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Foxconn Rumored to be Examining Glass Phone Enclosures for 2017 iPhone

Glass Casing

Foxconn, the Apple manufacturing partner, is reportedly looking into all-glass enclosures for its mobile devices in future. Renewing the earlier rumours listing that Glass Casing with a new design and compound of to be released iPhone in 2017.

While there is no clue about the specifics of the process, sources confirmed that developments were stating that “Foxconn has been trying glass chassis (Glass Casing) since last year.”

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Foxconn is the primary manufacturer of the aluminium casing for Apple and is not a glass supplier. While sources say that, future orders of the all-glass case may be placed with Foxconn from other vendors if it develops successfully.

Rumours stating that iPhone 2017 model sports all-glass enclosure to stand unique among competitors with a 10-year anniversary model of iPhone. While the aluminium case weighs less than glass one, The difference in the weight is expected to be set-off by adding AMOLED display.

Apple is Planning to Launch Wireless Earbuds in September

iPhone 4 family was criticised to be the first to providing front and back glass panels. But the phone would collect only incredibly minor scratches with ordinary care and handling. The company ultimately tossed out the lawsuits over the durability of the glass.

iPhone 4 and 4S features a second revision of Gorilla Glass, where iPhone 6 family sport a Gorilla Glass 4. The changes in the formula of the glass provided made the glass more scratch resistance and further impact protection.

The fifth repetition of the Gorilla Glass was announced and is present on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, expecting a wider release later in the year.

Apple is Planning to Launch Wireless Earbuds in September

wireless earbuds

Apple is planning to launch a pair of wireless earbuds packed with the extended battery life, says the sources. According to the reports, the most reliable time for unveiling the new product is in September as Apple already preparing to showcase their new generation iPhones at the beginning of the month.

Rumors have surfaced for some time that the latest generation iPhones will ignore the 3.5mm headphone jack. These wireless earbuds are yet to receive a name which has been in the development phase for few years’ sources cited by the Forbes.

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The major challenge manufacturers are facing is when crafting the wireless earbuds is the same with all the wearable devices: battery capacity. Reports say that recently Apple will employ technology from the Pass if Semiconductor which is great in the power efficient chipsets which Apple bought three years ago.

Wireless earbuds

This is little surprise that Apple is building a set of Bluetooth-capable headphones and on the other hand all the major tech companies are designing the side projects which may or may not reach the market or get embedded into the main products of the enterprise.  Whatever Apple is using the in-house technology for developing the new device which is entirely plausible.

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Apple usually tries to buy the advanced components from the best quality suppliers like Qualcomm. When the thing are not going properly from the outside the enterprise, then Apple assigns its resources to work and asks their engineering team to build the components.

When we think about the wireless earbuds, Apple already dipped into this product class earlier. Apple already has a lot of experience and know how to cramming the wireless audio technology in the little designs. The beats models which are massively popular and the iPhone Bluetooth headsets are such examples.

“If the headphone jack is removed, we estimate that shift to Bluetooth to become more accelerated,” says Ben Arnold, an analyst with NPD.

Microsoft Pix The latest iOS camera application which enhances Point. Shoot. Perfect.

Microsoft Pix The latest iOS camera application

Microsoft wants to replace the camera application on your iPhone. The latest application has been developed and released on Apple App Store by Microsoft. To install Microsoft Pix, the Apple devices required to run the iOS 9.0 or later. This is compatible with the iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

With the Microsoft Pix, you can take the better photos without extra effort. This application has the serious intelligence behind the lens, and it can automatically pull the settings for each image and quickly enhances your photos. This helps people and makes the scenes look best and great.

Enjoy every moment instead of struggling to capture it. With the Microsoft Pix, you can Point. Shoot. Perfect. Enjoy every shot you shoot with the Microsoft Pix.

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Microsoft Pix has many features like selecting the best image automatically from the multiple images captured, and this app keeps the best and deletes the rest of images. Microsoft Pix uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving and enhancing your photos. With the pre-photo settings and the post photo enhancements are adjusted automatically, so the people in it look their best.

