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Now You Can Apply for Jobs Through New Facebook Jobs Feature

You Can Apply for Jobs Through New Facebook Jobs Feature

Looking for the job? Now you can add Facebook to the list of career sites that can help you to find the work. The company brings the new update to the website where users can find the work through the Facebook jobs feature which aimed at job seekers.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it is launching new jobs bookmark both on the web and on a mobile app. People can use this as a platform to find help-wanted posts at the business page on Facebook or by looking in the jobs bookmark.

“Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook,” said by the California-based Internet giant.

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The job postings may appear in the News Feed streams if the companies want to pay to promote them. Just by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button an online form which has been already filled out relevant information will open.

Moreover, if the applicants want to add information in the form, they can able to add, edit and review the forms before submitting. The company representatives who are managing business pages at Facebook will examine the applications. And then they contact potential candidates through Messenger.

The company tested the Facebook jobs feature tools in the US and will roll out in Canada in coming weeks. This new job tool may become a challenge to Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. Microsoft recently reported that it gained a rise in profits over past quarter in cloud computing and other new areas on LinkedIn.

Microsoft seeks Digital Geneva Convention on Cyber-crimes

geneva microsoft

A week before Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in Mumbai that will highlight how digital technology is empowering people, a top company executive has called for “Digital Geneva Convention” to protect innocent civilians from cyber crimes.

While addressing a RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith called on the world’s governments to host a “Digital Geneva Convention”.

“Needed: a Digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians on the internet, as the 1949 Geneva Conv. protects civilians in times of war. #RSAC,” Smith tweeted ahead of the conference.

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In another tweet he said that “Tech’s cyber-security promise must be clear. We will assist and protect customers everywhere. We will not help attack customers anywhere. #RSAC”

The original Geneva Convention is primarily a set of global agreements, signed in 1949 and negotiated in the aftermath of the Second World War (1939-45), to protect civilians, prisoners and others during war.

In simpler words, Microsoft wants the world to agree on stop hacking innocent civilian targets who cannot hack back.

“Just as the Fourth Geneva Convention has long protected civilians in times of war, we now need a Digital Geneva Convention that will commit governments to protecting civilians from nation-state attacks in times of peace,” Smith wrote in a blog post.

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He said that Microsoft, like companies across the tech sector, was aggressively taking new steps to better protect and defend customers, including from nation-state attacks.

This includes new security features at every level of the technology stack, reflecting the $1 billion that we’re spending annually in the security field, Smith wrote.


Microsoft’s Lawsuit Against Department of Justice Will Continue Says US Court

Us court order on Microsoft Lawsuit

A US court has ruled that the lawsuit filed by Microsoft against the Department of Justice will continue, media reports said. Microsoft argues that the US government’s gag-ordered searches of Microsoft accounts violates the constitutional right to free speech.

According to a report o  Thursday, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department in 2016, saying it was “unconstitutional” to force the firm to remain silent and not inform customers when their cloud data had been searched or inspected by authorities.

“The court also declined to uphold Microsoft’s Fourth Amendment case against the gag-ordered searches, finding that the precedent involved was too significant to be overturned at the district level,” the report noted. The Western Washington District Court heard the case.

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The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution provides “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Since Microsoft’s customers store their most private and sensitive information in the Cloud, the government allegedly began to seek the secrecy orders. Back in 2013, the software giant lashed out at the US government following Edward Snowden’s disclosures of mass surveillance.

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In its initial complaint, Microsoft said it had brought the case because it believed that its customers should know when the government obtained a warrant to read their emails.

The ruling was made by the same District Judge James Robart who issued a nation-wide restraining order against the Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily banned the entry of refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations into the US.

Source: IANS

Microsoft’s Project Neon Official look Unveiled

Microsoft neon official look

US tech giant Microsoft is planning to refresh Windows 10 user interface(UI) later this year. Called Project NEON, the upcoming UI upgrade will introduce animations and other elements for visualisations.

“Project NEON aims to add fluidity, animation and blur to apps and the operating system and will also include a focus on Microsoft’s 3D efforts in Windows 10, HoloLens software,” as per the reports.

Microsoft launched Dynamic 365 suite and App source in India with SaaS delivery model

The company will fully detail its Project NEON plans at its Build developers conference in May. Project NEON should benefit all types of Windows 10 devices, including Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens and even Xbox.

With Project NEON, Microsoft’s goal is to let developers seamlessly make apps in Windows 10.Microsoft is also working on a new Game Mode feature for Windows 10 that will enhance the PC gaming experience of users making it run faster.

The company will also release Arena on Xbox Live, where you can play in organised tournaments or create your own, making eSports available for everyone.

Microsoft Introduces a Universal Translator for Group Chatting

In 2016, Microsoft acquired Beam, a live streaming video platform that focuses on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games and allows viewers to interact with the streams.

Beam will connect to your Xbox Live account, making it easy to stream your favourite games to Beam and your Xbox Live community. No extra software is needed and viewers anywhere will be able to watch your streams and interact with your broadcast.

The company is also adding updates to the Activity Feed, so you can connect and share more with your gaming friends.


Microsoft launched Dynamic 365 suite and App source in India with SaaS delivery model

Microsoft Dynamic 365 office suite

Microsoft launched Dynamic 365 suite and App source in India through SaaS delivery model. The services will be provided to customers in the form of Software-as-a-Service from its data centers in India.

Dynamic 365 is the cloud-based suite of applications that integrates the CRM and ERP capabilities to provide the power of advanced data analytics, machine learning.

Microsoft Introduces a Universal Translator for Group Chatting

Microsoft App source is the app for your business needs, and users help to find and try out the line of business SaaS apps from Microsoft and its partners. At present Microsoft is providing more than 200 business SaaS apps.

Many industry sectors in India are using Dynamic CRM. Max health care, Yes Bank, Reliance life insurers, SOTC, VLCC, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Annik, Mastek and many more companies are using Dynamic CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics is used by 55 Retail and DMS customers of 74 retail brands, empowering 14,000 outlets, 25,000 users in India.

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Now onwards customers will pay for what they use and subscription allows for companies to scale or adapt technologies. This Dynamic 365 save organizations three to four times the cost of using traditional CRM applications.

Microsoft India, enterprise business, general manager, Peter Gartenberg said  “With this dynamic 365 we are giving the power of CRM and ERP on flexible and local cloud platform. Our manufacturing customers don’t need to invest in expensive and time-consuming deployments to start their digital transformation.