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Microsoft Launched MINE for Taking Care of Eye care Global

microsoft mine ties up with LV prasad

Microsoft on Monday has launched a new application Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eye Care simply termed as MINE, based on machine learning and AF for improving the efficient of Eye Care globally. Meanwhile, Microsoft has signed a deal with LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad to develop the application which is for delivering a better eye care.

Microsoft Intelligent network for Eye Care (MINE) is an ongoing project under Microsoft’s R&D division together with similar projects for another kind of hospitals amongst other efforts. The announcement of a new launch on Monday, Microsoft is taking MINE outside the experimental Programme. It was running in India to bring the number of global partners such as the Bascom Palmer – University of Miami, Flaum Eye Institute – University of Rochester (USA), Federal University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia).

Microsoft Introduces a Universal Translator for Group Chatting

Microsoft Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D), Anil Bhansali said, “By using our skills and innovative work in the machine learning field over the years, Microsoft has helped to boost digital transformation in several crucial sectors in India, including education and agriculture. MINE is also a global association to motivate public good.”

The idea behind MINE is very simple. The specialist organizations will provide a large amount of data, and we can create databases through the data that can be perceptively examined through Artificial Intelligence modules developed around eye care, in order to classify main areas where involvement can be applied to real effect. MINE can come up with plans on how to more effectually improve the success rates people in the field see.

Microsoft Introduced a New Color Binoculars App which Helps for Colour Blindness People

Speaking about the new project, Founder-Chair LV Prasad Eye Institute, Dr. GN Rao says, “At LV Prasad Eye Institute, we have been using Microsoft Cobalt Machine Learning and power commercial visions to boost clinical intrusions and improve patient outcomes. We are happy to associate with Microsoft and joining forces with global organizations to develop the field of ophthalmology in India and across the globe. We are confident that this will tile way for others to influence technology to address several other critical eye diseases.”Microsoft’s machine learning tools has been entirely assessable, said Dr. Rao.

Microsoft India Director, Bhansali said, “The expansion of MINE will now not only allow the hospitals and research organization to benefit, but also helping to generate a significant amount of data. LVPEI has an epoch of data which we have used it along with Azure and Cortana machine learning to provide pointing insights.

Microsoft Introduces a Universal Translator for Group Chatting

Microsoft Introduces a Universal Translator

Microsoft has launched new translator app and working hard for getting more perfect. It supports offline use, OCR and dual-device translation in recent times. Now, on Tuesday Company has announced another interesting new feature that makes it easy to interact with groups in 60 different languages.

Microsoft Universal Translator now allows you start a group chat with up to 100 members and display conversions of everything you say in their preferred language in real-time. It is very useful at the time when you speak with migrants who have just arrived in a new country or directing a guided tour with travelers from around the world. Each person only needs an associated smartphone or tablet to view translated text in their language of choice.

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Microsoft is saying that its new service works equally well for group chats. The Microsoft Universal Translator designed on the technology behind Skype Translator, which enables real-time translated chats over the web. The Skype Translator feature became available last October and arrived on mobile earlier this week.

The new service is currently in live preview and you can try it using the Microsoft Translator App for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon, or by visiting this website.

Supreme Court Issues Notices to Google Facebook on Sexual Offence Videos

Supreme Court Issues Notices to Google Facebook on Sexual Offence Videos

SC issues notice to Google, Facebook, and Microsoft for curbs on sharing of videos related to sexual offences and cybercrime.

Justice Madan B. Lokur and Uday Umesh Lalit wanted explanation from Google India, Yahoo India, Microsoft Corporation India and Facebook about blocking sexual offense videos by January 9

This case is filed by Hyderabad nongovernment organization prajwala. They have sent two rape videos to Supreme Court which are trending in internet sites and many people are sharing this video.

WhatsApp to Ban In India? Supreme Court To Hear PIL Petition on June 29

NGO’s lawyer Aparna Bhat said “Sexual offense videos are posting on online, by this type of videos many people will get influenced and takes participation in cyber crime.”

