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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wants Amazon like Marketplace for all Government Purchases

Narendra Modi Asks People to Use Digital Payments for Purchases

After Modi announced the demonetization of currency, opposition parties have been targeting the NDA Government and raising public issues in front of Government. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his party leaders to spread the benefit of the ban of big currency notes. He wants the public to know the use of demonetization. The scheme is aimed at improving the ordinary citizen’s life, and its long-term target is to reduce the black money and terrorist funding.

Narendra Modi asked the public to know the use of Digital Wallets instead of using liquid cash. Due to ATMs and banks problems, there has been a massive cash crunch across the country. In his effort to drive cashless money, our prime minister has decided to motivate the public to use digital payments for bills and he wants Amazon line market for all Government purchases.

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Apparently the government uses a tender system to buy everything which then controls buyers to local suppliers and may even result in price management. The new regime would allow retailers across India to bid for any Government purchase.

The new Government online system is similar to shopping portals like Amazon and Snapdeal in design by allowing consumers to choose products listed along with photos and detailed information. It also shows the comparisons between products.

According to the Bloomberg report, if you want to use the new system, you have to register with personal mobile numbers and Aadhar Biometric Cards. Through this system, Government is expected to increase the buyers by 200,000. As per reports, currently, there are 1,259 vendors selling 2,534 products to more than 9,108 users across 469 registered Government departments.

What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Expect from Public?

After watching the situations due to the ban of old 500 and 1000 notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hoping from public to understand the long term use of scheme and build India as the uncorrupted country. People can make use of Digital payments for all Government purchases and also asked his party officials to spread his plan to the common public and told the benefits of this scheme.

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He also urged the people to use cashless transactions and explained how it could reduce the criminal activities, black money, and terrorist activities. BJP party leaders and ministers too have decided to educate and motivate people for using digital payments.

To implement this, BJP leaders Maneka Gandhi and Ravi Shankar Prasad have already prepared their route map to visit their constituencies this week.

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Google to Develop “Bharat Saves” Website to Help Customers Save and Invest Money

Bharat Saves
Google to Develop Bharat Saves Website with a Tag Line to Save more and Invest Better

Google gives a supporting hand to Indian customers by helping to save more and invest better. The Tech Giant Company planning to develop a website Bharat saves that will offer information on financial planning. Google is planning to develop Bharat Saves Website and wants to link up with PM Modi’s Jan Dhan Yojana which launched on 2014 with 24 Crore Accounts. The scheme since its launch has attracted 24 crore new bank accounts.

Google discussing with the Indian Government and the company proposal is being examined, said a senior official belonging to central finance.

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He said the digital platform “may provide a range of financial literacy tools and information on financial products.”

A Google spokesperson told media: “In line with the Prime Minister’s vision to create greater financial inclusion various BFSI organizations and industry associations are coming together to launch a digital platform.”

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Google Bharath Swill align with Jan Dhan initiative and also tie up with other financial institutions. Google says with this Bharat Saves website financial saving will get rose in Fiscal Year 2016 after stagnating for many years.

 Another Tech giant company “Apple” also held talks with the government of India on making Apple Pay App. A Mobile App that used for payment and digital wallet service.

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We all know Prime Minister Narendra Modi met several Tech Company CEO’s to make Digital India. Let us all wait for the confirmed information from Google and Indian Government officials.

PM Modi Initiative to Hire Private Employees for Government Receives Good Response


In a move to hire people from the private sector to work with government sector on a contract basis, the prime minister Modi has launched ‘Do you want to work for the government’ initiative.

This program has received good response from the private employees. As per the data received from the website gov.in, a total of 4704 applications has been received within a week of launch.

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In a first of its kind move, Modi government launched ‘Do you want to work for the government’ initiative where jobs for various government departments were opened.

The list of positions available are editorial writers, researchers, data scientists, software developers, video editors, social media experts, graphic designers and app developers for professionals working in the private sector are available.

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Interested candidates were requested to upload their resume on my gov.in portal. “Carrying forward the spirit of government-citizen interface, MyGov proposes to create a databank of resumes of various seniority levels and specializations. This data bank may be sourced by the government periodically to engage citizen experts in various domains for contractual services in different positions across ministries, departments, organizations, institutions, and specialized entities,” the website said

“MyGov will scrutinize the resumes, and shortlisted resumes will contact for further discussion/interview. The compensation package will be discussed during direct interactions,” it added.