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Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Prices Slashed in India

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Price Dropped Slightly with the Launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus

Apple is all set to launch their seventh generation iPhones, i.e., iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India on 7th October. Weeks ahead of their launch, Apple iPhone is slashing the prices of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at Rs. 22,000 and iPhone SE by Rs. 5000.

This might be good news for most of the Indians, but as compared to the devices that are already overpriced in India. Though the prices slashed, the cost of these older iPhones is higher than the cost of iPhone launch price in the US in the year 2015.

iPhone 7 Preorders Begin on Iworld and Unicorn in India

Apple not only announced the brand new iPhone 7 but also given the updates to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models. According to the reports, the 128GB iPhone 6S model is now available at Rs. 60,000 to the actual price of Rs. 82,000 and 128GB iPhone 6S Plus is available for Rs. 70,000 to the launch price of Rs. 92,000.

The iPhone SE 64GB model has launched with the price of Rs. 49,000 and now the price crashed to Rs. 44,000. Each of the slashed prices will go live across all the stores and e-commerce websites eventually.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus mobiles launched in India at Rs, 62000 and Rs. 72000 respectively in last year, October.  Apple is entirely ditching the 16GB and 64GB iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smartphones.

Apple iOS 10, TV OS10 and Watchos 3 has Updated Features Lure The Users

These mobiles are available only in 32GB and 128GB storage options from next month. The new announcement made due to the arrival of all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus smartphones starting at Rs. 60,000.

Apple iPhone Price

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Pricing

Product Name ROM Price
Apple iPhone 7 32 GB Rs. 60,000
Apple iPhone 7 128 GB Rs. 70,000
Apple iPhone 7 256 GB Rs. 80,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB Rs. 72,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB Rs. 82,000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Rs. 92,000

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus is going to feature with latest operating system and with new existing features like smarter SIRI, new UI, improved camera quality and ultra-fast processor.

Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE Pricing

Product Name ROM Price
iPhone 6S 32 GB Rs. 50,000
iPhone 6S 128 GB Rs. 60,000
iPhone 6S Plus 32 GB Rs. 60,000
iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB Rs. 70,000
iPhone SE 32 GB Rs. 39,000
iPhone SE 64 GB Rs. 44,000

Apple iOS 10, TVOS 10 and Watchos 3 has Updated Features Lure The Users

Apple iOS 10
New Gadgets, New OS from Apple iOS 10 hail the Gadget Market Globally

Apple iOS 10 for iPhones and Televisions have been released. OS3 has released for Smart watches. In this article, we bring you the latest information on how to download them and use them. Updated version has a bunch of new apps.

Messages are now made more effective (invisible ink, gently, loudly, or slam), expressive. iMessage Apps, Handwritten, full screen, quick replies, digital messages (sketches, taps, heartbeats, etc.), new emoji effects, share and collaborate with friends, downloading options (stickers, photos, text bubbles).

Siri also got updated with its types of apps for sending, searching (images and photos), reading the text messages, Ride bookings, making payments, Fitness, and an automaker. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) will now available for Phone calls making.

New looking Maps will be available from now to guide the routes, marking appointments in a calendar. Face cam detection feature in iPhone will be used for grouping photos and videos. Easy sharing app will make friends, family members happier when compared to the past.

Security apps made more versatile now. One can share family and friends home access. Remote accessibility made so easy that Apple TV and iPad gadgets can be interconnected. Apple News is also available for the users on fingertips.

Now, iCloud Drive supports Desktop saved Documents and folders from macOS. With Apple’s Smart watches, watch faces, navigation and control music. Maps using Siri can be used in watches too. Wheelchair use is an additional feature that has been added.

TVs OS10 also has almost the same functions that are carried out in Siri. Remote keyboard for TV is something that is cherishable. With the help of a room kit of Apple, the individuals can have the controls in the room like switching off lights and fans, etc.

Suffers of iPhone6 sued over Apple ‘Touch Disease’ malfunction

Touch Disease

A case was filed against Apple earlier back last week in the Northern District of California. Known as Touch Disease, users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus filed a lawsuit against Apple over the display issue of Apple iPhone. The case tabled by the customers alleges that the company is aware of the existence of the problem and is refusing to fix the affected devices. The users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus accuses Apple of the fraud.

Rumor: Apple to Eliminate Home Button in 2017 and iPhone 7 Release Date is 16 September

Owners of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus say a defect in the design is the reason behind phone’s unresponsive display screens and making them unusable. According to the reports, users proposed a national wide class-action lawsuit late last week. A flickering Gray bar appears at the top of the touch screens, and users argue Apple is aware of the defect but has refused to fix it.

