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Microsoft to Add Wheelchair Option To Xbox Avatars

Microsoft Xbox avatars to get wheel chair option

We have a good news for Physically disabled gamers who love playing on Xbox one. Microsoft Corporation has finally announced that it is adding wheelchair options for its Xbox avatars. The company’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer was questioned on Twitter regarding disabled avatars using wheelchairs, so in response to the same, he said the company was thinking about something like this.

Microsoft’s Play Anywhere reached Xbox in September

Soon after that Mike Ybarra, head of the Windows and Xbox Program confirmed that the wheelchair option by posting pictures of two avatars – a man and woman straddled in Xbox One-themed wheelchairs. The availability of the option is not yet announced but in the month of June, it was announced that Xbox would receive a major update in August. So, it is expected around the launch of the new Xbox One S.

Although there were many positive responses to Ybarra’s post, complementing Microsoft on its move towards diversity, many pointed out that the wheelchairs were old-fashioned and ugly. One of the Xbox lovers tweeted, “That’s like an old person hospital chair,” while another person asked the company “Please don’t make us use ugly chairs.”

Microsoft Announced Game with Gold;Free games for June to Xbox One and 360 users

Few Xbox fans have sent pictures of themselves sitting in their advanced wheelchairs just to make the Firm understand the modern look which they are expecting. Microsoft is being accused of not responding to the comments that followed the post. Well, Microsoft has recently stated in a blog post, “enabling all types of gamers to play as they want, in the way they want. We need to challenge all of our perceptions.”

Looking back Microsoft first introduced Xbox avatars on Xbox 360 in the year 2008. It supported customization of avatars with a variety of hairstyles, clothes and accessories which also includes branded content from avatar and other stores.

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console: ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever’

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console

Microsoft Corp. has unveiled an upgraded version of its Xbox one videogame console for virtual-reality and 4K resolution gaming at a media event in Los Angeles before the annual E3 conference on Monday. It is also planning a slimmer version of the Xbox One.

The announced gaming console codenamed as “Project Scorpio,” is expected to come in the 2017 holiday season. Microsoft game chief Phil Spencer at the Galen Center described the developed console as “the most powerful console ever built.”

Turok games will come to Xbox One

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Scorpio console will have a six teraflop GPU, 8 CPU cores and it supports full 4K resolution gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality. So, the new GPU’s power and speed promises a major boost, “I think it’s gonna be magical,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard said. The Tech giant also added that the developers are really excited to make games on Scorpio. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also mentioned that all the future Xbox games will be compatible with all three consoles.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

Storage capabilities of the new gaming consoles are unclear yet. But the giant said that Xbox One S, a limited launch edition which is 40% smaller in size and can sit vertically will come with up to 2 terabytes of space for $399 and a 1 terabyte version for $349. And another one which is available at $299 provides 500 gigabytes.


Microsoft on Monday announced that it would shortly make it possible for fans of “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” to play the block-building game with others using different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Gear VR. Well, the company also announced a new initiative with an aim at making Xbox live online gaming more comprehensive. And it disclosed that the coming Xbox One titles include “Scalebound” and “State of Decay 2.”

Microsoft Announced ‘Game with Gold’ Free games for June to Xbox One and 360 users

Now, Scorpio will compete with the Sony’s high end Playstation PS4.5 which is codenamed Neo. Sony has confirmed Neo last Friday. CEO Andrew House said that Sony will not be showing and talking about the new play station at E3 this week.

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