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Looking For Jobs In Your City: Here’s How You Can Find One!

Fresh graduates preparing to step into their first jobs and face the real world often find it difficult to choose the right location to begin their careers.

Many find it tough to decide whether they want to move to a small city with a low cost of living or shift to the dynamic metros where challenges are many but so are opportunities.

New graduates are often considered big risk-takers. They look for bigger rewards by opting for thickly populated cities where job opportunities galore and a lively social life awaits them.

Do you feel that you’re ready to apply for a coveted job in a big city? You should first be familiar with some essential factors, which we cover below.

What To Consider Before Moving To The City

Many youngsters are confused about their job search plans when they want to move to a new city. Before moving to a new city, you should keep the below points in mind.

Choose The City Wisely

With online job portals, candidates today have access to job opportunities in different locations across the country. However, you need to think about how the city can benefit you before applying for a position.

For example, the tech industry is booming in cities like Pune and Bangalore, whereas finance professionals may find better opportunities in New Delhi or Mumbai. You can easily find jobs in your city on Apna.co and other online apps in the comfort of your space.

Review Your Resources

How successfully you move to the city for your career depends on your available resources. If you have enough money, you can move to your desired location, settle down and start your job search.

Again, if you have a relative or a friend who can offer you food and accommodation, you can try the above method. Else, it is wise to start your job search much in advance.

Relocate Within Your Company

If you are already working, your organisation can help you relocate to the new city of your choice - in the current or an enhanced role. Check with your hiring manager for such opportunities.

Consider The Job Role

While it is easy to get recruited for lower-level positions, there are fewer openings in the mid-level and higher-level roles. Hence, you should plan your job search accordingly and be ready to begin a long-distance job search in advance.

How To Find A Job In The City

Here are a few tips that you may consider when you want to relocate to a new city and bag your dream job.

 1. Get Your Resume Ready And Keep It Up-To-Date

Getting your desired role in a new city may not always be easy. Take professional help to create an impressive resume highlighting all your skill sets, achievements and qualification. Keep a set of references handy and have an interview outfit ready.

2. Get A Local Address In The New City

Some employers are wary of considering out-of-town candidates, fearing the complication of logistics. As such, your chances of getting shortlisted are higher with a local address.

3. Tap Your Connections

Family, friends, professionals and college friends can provide valuable leads in your job search. Network with them and spread the word that you wish to move to your dream location and seek their assistance.

Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, college alumni networks, professional associations - all these can be tapped to help you with your job search.

4. Locate A Recruiter In The New City

If you’ve got some unique skills in a particular sector, seek out a recruiter working in your industry, in your new city of interest. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you may be the person they’ve been waiting for!

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Careers

A career switch allows you to create new and exciting goals for yourself. Often, a well-planned career move can fetch you great rewards in the form of a better lifestyle, work-life balance and improved career growth.

6. Sign Up For Job Alerts

You can save time if you sign-up for e-mail alerts on company websites, job listing sites, and also on mobile recruiting apps. You’ll be notified when new jobs matching your criteria are listed on these platforms.

With this, rest assured that you will be one of the first applicants for the role that you’re very keen on.

7. Look For Local Job Opportunities

While looking for local opportunities, there are plenty of ways to aim for positions within a particular radius of your preferred location. For instance, if you use Apna app to find jobs in Jaipur, you can try the advanced search options to locate nearby vacancies.

8. Download Relevant Apps

These days, mobile apps help candidates get hired quickly. Their interactive and easy-to-use interfaces help candidates crack their desired jobs in their dream cities in the least possible time.

These apps often allow interaction between the hirer and the candidate, and hence, you can communicate with them in real-time, even if you are in a different city.

9. Be Available For An Interview

While most companies have started using phone and video interviews to screen the candidates in the initial rounds, they still prefer face-to-face interaction in the final interview.

Thus, you may have to make yourself available at the desired location on short notice. Be prepared for travel and keep everything ready, including your certificates and travel expenses.

Also, when you bag a good job in your desired location, you can request your new hirer to permit you to avail a joining time, giving you enough flexibility to shift and settle down in the new city.

The Bottom-Line

When you are planning to shift to a new city for a job or better career opportunities, chances are high that you may face some challenges. With these handy tips, you can find jobs in the city of your choice without any trouble.

It is important to choose a suitable city that can boost your career growth. Although big cities promise salary growth and professional success, certain locations offer better opportunities for some industries. So, do weigh all the factors before making a decision!