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Indian Hackers Massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government Network

Indian Techies Attack Pakistan Government Network after Surgical Strike

Indian hacker carried out a massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government network and locked its data. In the last surgical strikes, Indian army destroyed terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan. ‘Ransomeware’ is the software employed in the hacking operation.

Indian experts claim that a hacker by name Vuppala Dhani infected the networks and took control over hundreds of computers of Pakistan government. He made the data inaccessible for users on the network by using a malicious program.

Indian Hackers Ready for Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan after Surgical Attacks

A cyber crime attack had begun between the hackers from India and Pakistan since 10 days after the Uri attack which claimed the lives of 19 Indian Jawans.

Many social media accounts from PoK and Pakistan are under the scanner of central security agencies, after Uri attack. However, Experts declare that the Indian hackers made an attack on Pakistan network only after Pakistani techies compromised 7,000 Indian websites after the surgical strike carried by Indian Army.

As per reports, a group of hackers with name ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ claimed the deface of 7,051 websites from India. The targeted sites include the official website of the National Green Tribunal and Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation.

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To even the score, Indian hackers had locked the computers of their counterparts in Pakistan. Techies from Pakistan offered to pay Bitcoins in return to Indian hackers to free their locked data. Conversely, patriotic Indian hackers refused the offer to surrender the decryption key needed to unlock the data.

“Indian hackers are technically sound and can easily spy or steal data from any country. But no one ever tried to bring young talents under one umbrella for information gathering,” says an Indian hacker.

Many cases reported earlier where Pakistani hackers target data of commercial establishments, and companies end up paying in the form of Bitcoins. Many Indian hackers declare that they are ready for launching a massive cyber attack on Pakistan’s cyberspace.

Terrorist Attack kills 1 Jawan and Injures 2 Others of 46 Rashtriya Rifles Army Camp at Baramulla

Terrorist attack kills 1 jawan and injures 2 others

The cross border terrorism infiltration from neighboring country Pakistan is still continuing. After just a few days back, India has conducted Surgical strikes to control the infiltration. But it seems to be not enough for the border sharing country.

In a fresh incident that took place in Baramulla on Sunday reiterates that the terrorists are not going to calm down unless some severe and big action is taken against them. There are reports that at least two Jawans got injured and one died.

Nearly 6 militants launched a suicide attack on 46 Rashtriya Rifles army camp in Kashmir’s Baramulla camp. Firing exchange took place between army and the militants. Baramulla is 56 Kms away from the state capital Srinagar. The incident took place at night around 10.30 P.M.

Indian Hackers Ready for Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan after Surgical Attacks

Indian Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has taken the review of the security situation and has ordered for a necessary action.

India, despite of maintain its restraint against Pakistan, the actions from the neighbor are not helpful in maintaining Peace and stability in the region. On one side Pakistan is urging all the world countries to interfere in the war like situation between both the countries and on the other side, it is provoking India with terrorist activities.

Earlier there were reports in Pakistan’s media that both NSA counterparts, Sartaj Aziz of Pakistan and Ajit Doval of India had agreed to defuse tensions. But the incident has that took place clearly suggest that Pakistan is not serious about maintaining Peace.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

There is a continuation of violation of cease fire by Pakistan for the past many years. But India has maintained its restrain and is watching the developments across the border. But, the time suggests that too much patience sometimes is also not suggestible.

Let us wait and watch for India’s reaction officially about the suicide attack made now on the army camp inside the nation.

An Earthquake hits Pakistan with a magnitude of 5.5

Earthquake in Pakistan

A Massive earthquake strikes Pakistan measuring a magnitude of 5.5 and also in its capital on Saturday afternoon. According to reports, there is no loss of life or property so far. The earthquake shook some parts of capital Islamabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in the northeast and some northern parts of Punjab.

“An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 struck Pakistan at 0804 GMT, 117 km east of the Swat Valley city of Mingora, at a depth of 43.4 km,” the US Geological Survey said.

Indian Hackers Ready for Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan after Surgical Attacks

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa from Peshawar said that the intensity of the tremor was 5.5 and its epic center was Hindu Kush Mountains.

The MeT Department reported that there is no loss of life and property after the tremors so far reported. The tremors continued for 30 seconds. Pakistan usually faces tremors, but most of them are not destructive. Pakistan is among the most earthquake-prone areas in the world.

