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IRCTC New App for Faster Rail Tickets Booking to be Launched Soon

IRCTC Rail connect App

Are you frustrated in booking Railway tickets through IRCTC? However, now onwards you might not worry about booking rail tickets. Yes, IRCTC new app named as IRCT Rail Connect will be launched by the Indian Railways which is equipped with new technology.

Through IRCTC Rail Connect App, you can book Rail Tickets much easier and faster than the existing portal. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will have added several features on the present site for faster booking of Rail tickets.

IRCTC to provide Online Ticket Booking Facility to Feature Phone Users

Senior Railway Ministry Official said, “The IRCTC will launch the new app in the name of IRCTC Rail Connect and through this passengers can get their tickets faster and easier without blocking or terminating. We hope this IRTC new App may solve booking issues and allow users to book tickets more quickly than the existing one.”

“IRCTC will officially unveil the new app IRCTC Rail Connect next week to supply to the growing demand of passengers to make ticketing app more user-friendly and faster.

FreeCharge ties up with IRCTC for Railway Ticket Bookings

IRCTC New Ticketing App will be based on next generation e-ticketing system. It can able to synchronize with the ticketing website also, which is missing in the current regime. In the new application, Passengers will continue to be able to search and book train tickets, check their existing reservations or cancel them, and get upcoming journey alert n the new application.

IRTC Rail Connect, the new app from IRCTC will hold the passenger’s details for the recently-booked tickets so that they no need to enter their booking details again and again.

Indian Railways Exclusive Offer on Vacant Berths in First-class Trains

indian railways offer on vacant berths

Indian Railways has come up with an exclusive offer for passengers those who travel in top-class trains. India’s biggest railway company Indian Railways has decided to sell empty berths in premium trains at a discount. The organisation has given 10% discount to the empty berths on top trains on the base fare of the last ticket sold for a particular class just before the preparation of the Chart.

This discount will also apply to the part of vacant berths in the train by Train Ticket Collectors. The 10% rebate on the vacant berths will be applicable from December 20 on all Top-class trains like Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi with the Flexi fare. According to the sources, the flexi fare is badly affecting occupancy, and several seats are left empty.

Rail Tickets, Petrol, Insurance to Cost Less in Big Digital Push: Jaitley

In the flexi fare system, the price of the last tickets sold goes out to be 50% costlier than the original cost. So, for booking of an empty berth, the passenger will have to pay only 40% more on the basic fare and other charges will remain the same.

The Indian Railways has also taken a few necessary steps to report the problem of vacant berths. It has minimised the ticket fares of two Shatabdi trains which are Chennai Central-Mysore and New Delhi-Ajmer.

The ticket rate from Chennai to Mysore can reduce to Rs 330 from Rs 440 and from Mysore to Chennai will minimise to Rs 300 from Rs 330.

TRAI Suggests Government to Allow Free Rural Internet and Removal of Convenience Fees on Digital Payments to Boost Cashless Economy

Coming to the New Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi, the ticket fare for Ajmer-Jaipur will be Rs 300 only. The railways have also reduced Tatkal Quota in flexi fare trains to 10% in every class.

Apart from these, Indian Railways the Vikalp scheme has also enlarged. Waiting list passengers will be placed on any train or class without being charged any extra money. The only thing passengers will have to do just put the option at the booking time.

IRCTC to provide Online Ticket Booking Facility to Feature Phone Users

irctc tickets on feature phone users

Good news for people those who are using featured phones and facing issues for IRCTC Online Ticket booking. Union Railway Minister today announced that IRCTC would soon release a product which is handy for feature phone users to book online tickets through IRCTC.

Currently, the online ticket booking of IRCTC is available for those who can access the Internet via Smartphones, desktop/laptop users. However, feature phone users have no option to book a railway ticket in online through their mobile. So, for those people, IRCTC has taken this decision.

IRCTC said No need to pay Online Ticket Booking fees Till 31st December

Non-Smartphone Users visit a railway counter to book tickets, and they are facing many troubles for reserving tickets. You know, still, 90% of the railway ticket booking counters didn’t accept credit/debit cards, and the liquid cash is the only option for the featured phone using people to book tickets..

The government of India is looking to make India as the cashless nation and to boost this move; Central Government has taken the decision to change important functionaries such as Indian Railways and India Post into fully digital mode.

Minister says, the scheme will be increased slowly and later more, and more counters would be enabled with PoS terminals for continuous cashless transactions.

IRCTC Announces Major Upgrades to all AC-III Tier Coaches

Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister, said, “Railway department already set up many Point of scale machines at many suburban stations for smooth operations for travelers in the city. We are also in the process of introducing e-wallets and promising payments through mobile applications. We will work hard to provide better ways to book online tickets for those who are not using smartphones.”

