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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Overtakes Warner Buffett to Become World’s Second Richest Person

In the recently released world’s richest person list, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has bagged the second place in the list. Jeff Bezos has recently added the $1.8 billion as Amazon. Inc stock raised to $18.32 the day after the e-commerce giant announced the plan to buy Dubai-based online retailer Souq.com.

Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $75.6 billion and $700 million which is more than the Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. According to the reports, this year Bezos has added $10.2 billion to his wealth $7 billion since the global equities rally began following the election of Donald Trump as US President.

In the year 2016, Amazon has announced that they would be upping its Indian investment up to $5 billion. As per the reports, Flipkart has pushed from the billionaire list due to the company faced multiple devaluations from the investors.

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Amazon has been in a fierce competition with Flipkart in India. Earlier, the company announced that it had raised about $1 billion funding round and the day after that, Amazon said that it is allocating $2 billion specifically for the Indian investment. As per the sources, Flipkart closed $1 billion round now and may raise $1 billion upon merging its operations with eBay India.

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Amazon Music Unlimited Music Streaming Service Introduced with Discounts for Prime Members

Rumors have been spinning across the internet, that Amazon has the plans to launch their standalone music streaming service. Now these rumors are worth believing and have been proven out.  Today company will announce the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited.

This new streaming service with on-demand will offers the access to tens of millions of songs. The service is made available for $7.99 per month for Prime members and $9.99 per month for non-Prime members.

Amazon also introduced “for Echo” subscription plan, this lets you listen only on the connected speakers at the price of $3.99 per month. This new plan Echo-only was confirmed by the reports from alternate sources, and this is the second service, aimed at owners of Amazon Echo hardware. This will help in differentiating the Amazon Music Unlimited from rivals.

Twitch will be Providing ad-free for all Amazon Prime Subscribers

Apart from this, there is another plan “Family subscription” for Amazon Music Unlimited. This is going to arrive in later this year. This allows up to six family members accessing simultaneously to Amazon Music Unlimited. The monthly fare for this plan is $14.99, and yearly it goes up to $149.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, and CEO says: “Amazon Music Unlimited brings real value to the millions of people who are already Prime members, with a choice of subscribing for only $7.99 a month or even $79 per year.

This service, Amazon Music Unlimited will be starting in the US, and made available to customers in UK, Germany and Austria this year.

Standalone Monthly Amazon Prime Video Service for $ 8.99

Amazon is now already offering the limited streaming music service to the prime members, which is commonly known for their free and two-day shipping service. Prime Music is cataloged with the few million tracks which will continue to operate with the essential changes.

As of now Amazon have never calculated the statistics like how many people were listening to Prime Music, nor how many prime members it has? But now the company says millions of members already streaming music through the limited Prime Music service each month.

According to the Stats, Spotify has 40 million paying members, and Apple Music has 17 million.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Becomes The World’s Third-Richest Man

The Founder and Chief Executive of the top e-commerce business Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos on Thursday became the World’s third richest man by unseating the billionaire Warren Buffet. Jeff Bezos aged 52 owns 18 percent of the Amazon’s shares. According to the Forbes magazine, it is for the first time Buffet, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway place is passed. Jeff was still at $200 million when the stock market closed on last Thursday, but soon after the opening on Friday he moved Buffet as his net worth jumped to $65.3 billion.

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder is still the world’s richest person, at $77.7 billion while Amancio Ortega, founder and owner of Zara clothing chain’s Inditex SA was at the second place with $72.7 billion. Facebook’s Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was at fifth place with $54 billion. Since early February, Amazon’s shares are raised by 50 percent which added $19.8 billion to the Bezos fortune. Amazon’s revenue beat analysts’ profit of the company was $857 million where it was $92 million in 2015.

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The company launched Prime services in India last month to boost its sales in the country’s consumer market. “It’s been a busy few months for Amazon around the world, and particularly in India - where we launched a new [Amazon Web Services] Region, introduced Prime with unlimited free shipping, and announced that Prime Video is coming soon, offering Prime members in India exclusive access to Amazon Original Series and Movies - including original content featuring top Indian creators and talent,” Mr Bezos stated.

Earlier in the month of March when Forbes published its 2016 Billionaires list, Bezos was at fifth place with a net worth of $45.2 billion. Back in 1998 four years after founding Amazon, Jeff for the first time appeared on the Forbes’ list of 400 richest Americans with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

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Warren Buffet aged 85 donations of $2.9 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and four family charities dropped his net worth to fourth place in the list. Since 2006 Buffet donated more than $24.3 billion to the Gates Foundation and family charities.

Amazon’s Alexa The Virtual Assistant Now Added With More Than 1000 Third Party Skills

Alexa is the Amazon’s popular Virtual Assistant; the Alexa became popular in the past six months. It now has more than 1000 skills than earlier.  Earlier Alexa was having only 100 skills when it was arrived now the third party skills are updated in the Alexa. The information regarding this update was mentioned by the Amazon on Friday.

With this skill, it will become the best cloud-based virtual assistant than earlier. Some of the features that included are Dominoes, Uber, Capital One, Fitbit, KAYAK, Smart Things, Haiku Home, Genady Okrain and Ken Westphalia.

The developers community is working hard for increasing the user experience. For example, if you want to order a pizza you can just say “Order the Pizza”, If you want to get a taxi all you have to say is “Call an Uber” with these easy and convenient process Amazon is looking forward to increasing the performance and user experience with the Alexa.

Leon Nicholls Made Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now and Apple Siri voice services talk too each other 

“Less than a year ago we released the Alexa Skills Kit, making it possible for any developer to create voice experiences for Alexa,” said Rob Pulciani, Director of Amazon Alexa

Amazon has included the update in the recent press release. Developers can also download and develop the skills that can work on that Alexa enabled devices. Amazon smart home API included with the Alexa Skill kit.

The capabilities of the Alexa has increased over time as it is gaining the popularity. This week that Alexa could end up becoming the fourth pillar of Amazon’s business, adding to Amazon Prime, its cloud business AWS, and its retail marketplace, said by the Amazon CEO and founder Jeff.


Jeff Bezos also said that more than 1,000 people were working on Alexa’s technology. But soon Amazon has to face the fierce competition from Google. Google will debut their Alexa and echo competitor which is Google Home in the month of May. Apple is also looking forward and working on the similar technology which works within the streaming devices like Apple TV, etc.

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