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Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool

After WhatsApp, its Facebook’s turn to add encryption option available to its Messenger Application. The increase of people’s concern about the security of their messages made the social networking platform to include the privacy option.

The latest feature would be available in the messenger app after an update which would be released soon. This option allows users to encrypt their messages in the Facebook Messenger.

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The end-to-end encryption testing had started today with a limited number of testers. The so-called “secret conversations” would make messages visible only to the sender and receiver, and no one else can access them. Even the government agencies and Facebook cannot scoop into those chats. This feature also disables Messenger’s chatbot and other payment services too.

Facebook is thinking of launching this new feature for several months and finally took a decision today. By this step, they clearly make a statement that their user’s privacy is most important than any other things.

As of now, the new Secret conversation option will only be available to messenger applications on iOS and Android.Users using Facebook chat, Messenger.com, or the desktop Messenger can’t access this feature. Facebook Inc may avail this option to all others shortly.

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The new mode in Facebook Messenger has the option to secure messages even when the device is stolen or lost. The latest option of setting an expiry date for a message would make it invisible forever. On reaching the expiry date messages would be self-destructed and vanishes permanently.

David Marcus, Vice president of messaging products, Facebook said that “We wanted to make Messenger your primary messaging platform, and while we currently were already using a lot of security to ensure that your messages are safe and confidential, we felt that we needed to go one more extra step with this new mode,”.

“The combination of end-to-end encryption and a message countdown clock will actually empower people to have any conversation they want to on Messenger,” he concluded.

The protocol used by the “Secret Conversations “is created by non-profit Open Whisper Systems. It works on a ‘lock’ system to which only sender/receiver of the conversation or group chat will have the distinct ‘key’ to access.

 Instagram to add Translate button in coming month!

Instagram to add Translate button

Instagram is the one of the largest social community which is growing faster. Instagram is going to release the new update in the coming month regarding the Language update. The translation button is going to be available in the future update of the Instagram. This popular community is growing globally that never and ever imagined.

With this update, the users can able to understand any languages with the translations at the new feed stories and the profile bio. This is a great move by the Instagram team; this helps to understand the foreign languages from your own. After the release of this feature, soon everyone is going to know the full story of the moment, no matter what language you post.

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The comments and the Captions seen in the feeds or bio are automatically translated based on the language settings of the person who had made in their profile. If the language settings are yet done, then the user will able to see the button called “See Translation” near the text. Just with the single tap on the given button, you can view the translated context.

Instagram has posted an image regarding this in their community on 22 June 2016. You can check the help.instagram.com for the further details regarding this news. The complete details regarding the translation are provided to the Instagram Help Center.

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They also had another word on this, If Instagram could not detect or doesn’t translate any language, and then you have to update the settings in the Language Settings in your profile. The users have to notice that translations might not show up for the older posts and comments.

Steps to enable the Language settings in the Instagram Application


Open your phone or tablet’s Settings

Tap Language and Input > Language

Choose the language you’d like to use


Tap Settings icon to open your phone or tablet’s settings

Tap General > International > Language

Choose the language you’d like to use

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Windows Phone

Press Start which is the middle button at the bottom of your phone

Swipe left

Scroll down and then tap Settings

Tap Language + Region > Phone language

Choose the language you’d like to use

‘Uninstalling the Apps’ Feature goes LIVE in iOS 10 Beta

iOS 10 to uninstall never used app

The days are coming for uninstalling the default or built-in applications which may rarely use or unused. If these applications are no longer needed, they can’t be deleted, but you have to know about the IOS 10, you can remove these irksome applications, this will add up some space which had occupied from a long time.

Once you can get the update of the IOS 10, you can perform these operations. There is no rocket science in performing this task, just make a long press on the icons and let the icons dance. Then tap the X button on the icon or the application which you want to uninstall.  Here is the list of few applications that you can remove the built-in applications.

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The Built-in Apps, which can be removed from the home screen.‘Uninstalling the Apps’ Feature goes LIVE in iOS 10The users can remove the applications and the related information or the associated files. With this, the few things like system related information on the Apple watch may get affected. These apps are built into the IOS, which are designed to be space efficient which all together consumes less than 150MB.

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Things to do for restoring the removed/deleted apps

Navigate to the App Store and search for the required app, just tap the download for restoring the application to your phone.

Wait till the download completes and starts the installation process. So it will be opened on the Home Screen.

A Special Case that can transform iPhone into Android  

iPhone into Android

Gadget lovers always want to change their smartphones in seeking advanced features. Some love sticking to one particular brand and shows their loyalty. Many of the iPhone users want to enjoy the features of Android on their IOS device, which is impossible but not now. All you need is a unique 3D-printed iPhone case to make it work.

Nick Lee, CTO at Tendigi had developed an excellent case for having Android on Apple’s iPhone. He’s famous for putting different & weird operating systems on Apple devices. One of such is the installation of Windows 95 on an Apple Watch which made him famous.

He has been working on the project of getting Android on IOS and revealed the specially designed iPhone case. Although the project is not practically proved for using in reality, the concept is interesting.

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Lee has created a 3D printed iPhone case with a Lemaker HiKey board inside. It has a battery pack as well as some other hardware that supports Android version. The case is connected by a small plug into iPhone’s Lightning port which turns it into a touch display. The iPhone can show the Android OS, which was powered by the hardware in the case.

During the initial stages of developing the case was quite bulky, and looks much like a brick. Later on, he has cut its size by slimming the design and makes it to the scale of a standard smartphone case. Lee crafted the case with openings for HDMI, USB ports and an SD card slot. A thin and light sheet of the plastic cover has been placed on the hardware components of putting the phone on the top.

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Just connect the iPhone to the case by just plugging it into the phone. Open the Tendigi iOS application and it loads the custom Android version on iPhone’s display. It would work just like the Android smartphone.Though it may have some flaws but the idea and motive behind the Special 3D case was appreciable.

Cortana Enters on Android Phones Through Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft band 2

Cortana is now available for the Android users with the help of the latest update released. Microsoft Band 2 now supports the Cortana for the Android Users with the help of their most recent update for the Microsoft Health Application. Initially, this voice assistant feature is available for only the Windows family users. The company has restricted and not released the Cortana feature for other platforms.

The Microsoft Health App is available on the Google Play store and with the recent update to this app had added the additional features.  As per the description mentioned in the Play store.

“Cortana is now available on the Android platform. With the Cortana on your band, you can access your assistant notifications of important events, notifications without reaching on your phone. Just speak to the mic on the band and the Cortana with taking the rest of actions.”


The application is available for the IOS users on the Apple App store. The users will need to install the Cortana on their Android smartphones to use this feature with the band. This Microsoft Health App is limited only to the US only.

Microsoft Health app works on the different platforms like Windows, Android and IOS platforms. To run the Microsoft Health app the devices has some specific requirements for the Windows, it requires 8.1 or later, for IOS it requires 8.0.2 or later and the Android will support if the device has Android 4.3 or later versions or later phones with the Bluetooth.

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Apart from this with the help of this band you can stay connected with email, text, calendar, call alerts, and social updates. This Microsoft Health App lets you map your run or ride with the help of GPS and follow the exercise prompts with the guided workouts right on your band.

This Microsoft Band 2 is priced with $249.99 when it was launched, and the current price of the band and retailing the US is at $174.99.