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Kick Day 2017: Quotes, Shayari, SMS for Facebook and Whatsapp

Kick Day 2017

Valentine’s Day week is over, and the persons who got the negative response from their crush are celebrating the Anti Valentine’s day Week. Happy Kick Day 2017 is the second day of anti valentine’s week followed by slap day. If you want to kick someone out of your life, just forward this Kick Day SMS to that persons.

Kick Day is celebrated on February 16th ever year around the world. Don’t misunderstand with the name; Kick day is not to kick someone, it is to kick all the worries, bad experiences and break the relationship with bad persons. To share your feeling about the kick day we have given Kick Day Quotes along with Kick Day Images on this page.

Kick Day Quotes

You can send your Kick Day Wishes to your friend and your ex. It’s fun to share Happy Kick Day 2017 messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. It’s better to show your feeling through Kick Day Images on this day.

Happy Slap Day Images, Funny SMS, Quotes, Shayari in Hindi

Whoever hurt you or teases with your feelings, kick him/her out of your life on this Kick Day. If it is not possible to kick them directly at least send this Kick Day Images and Happy Kick Day Shayari to them and made them regret by hurting you.

Singles are celebrating this day by sending the Kick Day Wishes to the persons who reject them. But don’t take it seriously; Kick day is only for fun and to satisfy our anger on that person by sending Kick Day SMS. Hope you enjoy this day with your ex, friends and cousins. Don’t send this kick day messages to your parents and boss because they will kick you out.

Happy Kick Day 2017

As we walk through our friendship at times,
You may not see me beside you!
Don’t think I have left you!
I choose to walk behind you
So I can kick you when you are wrong…
Happy Kick Day

Anti Valentine’s week 2017: Days Dates

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Happy Kick Day…

Kick Day SMS

Eyes: 2 Look At U
Hands: 2 Pray 4 U
Mind: 2 Remember U
Heart: 2 Miss U &
Legs: 2 Kick U
If U Ever Forget Me..!!!

Manzil Insan K Hausly Azmti Hay,
Spno K Pardy Aankho Sy Hataati Hay,
Kisi Bhi Baat Sy Himat Na Hrna,
Thokr Hi Insan Ko Chalana Sikhti Hay
Wish U .. Happy Kick Day..!!

Happy Kick Day Shayari

  • I don’t want people to kick me,I just want to get to a point where they can’t kick it. ~Michael J. Fox
  • Once kick the world,and the world and you will live together at a reasonably good understanding. ~Jonathan Swift
  • The older you get, the better you have to look, the higher you have to kick, the harder you have to work.
  • A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one.

This kick day ,
kick the butt of your problems
and move ahead….
Cause tensions and problem
have no rights to move along wid us.

Kick Day Images

As we walk through our friendship
at times, u may not see me.
“Dont think i’hve left u”.
I choose to walk behind u
so that i can kick u
if u forget me…

Wo Kick Jo Ek Ashiq Ko
Uski Mashooq K Bhai Se Lagti Hy,
Wo Kick Jo Ek Gool Matol
Football Ko Bari Zoor Se Lagti Hy,
Wo Kick Jo Khare Khare
Achanak Piche Se Gadha Mar Jaata Hy,
Wo Kick Jo Hum Gussay Mein
Kisi Cheez Ko Mar Beth’tey Hain…

Kick Day Wishes

Anti Valentine’s week 2017: Days Dates

Anti Valentine’s week 2017

Have you heard about Anti Valentine’s week?? After completing the love week, this anti valentine will begin. This week is for the people who got irritated by the Valentines week. This week especially dedicated for singles. Once check out the days in Anti Valentine’s week 2017. Here we have given complete Anti Valentine’s Day week list.

Anti valentines week is created by people for fun. Exactly 7 days before Valentine’s Day, valentine week will start. In this week we celebrate various days like the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy bear day, promise day, kiss day, hug day, valentine’s day. On Feb 14th we will say goodbye to this love week. The whole week is filled with love and romance.

Happy Slap Day Images, Funny SMS, Quotes, Shayari in Hindi

In our world, we have the majority of singles who are crying on this valentine’s week. So they created this anti valentine’s week for singles who are worrying about not having the partner. Here check out the list of Anti Valentine’s week 2017. Check out this Anti Valentine’s day schedule here

  • Feb 15- slap day
  • Feb 16- kick day
  • Feb 17- perfume day
  • Feb 18- flirting day
  • Feb 19- confession day
  • Feb 20- missing day
  • Feb 21- break up day

Slap day

This slap day is the first day of anti-Valentine’s Day. This day does not mean to slap others. It is supposed to slap your nasty and dirty relationships which is breaking your heart

slap day

Kick day

 It is the second day in the week. This is also same as slap day. This day meant to say, be strong in your relationship. Get rid of all unwanted relationships

Kick day

Perfume day

 Perfume means good fragrance. It will help you to stay better in your relationship. It is intended to spread your love like a good perfume

Perfume day

Flirting day

 This flirting is for singles who don’t believe in love. On this day singles and love failures can search for another option in their life

Flirting day

Confession day

 Confess our love to another person is very important. In every one life, we have a love story. On this day people can confess their love to loved ones

Confession day

Missing day

 This day is for one side lovers and love failures. We can’t forget our love very easily, every day we will die by missing them. So this day is dedicated to such true lovers

Missing day

Break up day

 Most of us have complicated relationships. We are losing ourselves by loving them. So such people can do breakup on this day

Break up day

Here check out Valentine’s Day week dates complete list here. If you are a single or love failure, then you can also participate in this Anti Valentine’s week 2017