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Facebook Tells Businesses It Has No Choice But to Comply with Upcoming App Tracking Transparency Feature in iOS 14

As of now, Facebook is in a panic situation about the upcoming privacy changes in iOS 14. Today, the company has sent some of the new emails to different businesses indicating them that it has no choice but to comply with iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency feature. If not, Apple could move out the social media giant Facebook from its App Store completely.

iMore firstly reported that Facebook has till now sent a different round of emails to businesses where it has been informing them that while it disagrees with the planned changes according to Apple, there is no other choice than following it. For App Tracking Transparency feature, Facebook says that it requires apps to obtain consent from users before tracking them across other websites. It is having “hard hitting implications across targeting, optimization, and even measuring campaign effectiveness.”

“Personalized ads and user privacy can co-exist,” believes the company, which is also a claim Apple has made. However, both the companies have clearly different versions of what constitutes about user privacy.

All apps, which are there in the App Store, show a prompt to iOS 14 users in accordance with their App Tracking Transparency framework. This will surely have a hard-hitting implication across targeting and measuring along with optimizing effectiveness for businesses that advertise on such mobile devices and of course across the web.

Facebook is informing several businesses through email that it has no other choice than showing the prompt seen at the top of this story. If not, Facebook tells several businesses that it believes Apple could block Facebook and other apps from the App Store completely.

If users will opt out of tracking, there could be a reduction in “ad effectiveness and limitations on measurements.”

This is not the very first time wherein Facebook has warned businesses all about the potential impact of the new iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency feature. As reported by media, Facebook has warned the users regarding the impacts on marketing efforts.

In early 2021, the App Tracking Transparency feature will be rolling out. In September, Apple had originally hoped to launch it with iOS 14, yet ended up by delaying the feature to give the developer much more time to prepare.