Railway Ticket Rates Would be personalized

For suppose, you have booked a corporal railway ticket lately; then you can have seen this message on the cards: “Indian Railways recovers only 57% of the cost of travel on an average”. A few weeks ago, the same message appeared on online tickets.

This is a distressed attempt by Indian Railways to create consciousness about their losses, which are mainly occurring due to the lobbying of railway rates. Even political observers will notice that the easiest way to reap more votes in rural surroundings is to declare decrease in rail ticket costs.

As per estimations, Indian Railways captivates Rs 30000 crore plus of losses every year and the strong reason for this is rail fares only. But finally, such politicization of railway ticket rates would end.

According to the latest reports, Indian Railways has put a tender before the cabinet, to set up Independent agency for observing rail fares. If the agency is approved, then the rail ticket fares can be taken care of professionally without any political influence.

The independent Agency to be named as ‘Railway Development Authority of India,’ the organization will have a chairman and four members who will standardize the rates based on the current market rates.

Indian Railways to go Cashless for Ticket Bookings

Indian Railways to go Cashless for Ticket Bookings

Indian Railways is likely to introduce digital ticket booking system across its offline counters as the government is encouraging every industry to go digital and ditch hard cash transactions. It is likely to tie up with the banks named State Bank of India and ICICI for providing a hassle-free payment gateway for the passengers by introducing PoS (Point of Scale) terminals.

As per the reports, Indian Railways are in talks with the SBI and ICICI banks and other leading banks for introducing 15,000 PoS machines for booking tickets at reservation counters. The officials are planning to implement this service by the end of 15th December 2016.

Up to now, Indian Railways didn’t provide the option to pay via card at ticket booking counters and users can book tickets digitally only at IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) website. Currently, the railways don’t provide any PoS service for credit and debit card payments.

IRCTC said No need to pay Online Ticket Booking fees Till 31st December

“Already we have been offering cashless ticketing options through the IRCTC website. More than 58 percent of the train accommodation board through e-ticketing. Since the remaining load is not too much, railways going cashless are viable,” said a Railway official.

In a bid to help the passengers instead standing in long queues and waiting for the ticket booking, Indian Railways has decided to allow passengers to book unreserved tickets at many railway stations. This mobile ticketing facility is now available at few cities namely Mumbai, Secunderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata.

“We have around 12,000 ticket counters. All of them would be equipped with one or more POS machines depending on the daily transactions. Managing cash is also an enormous task for our staff. It would be beneficial for them as well if we could have enough swipe machines,” a rail board official mentioned.

FreeCharge ties up with IRCTC for Railway Ticket Bookings

Initially, this digital cashless ticketing is going to introduce in urban areas, and it would be done phase wise throughout the country. “In places like Mumbai, where there’s a massive sale of monthly passes, we would have POS machines installed immediately. SBI has promised to provide 1,000 machines,” said by the official.

Now Aadhar Card is Not Mandatory for Using Government Services, Says Government

Aadhar Card is Not Mandatory for Accessing Government Services

Central Government today has come up with some clarity on the usage of Aadhar Card. Since last few months, confusion is building up upon the usage of Aadhar card for accessing government benefits and subsidies. Now, Government has clarified that Aadhar card is not mandatory to gain access to Government services.

In reply to a question in Lok Sabha, State for IT and Electronics Minister P Chaudhary informed that Aadhar Card is now optional for Indian citizens and lacking of Aadhar card cannot be a basis for rejecting any benefits or subsidies for anyone.

Minister Chaudhary said, “Section 7 of the Aadhar Act offers that if an Aadhar number is not assigned to an individual, the person will be offered alternate and viable means of identification for the delivery of subsidy, benefit or service.”

On October 15, 2015, Supreme Court had ordered that Aadhar card usage should not be extended other than kerosene, LPG subsidy and PDS scheme. Later, it was extended to include MGNREGS, National Social Assistance Programme Pensions, Jan Dhan Yojana accounts and (EPFO) Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

However in this year September, confusions had raised on the usage of Aadhar. The government passed the Aadhar Bill as a money bill to give it a legal backing. After this, Government got sufficient control to force Aadhar on every Indian citizen and Government scheme.

Within a few days, Supreme Court had to interfere, and re-state that Aadhar is only a voluntary form of identification and nothing more.

Recently, Aadhar card becomes a mandate for booking railway tickets in IRCTC, to start a new business and even to buy smartphone handsets Aadhar is required.

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