Prajwala foundation submitted the copy of video to the Supreme Court which is trending on the internet, in this video one person is committing rape and another person is filming it.

The government said in the response by the top court, ordering information and technology of ministry act for the way of blocking and reporting videos of rape under the protection of child sexual offenses 2012.

ASG Maninder Singh said that debate is on in the country and abroad on making public of the identity of the sexual offender. Supreme Court said the identity of an alleged rape offender should not be released hardly on the registering the offense but only after conviction.

Now Aadhar Card is Not Mandatory for Using Government Services, Says Government

The bench said if a person gets acquitted even then person would suffer damage to his image because of prior disclosure of his identity. It will defame the image of a person, if he is acquitted in the sexual offense case,” the bench said.

The court also said if any person acquitted of a sexual offense, CBI will not investigate him for cybercrime aspect of the offense

According to National Crime Record Bureau statistics increase in the cases of sexual violence against children, the apex court questioned the Centre to include in the list of measures for curbing crimes against women and the steps to protect children from sexual violence.

Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter team up to remove ‘terrorist content’ from their Services

terrorist-content by microsoft, facebok and twitter

Tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube is now associated today to work on a plan to help in reducing the spreading of the terrorist content in the online.

These global companies have announced that they are going to work together and create the shared industry database which will be used to identify this content. This includes the “most extreme and egregious terrorist images and videos” which are removed by their respective services.

Facebook has elaborated how this database will be going to work in a recent announcement in their newsroom. This disturbing content will be cut down by using the digital fingerprints. The identification and the removal have made more easy and efficient by the company’s computer systems and algorithms.

Facebook to Rely up on Artificial Intelligence to Flag Offensive Live Videos

The database which is holding the hashed images and in the similar way these organizations are keeping child pornography off their services. Mainly the piece content is marked as the unique identifier, and also they will produce the same hash value. The same systems and techniques are used to identify the copyright protected files.

The new collaborated project differs that these terrorist images,videos will not be automatically removed after matching with the content in the database. Therefore individual companies will determine how and when the content is removed depending upon their policies.

New Method Can detect False Posts on FB, Twitter: Study

Facebook also mentioned that personal information would not be shared, though it did not mention that information is collected. The government still has the legal rights to find out the accounts and where the content has originated and other details.

This latest database is continuously updated so that the company can uncover the new terrorist images and videos which can be hashed and added to that shared resource.

This initial step from the top social networks is not restricted to them; the main goal is to share the database available to the other companies in the future. On this occasion, Facebook says “We hope this collaboration will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online.”

With this recent collaboration, it could bring the new path for the companies to work together and control the fake news and other illegal activities on the social media.

Microsoft Working on Ultimate Mobile Device: Satya Nadella

Microsoft Working on Ultimate Mobile Device: Satya Nadella

“An Ultimate Mobile Device is going to release in the market” said by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Already we heard rumors of Lumia phone that company has stopped the manufacturing of lumia phones. Microsoft also didn’t release any Lumia phones from past few months. So, most of the people got to an opinion that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing mobiles.

Satya Nadella recently gave the statement that company will continue in the phone market. A new mobile device is going to come in the market, and it does not reflect regular trends it is just coming to create the sensation in the phone industry.

He also said Microsoft is always in the first position to create unique devices. It never takes back step to take risks and he also said about Microsoft surface. This company jumped into the 2 in 1 factor with Microsoft surface three years ago. It’s pointing towards Microsoft intentions to something unique to the customers.

Microsoft Introduced a New Color Binoculars App which Helps for Colour Blindness People

According to the information, Microsoft is planning to launch a surface smartphone soon. The company is targeting three different users including customers, business users, and enthusiasts. So soon we are going to see an Ultimate Mobile device from Microsoft. We still don’t know this surface phone is the ultimate mobile device or else another mobile will release. To know complete info we have to wait some more time.