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LeEco Enters US Market with its Flagship Smartphones and Televisions

LeEco Enters US Market

LeEco made its debut in the smart phones market of China in the year 2015. Later it entered India by 2016. And now, in the same year it is making its entry into the US.

Le Pro 3 and Le S3 smart phone models have been launched in the US gadget market. It is LeEco’s flagship smart phone. The same model was launched in China recently.

Firstly, Le Pro 3 comes with a 5 inch Full HD In-cell display screen laid by 2.5D glass on top. This device is powered by Snapdragon 821 Quad core processor cloaked at 2.35GHz supported with a speed of LPDDR4 4GB RAM.

Aluminum body Le Pro 3 comes with a USB Type-C port replacing the traditional 3.5mm audio port. This new jack has a CDLA technology which results in digital audio output. It also sports a 5 and 64GB UFS 2.0 storage facility.

LeEco Diwali Bonanza “LeMall For All “starts from Oct 18-20

LeEco is just 7.5mm thickness which makes it the thinnest smart phone from the company till date.

A 16 MP primary camera with PDAF & f/2.0 aperture features makes the picture and videos quality better. Front selfie camera with wide-angle lens has an 8MP.

The device is powered with a non-removable 4,070mAh battery. Special feature of Quick Charge 3.0 is included for the smart phone.

Secondly, LeEco Le S3 is a mid-range smart device with superior build quality that is launched in the US. The same smart phone was launched in both the countries India and China but carries a different name.

This device comes with a 5.5-inch size screen and has a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels display. Powered with a Snapdragon 652 Octa core processor and supported by 3GB of RAM speed. 32GB of internal storage is provided for the phone.

Audio port has USB Type-C earphones. A primary camera of 16MP and a front camera of 8MP are fitted in this phone. A 3,000mAh battery, fingerprint sensor are the other few features that are included for the device.

LeSEE Chinese Autonomous, Electric, Future Smart Car

Apart from the smart phones, LeEco also sells Smart TVs. One of the biggest surprise comes, when it is heard that it also has an Android powered ‘Super Bike’ and a self-driving EV car called ‘LeSEE’ under its sleeves.

On the same dais, the company also has unveiled LeEco four new SuperTV in the US. smartTV’s – Super4 X43 Pro, Super4 X55, Super4 X65, and the premium uMax85 TV.

LeEco has recently acquired the top US based TV maker, Vizio for $2 billion.

At the launch event in the US, LeEco has announced the LeSEE Pro EV car upgrade model. This car can be purchased from the nearest LeShare station through an app. Just one need to upload the license to get the vehicle delivered.

LeSEE Chinese Autonomous, Electric, Future Smart Car


LeEco, formerly known as LeTv well recognised in the market for smartphones & TVs. The recent release of its Smartphone Trio makes it even more famous. The Firm’s recent investments in leading automobile companies like Aston Martin and Faraday future hints its next step into the vehicle market.

The Chinese Company had shocked all the viewers with an automated electric car which runs on the voice commands through a mobile application. At an event in Beijing, the futuristic smart electric car is unveiled by the company’s CEO Jia Yueting. He operated the car via voice commands from the mobile. The electric car was demoed with less speed due to limited space and ordered to park itself.

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The company has named the smart car as LeSEE. It is a part of the firm’s initiative for Eco-friendliness. The specifications of the car are not mentioned but by the looks at the demo, the automatic electric car would be provided with multicolour headlights. The car had two traditional front doors and two suicide back doors. The four doors and the roof are entirely made of glass which can create an illusion of an individual piece that connects the rear window and the front shield.

The C-shaped headlights suggest that the car does not have a usual front grill. The conventional mirrors are replaced with cameras to look around. The front portion of the car is assisted with a display showing specific data of the vehicle when it is in motion. There won’t be any central diffuser instead the head lights are mirrored by the tail lights at the back.

Outdated technology is the reason for apple’s downfall in china: Jia Yueting

The LeSEE can travel with a top speed of 130 mph, and it is designed keeping the environment in view. Talking about the entertainment displays screens are placed at the back part of the front seats and a music system is arranged. The back seats are foam lined and made self-adjusted to the bodies of the passengers. The Steering is featured with a self-folding mechanism when set to autopilot.

Jia Yueting said that apart from the company’s commitment to the green car it is also developing a Car-sharing business. He also stated that autonomous electric car will out rate Tesla’s Model S in ‘all departments of performance. With the launch of LesEE China would be on the forefront in the global market.

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The car prices would also be Similar to the prices of the LeEco’s mobiles when compared with the existing ones in the market. CEO of the company also mentioned that the firm’s car would be given free some day in the future by not specifying the date as the company’s revenue is aimed at content and services offered through the cars.

The Future smart car would be added to more characteristics like face recognition and self-learning which is not displayed in the present demo show.

Jia said that the Hong Kong city would be the first one to have this electric car when made available to the market.


Outdated technology is the reason for apple’s downfall in china: Jia Yueting


Is Apple Outdated in China?

China’s Billionaire Entrepreneur Jia Yueting had taken a dig at tech giant ‘Apple’. In his first International Television interview with CNBC, he had made some important remarks about his rivals.

He stated that primary difference between Apple and us is that Apple is a mobile company which focuses only on Software and hardware. Coming to LeShi, the firm’s preference would be primarily on The Internet, next the software and finally on hardware.

Jia yueting CEO of LeEco formerly known as LeTv called the Netflix of China has expressed his views on the competition between his company and his rivals. Commenting on the iPhone, he says that having separate applications is the need of hour at the early stages of the mobile net. During those times, the CPUs and mobile networks are very slow compared to now. According to the user perspective, it’s a significant obstacle to enjoying all the advancements.

He also pointed that due to its out-dated technology the company’s sale was dropped in China, which was the second biggest market for apple. He exampled that latest model of Apple iPhone SE which is built with low technical values, and the design was obsolete. The specifications of the smartphone are also not up to the mark when compared to other leading mobiles.

Jia stated that the former leader of the mobile industry should bring latest advancements in building its products. He opined that apple should rethink about the closed nature of its systems and lack of internet while designing. He added that due to the over dominance nature of the Firm, its products are lagging these days

In the late January, Apple announced their fourth quarter earnings which indicated the fall in sales of smartphones in China mostly in the Hong Kong region.

During the launch of new super electric Car LeSEE, he said that it would surely surpass Tesla’s Electric Car in all aspects. He pointed that Tesla is right, but LeSEE would be the best since they made the super-car on the idea of making the smartphone run on four wheels.

The CEO of LeEco started his career as a tech support worker went on to build his own IT and Mobile company now Worthing $4.8 million. He guessed that the next generation of the mobile internet would be more open and ecosystem oriented different from the existing one.

The LeSEE will be on display at Beijing Auto Show this week.