Resources and Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar, not to make it mandatory to mention the Father name of the student in Degree certificate.

Based on the reports, the letter pointed the marriage breakdowns and spouse separation realities and urged the officials to reflect this.

Duplicate Degree Certificates will be no more

So many women approached her stating to change the degree certificates of their children as the father name got changed and the father’s name should be modified or removed. So Maneka wrote a letter to Javedkar not to mention the father’s name in the degree certificates at all.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also implemented a new rule similar to this which states that it is not necessary for a married woman to change her surname in the passport after marriage.

No Need for Women to Change Surnames in the Passport After Marriage: Modi

Even though the woman is married or divorced, the woman can keep her father’s name in the passport. As the divorces these days are increasing and it is becoming hard to change the names in each and every certificate, the government seems to make this easier by implementing these new rules.

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40 Percent of Faculty Members are Vacant in IITs, Central Universities

Prakash Javadekar

Union HRD Minister (Human Resource Development) Prakash Javadekar announced that there are 40 percent vacancies of faculty members in both Central Universities and IITs. He said that the recruitment process needs to be done to bring out the qualified faculty members.

“We too can offer world class conveniences and infrastructure to the students here, but there are limitations. We do not have faculties. There are 40% vacant posts in the Central Universities and IITs,” the minister said.

He also added that “I have asked IIT councils to go abroad and contact our research students, who have gone there to seek further research and they too are ready to come back and serve the country.”

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According to the reports, all the research students are ready to come back, but the only problem is that the conducting of recruitment process which is troublesome in IITs and Central Universities. But to bring highly qualified faculties the government needs to focus more on the recruitment process.

Talking about establishing 20-World Class Universities, Prakash Javadekar said, “We will not give them the title of world class. They will have to earn it with the kind of roadmap they plan to become the world class universities. The category of 10 private and ten public sector institutes will be issued soon.”

“We will improve our quality for our students and with that improved education, we will also bring other students froma all over the world,” Javadekar added. The UGC Chairman Prof. Ved Prakash, NAAC Director Prof. D.S Chauhan, Symbiosis International University Chancellor Dr Divya Yeravdekar and others were present for the meeting.

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JNU to Recruit 300 Lecturers and Professors, Says HRD Minister

JNU to Recruit 300 Lecturers and Professors

Interviews for the recruitment of 300 teachers in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have started. Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Union Human Resource Development recently announced this. He claimed that there were no physically challenged or SC/ST category applicants this year. And the number of candidates for MPhil and Ph.D. programs in the upcoming years will be increased.

“The interviews for hiring has started now. 300 candidates would be recruited for Lecturer and Professor vacancies. The number of students in MPhil and Ph.D. has increased” said Prakash in Zero Hour Mention in Rajya Sabha. JD-U member Sharad Yadav added that students from all over the country are currently a part of the University now. But the enrolments in MPhil and Ph.D. were reduced from 970 to 102.

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Students of JNU have been complaining about the limited number of seats and massive seat cuts. So the university modified the policies by increasing the seats in the science department. However, the number of seats in Social Sciences, Arts, Aesthetics, Language, Literature and Culture Studies remained on this. Vexed students filed a case against the university on this regard. But the Delhi High Court dismissed the case clarifying that the UGC guidelines of these courses apply to all the universities and it is the UGC itself that implemented the seat cuts in some sources of MPhil and Ph.D. programs.