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Ghani Opens Up at Heart of Asia Meet, talks Indo-Afghan ties

Ghani Opens Up at Heart of Asia Summit Meet and talks Indo-Afghan ties

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani affronted Pakistan for evoking Islamabad to focus on terrorism instead of providing financial assistance. Ghani claims the Cross-border terrorism is the primary concern and asks for aid to fight terrorism. In the recent sixth Heart of Asia summit held in Amritsar.

Ghani expressed his disregarding to Pakistan in the midst of the existing tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi. The Afghan leader thanks Pakistan for their pledges of assisting $500m for reconstructing Afghanistan. He also hopes to make use of funds to fight terrorists and extremists in Pakistan. He also alleged that even huge amount of money couldn’t assist them when there is a support to terrorists from Pakistan.

Representatives from 14 nations including Pakistan took part in the Heart of Asia summit. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sartaj Aziz participated in the conference on behalf of Islamabad.

“Afghanistan suffered the highest number of casualties last year. This is unacceptable; some still provide sanctuary for terrorists. As a Taliban figure said recently if they had no sanctuary in Pakistan, they wouldn’t last a month. I don’t want a blame game, and I want clarifications,” said Ghani.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Terror as the theme of the host. PM also said that demonstrating a strong collective will to defeat terror attacks spread fear to terrorists and those who fund them.

A joint news conference with Hekmat Karzai, Afghanistan Deputy Foreign Minister, and Arun Jaitley Finance Minister said that terrorism was at the very core of the deliberations and that the tone had been set by Ghani and Modi earlier in the day.

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Army Says Pakistan Involvement in Damage of Jawan’s Body

Army Says Pakistan Involvement in Damage of Jawan’s Body

As we know, On November 22, Pakistan Attacked on Indian Soldiers at Machhil in Jammu and Kashmir and three Indian soldiers were killed in an assault. Now, the Army northern command has come up with the latest news that they found evidence that proposed Pakistan Involvement in the mutilation of one of the bodies.

Army’s Northern Command posted two photographs – one of a pair of night-vison spectacles showed ‘US Government Property’ and other of materials with Pakistan name.

Among the materials was a roll of gauze that ‘Pakistan Defence Forces’ had written on the package. Food items and disposable food cans were also found in the locales, all carrying Pakistan names.

Indian Army Denies Pakistan’s Statement of Killing 11 Indian Soldiers at LoC

The Udhampur-based Northern Command confirmed that Pakistan had a direct role in the disfigurement of a soldier body along the Line of Control (LoC) in Machhil sector of Kupwara district on November 22.

An Army Officer at Udhampur-based Northern Command in a statement said, “We found evidence of Pakistan participation in the beheading of one of the Jawan’s body in an attack at Machhil on November 22.”

The officer also stated that the three soldiers were killed in an attack at Machhil and one of the soldier’s bodies was injured when the secret agent had trapped an army patrol in the Machhil region on November 22. The food items and other materials recovered from the area which shows the Pakistan Labels like Pakistan Defense Force, Pakistan Standard and also the night vision goggles that display the seal of ‘Us Government Property’.

Pakistan Ceasefire Violation: Pakistan Army Opens Fire along LoC in Jammu and Kashmir

“It was the second incident of damage to soldier’s body in less than a month. On October 28, helped by the cover fire by the Pakistan Army, terrorists had crossed the Line of Control and killed an army Jawan and mutilated his body in same Machhil region.

Meanwhile, one attacker was killed in that incident. In June 2008, a soldier of the 2/8 Gorkha Rifles lost his way, and he was caught by Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) in Kel sector. Later he was found beheaded.

India and Pakistan to Play Cricket at UAE in this November

ind vs pak cricket match

Good News for Cricket fans. BCCI has come up with big news about India-Pakistan cricketing ties. As we know, both the teams have stayed away from playing each other after the recent cross-border terrorism. Now both the teams are getting ready for playing an unusual form of cricket in November.

In fact, BCCI even urged ICC don’t put Pakistan in the same group in the upcoming ICC event and also gave a pushover to the arch-rivals in three games scheduled against Pakistan in Women’s cricket between August 1 and October 31 this year. Though the Women’s team gave six points in the IIC championship, BCCI is still not interested in playing with arch-rivals, and it is expected to miss upcoming Asia Cup match also.