One more stunning feature in the Microsoft Pix is ‘live images’, with this you can relive your favourite memories with the moving images.


The Image Auto-Enhance is one of the options available in this application; this uses the data from the discarded burst frames for enhances each best image by improving the exposure and the colour. It even reduces the noise and blur the pictures automatically.

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You can notice more features like Smart settings, Hyper-lapse, Auto-sync, Easy sharing, Best Images, Best moment, Live Image, Face recognition and the best moment. With one single application, you can get all these features in the Microsoft Pix.

“If you see it happen, and you aren’t already taking pictures, it’s too late, you missed the shot,” said Josh Weisberg, a Microsoft researcher and former team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks. Click here to get the Microsoft Pix iOS application.

                            ” Microsoft Pix- Point. Shoot. Perfect.”

Apple Celebrates Sale of One Billion iPhones

Apple Announced The Sale Of One Billionth iPhone

Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple on Wednesday announced that the company has recently sold its billionth iPhone. The announcement was made at an employee meeting held in Cupertino, California. “iPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history. It’s become more than a constant companion. iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day,” stated Cook in a statement.

“Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone. We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day,” added Tim.

Tim Cook says Apple stores will opens in India soon. iPhones Sales were increased by 51%

Since its first release in the year 2007, iPhone has become the superior in the world which is a dominant source of revenue to the company. Reportedly, half of the billion sales have come in past two years. A day after the release of quarterly earnings Apple made this announcement, and the share’s jumped 6.5 percent to $103. According to few reports from analysts, Apple sold 40 million iPhones during the spring which boosted the total sale to 988 million by the end of the June.

Apple’s other products like iPad, Macs and iPhones are also among the top selling products of the company, but they are sold less than iPhones. In November 2014, Apple had sold one billion iOS which include a combination of iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. And earlier in the month of January this year Apple claimed that there are 1 billion devices in use throughout of the world. Reports say that Apple will sell its 2 billionth iPhone by twenty-twenty.

Tim Cook says Apple stores will opens in India soon. iPhones Sales were increased by 51%

iPhones Sales were increased by 51%

Recently Apple has announced the Q3 results with the company’s revenue raising to $42 billion on Tuesday. During this earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple is looking forward to opening the retail store in India.

There is a discussion about the Apple stores coming to India for some time now in the Tim Cook’s recent visit to India in May 2016 which raised the hopes that the company will soon bring the branded stores to the country.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook also said about how India has seen how it fastens and doubles the digital growth when it comes to the iPhones and he also had a word regarding the visit to India in May.  Tim says “India is now one of our fastest growing markets. In the first three quarters of this fiscal year, our iPhone sales in India were up 51 % year-on-year.”

On this occasion, he also said, for supporting the Indian developers, Apple mentioned that the new design and the development center was launched in Bengaluru, India. Apart from this, one new office for the Apple maps development in Hyderabad, India.

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But there is no doubt that there is generating the high interest is the one around the Apple retail stores in India. “We are looking forward to opening retail stores in India down the road, and we see tremendous potential for that vibrant country,” said the Apple CEO.

Apple is going to celebrate the 10 years anniversary next year, before that the company has added one more achievement. Apple has sold its Billionth iPhone in July, with this company has added one more achievement in the existing ones. Company’s CEO Tim Cook said at an employee meeting that Apple has recently sold the billionth iPhone.

The statistics regarding the sales of the Apple iPhones are pretty impressive. This company already has many milestones indeed every company wants to touch. According to the reports, the company hits the mark of 500 million in March 2014 on selling iPhones. Soon after, it just took only two years to reach another 500 million for reaching the milestone. This is definitely the great achievement and remarkable for any company.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Launches Globally on September 16 Says reports

Apple has started selling the first ever iPhone in the year 2007 and it is unveiled by Steve Jobs. The first company’s goal 10 million mark which is accomplished by 2008.