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KDA tells bank employees to learn Kannada in six months or lose jobs

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The Karnataka Development Authority (KDA) published a notice to all regional heads of National, Grameen, and private banks to make it mandatory for all the bank employees to learn Kannada.

KDA chairman SG Siddaramaiah said we had given a period of six-months for all the bank employees to learn the Kannada language. If the employees fail to learn, they will lose their jobs.He also said that, in spite of repeated notices sent to the bank, they had not shown least interest regarding the issue.

Siddaramaiah said, “None of these banks pay attention to this matter. Most of the people in the state speak Kannada language only. We have to think about them. The fact that these banks have not respected the local language cannot be ignored as it may lead to conflicts in future. Banks have to take proper measures to ensure that their employees learn Kannada immediately,” Siddaramaiah said.

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The banks have also directed to set up Kannada learning centers with in the bank premises which the employees learn the language.The KDA chairman also stressed that banks should follow the three-language policy according to the RBI. Banks should ensure the employee knows the language while recruiting employees in Kannada. The KDA will conduct regular visits to supervise the progress.

Presently, banks have forms and challans in English and Hindi language. People should be able to fill the form in Kannada also ensuring the three language policy. It’s essential for Grameena banks to follow the rule became they cater to the rural population.Recently, KDA made Kannada subject compulsory for all schools, Graduates, and Post-Graduate students.

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