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Shocking News : Mailchimp Plans To Ban Cryptocurrency & ICO Based Email Accounts In Its Platform

After enjoying a mighty position in the deregulated online trading platform the price of the Bitcoins & Altcoins have drastically reduced at an alarming rate. In the midst of this shocking scenario popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook who had garnered a lot of attention due to the crypto coins, started banning the ads and accounts related to ICOs and cryptocurrency. In spite of such news, the companies issuing new ICO token are not losing hope and they have planned to give great deals to their future investors which can’t be missed at any cost.

Adding to the coin’s further woes, Gizmodo an online news website reported that the famous email marketing platform MailChimp is planning to shut down accounts related to cryptocurrency and ICO. Once an ally of the market, Mailchimp will no longer deliver important news and announcements to the subscribers who had opted to receive the mail from crypto related websites.

Most users are disheartened by this alarming news and contemplate changing their platform altogether. While MailChimp might have taken this tough decision after a thorough analysis, but is it ready to bear the setback by losing out on a chunk of present customers as well as future customers who were very much interested in using the platform for email marketing.

While MailChimp has been supporting the bloggers by offering free services to the people who are in their initial phase of increasing subscribers through email marketing, this shocking move will possibly be a setback for the company.

When the cryptocurrency market starts to roll in huge profits like it did in December, and more and more financial markets accept its growth; will Mailchimp regret letting go of the accounts they have banned for selling crypto-based services? Only time will tell, how will things move forward.

No matter what we believe in the immense potential that cryptocurrency has to offer and strongly support the traders in this community. There will be plenty of platforms opposing this market, but there will be number of platforms who will exclusively extend support to this market. In the times of turbulence, it is advisable not to lose hope and keep thriving till we attain success!! Fingers crossed!!