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Facebook to Remove the Notify App from the App store and No Longer Supported

facebook notify

Notify is the notification application from the Facebook. This app was released in the month of November 2015 which is seven months ago. This application is available only for the IOS users at the App store. Facebook decided to shut down the service for the Notify app and removed this application from the App store.

Notifications are the primary sources for the people who want to know what they want. Facebook has introduced this application and made easy to get the notifications from the popular and top sites.  Each day more than 80 partners use this application for sending the top stories in the day.

facebook to shutdown notify app

The users who had already installed the Notify Application pushed with the notification saying “Thanks for using Notify. We’re Transitioning parts of Notify into other Facebook products, and the app will no longer be supported.”

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Facebook is integrating the Notify service in the other Facebook products like a messenger. Messenger has the large user data base, and this will bring the readers to the news sites than Notify ever did. Messenger is directed with the rumours that it is already experimenting with the chatbots and the new notification technology will influence that effort did by the Notify.

Since, after the launch of the Notify Application Facebook has learned many things how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible. Facebook collected the feedback from many people that Notify has helped them to get informed about the things they required throughout the entire day.

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With more than 900 Million users on the Facebook Messenger each month, this is going to be the best platform for the publishers to reach the people through the messenger. They can share and update the real-time things that are happening around quickly from their favourite sources.

Now iOS users can Utilise ‘Find your Phone’ Google Service

Find your Phone

Google rolls out their “Find your Phone” service for the IOS users. As of now this update is available for the Android users only. This feature is available for the Apple devices for iPads and iPhones.

Google has the ‘Find Your Phone’ service; this feature is helpful to identify your device when it is stolen or lost. To view this feature, the user has to login to their Google account and navigate to the My Account section. Under this, you can able to notice the ‘Find your Phone’ option. If any user lost or stolen the device, then he can perform some operations to save the device.

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The user can identify the exact location of the device and can able to lock the device remotely. The user can give a ring to his device for the identification. When the user gives the ring to his device, the ring will appear on the screen with the high volume. If you want to erase or wipe out your data on the phone, you can able to execute it from the same section.

This Find and Lock the device feature is not available for the iPhone users earlier, and the iPhone users have to navigate to the iCloud website, and they have to utilise the services in the Apple’s iCloud site. With the latest update from the Google, the tools to find the lost phone are helpful, and the user can sign out of his Google account remotely.

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Google’s My account page is launched last year separately for accessing all the security and sign in features. The privacy settings and other security options can be enabled from this account. The more settings like Ad settings, privacy settings, profile settings, Accessibility, connected devices and apps, security check ups and more were included in the Google’s My Account page.

Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung had launched the Samsung Pay mobile application. Samsung Pay app let the user store all his card details in the wallet very securely. It acts as a digital wallet. This Application allows the users to pay the bill without your card at the billing desk. At the end of 2015, Samsung has released Samsung Pay application, and this hasn’t created the huge impact since it is only available for the Samsung phone owners. Finally, Samsung has decided to release the Samsung Pay Mini Application, which is provided on the third party Android and IOS devices.

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Soon the Samsung Pay Mini is provided for the Android smartphones and Samsung phones along with the IOS devices. Samsung wants to increase the user base in using the Samsung Pay Mini app, so Samsung is planning to release for Android and IOS devices.

How to use the Samsung Pay Mini?

Open the Samsung Pay Mini Application authorise with your fingerprint or with the secure pin. To make the payment just place the device close to the swiping machine where you make the payment. Tap your card when you place the device near the terminal. You are done with the payment. NFC technology is used as the connection between the device and the terminal.

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Currently, the Samsung Pay is available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note5. Only a few cards are compatible with the Samsung pay.

The Samsung Pay Mini Application will work on the Android devices that run Android Marshmallow (v6.0) and the Apple devices running with the IOS8 is compatible to run this application. Samsung might release the app in the month of June, and it is also planning for the application to release the payment version of the application for Windows and OS X platforms.

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AmpMe Connects Android and iOS Devices to Play the Same Music on Multiple Devices


AmpMe is the Application, which lets you connect with your friends and create a portable sound system. No matter which device you are using, either Android or IOS this application allows you to connect any devices irrespective of the operating system.  AmpMe creates the massive, multi-speaker setup using just one phone in your pocket. Play the music on your phone and the music is perfectly sync across the multiple devices to create one massive sound system. So Party is ON everywhere and anywhere.

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This App is developed by the AmpMe Inc. Install the AmpMe Application from the Google Play store for the Android Users and Apple App store for the IOS users. After Installation connect with your friends and then sync the music. Yay! You are ready to party. You can also join a friend using the AmpMe application. The host can able to search for their best and favourite music on the phone. Once the music is on, friends can join the party. After joining the party, syncing starts automatically with your friends and their devices becomes speakers. This is compatible with the smartphones and tablets.

AmpMe raised $10 million series a funding and these funding were led by Relay Ventures. This funding includes different ventures like Investissement Quebec, Slaight Capital, OMERS Ventures, Anges Quebec Capital, and Real Ventures.

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“We’ve overwhelmingly positive about the future of AmpMe and our investors share our enthusiasm in wanting to help AmpMe become the most portable sound system in the world,” said CEO Marin-Luc Archambault.

AmpMe launched eight months ago with only fewer options. In the future updates, the application included with the third party applications access like YouTube, Soundcloud. Now users can have the vast collection of music from these resources and can play the desired music or video. AmpMe hits more than 2 million downloads.

iPhone Users can Now Enjoy YouTube VR Videos with Google Cardboard

youtube vr videos for iOS

YouTube app for iOS received VR update which allows iPhone users to enjoy YouTube’s VR Videos with Google Cardboard and any other Virtual reality headsets. Users can view these VR Videos by downloading the latest version of the YouTube app from the App store and they can also watch 360 degree videos with just a click on the cardboard icon in the video.

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Android users received full support for cardboard in November, 2015. And now after a long wait iOS users are finally allowed to completely make use of the Goggle cardboard.  Apple in the recent past said that it is working on its own VR technology and it has reportedly placed a team of VR and AR experts. The first Apple VR headset was the Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter pack, priced at $29.95 and it was found in Apple stores back in the month of February.

Steps to activate the cardboard mode for an alluring experience of 360 degree videos:

  • Download the latest Version v11.18 YouTube app for iOS
  • Open the App and start playing a video of your choice.
  • If it’s a normal video, click on the “more” icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Cardboard icon and insert the compatible device iPhone to the Google VR headset or any other VR headset.

Now, you can enjoy the videos in the cardboard mode for an immersive 360⁰ experience.

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Rumors continue on Google launching a new Android VR platform later in this week. So with this update for iOS, it is clear that the cardboard platform continues as the company’s mobile VR device.

Well, the latest YouTube app version v11.18 for iOS is version weighs 52.7 MB. The very important point over here is users should keep in mind that this update does not magically turn the regular YouTube videos into 360 degree videos in the cardboard mode. Users can experience great 360 degree videos with cardboard mode than in the “magic window” mode.