Apple did not use a metal shield or underfill to safeguard the relevant parts like as on the versions of iPhone 5. It is reported that plaintiffs linked the problem to the absence of the underfill. The complaint filed in federal court in San Jose, California says, “The iPhones are not fit for the purpose of use of smartphones because of the touchscreen defect.” Todd Cleary of California, Thomas Davidson of Pennsylvania, Jun Bai of Delaware are the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which accuses Apple of the fraud and violating consumer protection laws of California. They seek unspecified damages.

Apple devices are failing more than Android Smartphones: Study

iFixit was the first to describe online about the Problems with iPhone 6 touchscreens last week and named the issue “Touch Disease.” Apple sells repair parts and has analyzed other products previously. It is reported that this California-based tech giant has sold 166.4 million iPhones and producing net sales of $108.5 billion in the present financial year, summing three-quarters.

The case is Davidson et al. v. Apple Inc, US District Court, Northern District of California, No. 16-04942.

HTC plans to announce new One A9s at IFA 2016: Rumours


HTC has reportedly revealed a new successor to the HTC One A9 on September 1st, at IFA 2016 at Berlin, Germany. As you know that the new phone always sounds exciting, and now this new HTC smartphone gives few clues from the certain competitor which is something the elder One A9 has done too.

This new phone is supposed to looking and noticeable similarly to the iPhone 6S, but it is called to be as HTC One A9s. Here it resembles the Apple Phones by adding the ‘S’ to the mid-range smartphones says the trusted leaker Evan Blass who is the reporter at the Venture Beats.

HTC Plans to Release Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle Smartphones in September

Apart from this, the leaked image of the HTC One A9s shows the Chassis virtually identical to the original One A9 which saved the more like iPhone like the placement of the camera and the sensors on the front and rear of the smartphone.

Sources mentioned that the Camera’s resolution is reported to be 13 megapixels for the primary camera with the LED Flash and five megapixels in the front-facing camera. This might arrive in the two variants, 2GB RAM with 16GB of the internal storage and another one with 3GB RAM with 32GB of the onboard storage.

Rumor: Apple to Eliminate Home Button in 2017 and iPhone 7 Release Date is 7 September

One more interesting thing to be noticed is that the image shows the lock screen dated on October 14, so we can expect the arrival of the fall release. With only a few days before the IFA and the users have the great hopes that HTC will offer the details in the prior time for the big show. Also, note that we hope that Apple won’t rush to the convention hall with the notices.

So do you guys have the plan to upgrade your smartphone? Leave the opinions and comments below.

Rumor: Apple to Eliminate Home Button in 2017 and iPhone 7 Release Date is 16 September

iPhone Rumour

iPhone Rumour: The traditional iPhone’s home button isn’t long for this world. Apple is again rumoured to be on track to remove the iconic physical home button to its featured 2017 iPhone. iPhone Rumour has become key to every iPhone and iPad, instead of the button, fingerprint sensors would be built into the screen to allow the firms Touch ID system to work.

Apple was reportedly working on a significant redesign of the iPhone for the 2017 model that will not include a home button as per the reports by Bloomberg. Removing the home button would be a crucial move for Apple to focus more on technologies like Touch ID and Apple Pay.

Apple devices are failing more than Android Smartphones: Study

It is internally developing Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions for its iPhone’s, according to the sources of Taiwan’s IC design industry. And they have come with the integrated fingerprint sensors.

Next year’s model is expected to represent a significant redesign of iPhone which may be called the iPhone 8, will feature edge-to-edge flexible OLED display, top and bottom bezels. It also features fingerprint sensors and front-facing camera.

The iPhone display may also feature edges that curved on both sides which are similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and also rumoured to have a glass body. It put a stop by moving away from the aluminium that has used for the previous iPhones since iPhone 5.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies team up against Anti-Robocall Strike Force

The featured model reportedly coming in 2017 will mark the ten years since the original iPhone launched in 2007.

The upcoming iPhone 7 will arrive with the 5.5-inch size with Apple 10 as the chipset and grouped with 2GB RAM. The rear camera of iPhone 7 upgraded with OIS (Optimal Image Stabilization) of 12MP camera.

Apple iPhone 7 is going to launch on 16th September 2016 along with two more models iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. The Pre-order sales are expected to start from 9th September 2016, so iPhone lovers get ready to grab the latest model of iPhone.