Pakistan Ceasefire Violation: Pakistan Army Opens Fire along LoC in Jammu and Kashmir

However, the latest news is that the two nations are likely to break the stalemate by playing “Tape Ball” cricket which is an unusual form of cricket which is most popular in Pakistan. India and Pakistan Tape Ball Cricket Match will be held at Sharjah in this November. Apart from India and Pakistan other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates (UAE) also participating in this tournament for getting a prize money of 0.25 million.

Former Cricketers Virender Sehwag, and Imran Nazir will be brand ambassadors for the upcoming tournament and also provide the glamor quotient. India last played for Pakistan in the T20 Word Cup in India earlier this year, and India won in that match.

Meanwhile, BCCI president Anurag Thakur has earlier stated that continuation of bilateral ties between the two countries was not possible until Pakistan stops the cross-border terrorism. Now, with this India and Pakistan Tape Ball Cricket match, we might see the return of International cricket between the two countries in future.

Pakistan Bans Indian Content on TV, Radio Amidst Tensions

Pakistan Bans Indian Content on TV

India and Pakistan relations are now in a phase of high tensions and isolations. India successfully isolated Pakistan from the International community. Recently, Beijing official news paper has stated the same thing. After the BRICS summit, Pakistan is facing a complete isolation not only in the continent but globally. Hence, the Pakistan government in frustration has taken the decision to ban Indian content of entertainment.

India Using Advanced Technologies to Close the Border Between India and Pakistan 

Spokesman for the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Mr. Muhammad Tahir stated that the Indian content of entertainment which includes cinema and serials aired through cable operators are banned in the country from Friday, the 21st October, 2016. The ban will be imposed from 3.00 PM onwards. The period of ban is indefinite.

The ban will restrict the Television cable operators and Radio in Pakistan from airing any sought of Indian content. However some of the International channels like Star Sports which covers only sports could not be banned completely. Hence, they have been restricted to air only 80 minutes per day related to India.

Chairman of the Cable Operators Association of Pakistan, Khalid Arain has commented that the ban imposed is not fair and has an adverse affect on the profitability of their business. He also further questioned about the control on DTH connections. There is no control over them as they are directly connected with Satellite. Many Pakistan homes have the Indian DTH connections.

Indian Hackers Massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government Network

The relations between India and Pakistan have worsened in the past few months. There is a diplomatic was at International level that is escalating day by day.

Therefore both the countries have been serious in their own way of tackling each other. Both India and Pakistan are very close regarding the tradition and cultures of Muslims. The breakdown of the tie-ups will have certainly a big impact on the people of Pakistan when compared to the Indians.

BRICS Summit 2016 : Russia, India To Sign $5 Billion Missile Deal In Goa

BRICS Summit 2016

BRICS Summit 2016

This Year’s BRICS Summit has gained importance in the present situation where there exists war like situation across India and Pakistan borders.

The Participants will be addressing the need of economic growth and strengthen the bilateral relations. India especially is targeting the BRICS 2016 summit to isolate Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be residing as the head of the summit from India.

Brazilian President Michel Temer, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Jacob Zuma will be representing their respective countries.

Obama Cancels Meeting with Philippines Leader Duterte for Insult

Coming to India’s point of view over the summit, PM Modi will take the initiative in exposing Pakistan’s terrorist activities and on the other hand will try to make the bilateral relations with China and Russia strong on an individual basis.

Particularly, India is concentrating on signing some of the deals with its counter part Russia. S400 Triumph long-range air defense systems, Kamov helicopters, up-gradation of Sukhoi-MKI and the fifth generation fighter aircraft and other deals might be finalized on Saturday.

With China, India may take up the issue of supporting in UN in related to various matters like NSG and declaring JeM as the terrorist group based in Pakistan. China might also be consulted on making things clear about India’s stand taken after Uri’s attacks on Pakistan.

Putin raises the fear of WW3 with the launch of Nuclear Missile

Myanmar’s state counselor, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi will also be attending the BRICS BIMSTEC meeting. She has several high-level engagements in India throughout next week.

All the participating nations including China are however will make a unanimous resolution of controlling and eradicating terrorism. Financial ban also will be discussed as to stop support for the nations that are helping militants to take shelter.

A dinner is organized in Goa for all the representatives of the member countries. The BRICS Summit 2016 will be for two days which starts tomorrow. That is Oct 15th and 16th 2016. Around 900 delegates will take part in this summit from the participating countries.