However, in the year 2005, a massive earthquake had occurred in which more than 80,000 people have died and have a huge loss of property. Earlier this month on 5th September, 57 students were injured in the stampede after the minor earthquake struck Pakistan.

Russia backs India, Slams Pakistan for ‘effective steps’ on Terrorism

The students who are injured are from the mountainous region on Allai Tehsil of Battagram district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The earthquake occurred on that day at a depth of 37 kilometers and hit the areas of Shangla, Swat, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram and Muzaffarabad.

Following the today’s tremor, a high alert has been issued in several regions of Punjab. The tremors were also felt in the central areas like Lahore and Sheikupura and even several other places in Pakistan.

Indian Hackers Ready for Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan after Surgical Attacks

Pakistan Cyber Attack

After The Army’s “Surgical Attack”, Now Its Indian Hackers Turn

Several Indian cyber hackers have joined hands to launch a massive attack on Pakistan websites. Cybercrime experts claim that several cyber experts are working on hacking of Pakistani websites to carry out mass defacement attack on their websites. The defacement is an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of a site or page.

A day after Indian army has carried out surgical attack on Pakistan; the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards said that its research team had cracked the official web gateway of Pakistan, i.e., gov.pk. The cyber experts also stated that they have waited for the command to launch the attack if needed.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistani

The Cyber expert group is also identifying and blocking the social media and websites that operated by Pakistani terrorists like Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JuD), Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Indian Mujahedeen (IM).

“We are trying to enter into their critical establishments after the Pathankot attack. We got the access to ‘gov.pk’ websites. But we need a command from the Indian government to hack them,” said S. Amar Prasad Reddy, additional director-general, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.

Indian Army Surgical Strike Compounds War Clouds Between India and Pakistani

He also added that “An expert hacker from our organization has entered into Pakistan’s principal database and showed us that the Pakistan’s critical websites are penetrable. ”Cyber expert’s claim that attack from India focused on the government websites.

“We are now insisting everyone to have a State Cyber Security Policy suiting their requirements. We currently have 1,500 cyber security experts, which should increased to 10 lakh to protect critical infrastructure,” he said.

The officials said that its impossible to cyber attack on Indian website gov.in. Because it is highly secured and sophisticated honeypot computer security mechanism. However, there are many other government websites with this domain that are unprotected.

Shameless Statement: A Pakistani Jud Terrorist Group Leader Warns India against Surgical Strikes

The technical head of National Defence Research Centre, Arulselvar Thomas has announced. That they are developing a new Mobile Application Security Test (MAST) mobile app, which keeps the phone free from bugs and safe.

He said, “In the next eight months, we will roll out a series of testing tools in the open source that can used by the public or even the service providers to make sure all the apps are bug-free.”

Russia backs India, Slams Pakistan for ‘effective steps’ on Terrorism

Russia backs india and slams pakistan

Russia backs India with its counter Surgical Strike over Pakistan and hits the terror supportive country to take ‘preventive steps for eradicating Terrorism. ‘ Pakistan is getting of friends very fast and also losing support from the world community for its actions against India.

From the past itself, all the nations of the world ignored this supportive terrorist country in all aspects. At present all the countries directly isolated Pakistan with Uri attack.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon Offers to Mediate Between India and Pakistan

Member countries of SAARC had pulled out from the summit which is to be hosted in November in Islamabad. This shows the negative impact created in Pakistan.

To earliest on 30th night, Russia supports India complimenting the Surgical attack. Russian Foreign Ministry had slammed a punching statement to Pakistan to take ‘Effective Steps’ to prevent terrorist groups in their country and to not create tension at LoC. Russia came out to fight against the Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism.

The strong-worded statement speaking about the Uri attack, Surgical strike and the atmosphere at LoC said by Russia was “We are concerned with the aggravation lately to the situation along the line of control between India and Pakistan. We are calling the two countries not to allow any escalation of tension and to settle the existing problems by political and diplomatic means through negotiations.”

They also added that “We stand for the decisive struggle against terrorism in all our manifestations. We expect the Pakistan Government to take effective steps for stopping the terrorist activities in their territory.”

Shameless Statement: A Pakistani Jud Terrorist Group Leader Warns India against Surgical Strikes

Other countries like USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Sri Lanka had supported the counter action taken by India. The neighboring countries also said that India has the right to respond to the activities of Pakistan on Pak occupied Kashmir.

Several officials had applauded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the boldest serious decision taken on terrorism and the Surgical strike. India further would get the support of many other countries. We have to look forward to the reaction of Pakistan.