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MLO for Mexico-US ties

US-Mexico relationships are at a level of higher distress especially since the Trump government came
into power in the United States. At this time when both the nations face constraints in a relationship,
AMLO suggests a change is coming to the US-Mexico relations
The result of the Presidential elections in Mexico the past Sunday is outputting forward Andrés Manuel
López Obrador as their new president. AMLO, as he is commonly called, focused mainly on the
eradication of corruption in the county, where it has grown as a very prominent issue for the national
economy. Besides corruption, there was a special emphasis on the bilateral relation with their most
powerful neighbor - the USA.
During his campaign, he strongly criticized the approach of the US president. AMLO also promised a
new vigor in strengthening the relation between the neighbors as compared to the strictly diplomatic
efforts of the previous president Enrique Peña Nieto, which was the target of harsh criticism.
However, during his tenure, he will continue to face the same obstacles as he faced in the past 2 years
- the NAFTA disagreement, Immigration crisis, and not to ignore the personal relationship with Trump.
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was not something that AMLO agreed to initially. Now
that the redraft is in progress his leftist mentality has put the other major proponents in worries. This
will impact approximately 80% of the exports of the country. Based on the records suggesting short
temper and intolerance, Obrador is not likely to be a passive player and be bullied by Trump, and will
mostly take direct control of his party and alliance as a whole. We might see drastic negotiations.
Immigration is also a hot topic between these countries. While the US in recent times is more
aggressive with the foreign policies, Mexico will still go on the non-intrusive and self-determinant
policies as they had been following earlier. But, that might have to change as his ex-patriot vote bank is
three times the runner-up candidate. Maybe it is time for Obrador to start getting involved in the
matters of other countries now. This might even spark some stones of Trumps Wall.

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