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Instagram Hacked by a 10-year-old rewarded with $10000 by Facebook

Instagram hacked by 10 years old

He is not old enough to sign up, but he says I am worth enough to hack!!!

Jani, a 10 years old Finnish boy, discovered a bug in Instagram that allowed him to delete comments of other users that even Facebook’s mighty engineering team missed.

After Jani found this vulnerable; he says that “I can delete other people writings, and would have been eliminating anyone even Justin Bieber’s comments with the flaw I found”, the boy reports to iltalehtia local publication.

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The Issue was fixed quickly after being discovered, said Facebook. Later Jane was rewarded with $10,000 by discovering the bug in Instagram.

The two twin little boys (Jani and his brother) always try to search for the security holes in the past and found a few which they haven’t get paid any fees. On founding the vulnerability, Jani emailed to Facebook. So Facebook gave the 10-year-old $10,000 (Ten Grand) which is the first time paid for finding a bug.

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As a part of the Facebook Bug Bounty program, FB pays $936,000 to 210 researchers, who find bugs and flaws in their code. They too even offer cash on the quest for those significant problems similar to Google security rewards program. The $10,000 prize was part of Facebook Bug Bounty Program.

Teacher, Schoolmates and their parent were astonished and amazed. The paid money acquired will be spent on his new bike and football equipment and computers for his brothers. As the security is critical, so the Finnish boy dreaming of a career security expert, it would be his dream Job, says Jani.

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New Report Forecasts Big Threat: Youngsters Addicted to Mobile Devices

teens addicted to their mobile devices

Recent analysis on addiction on phones explicitly known with a new study conducted by common sense media, 50 percent of teenagers is digitally addicted to their mobile devices. But the fact is how many say that they are addicted?

Can we say it teen’s use their mobile phones for learning purpose which they can technically upgrade themselves rather than use it in an unusual way!

Let us see what the Common Sense Media study says, whether is it an addiction or not. The present teenagers agree themselves that they use much time on their mobile devices, and two third of teen parents also feel the same scenario. 66% feel their teens spend more time on their mobile devices and 52% teens agree according to the poll.

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“27% of parents believe they themselves are addicted. The survey polled 620 parents and 620 teens”, a report published in Top Tech News informed.

Hope you have remembered the Vodafone formerly “Hutch” commercial add stating “where ever you go I will be there,” the same situation arises here. You go anywhere; mostly you can find someone on their handling their mobile phone either by calling, texting, or tweeting or else on Instagram or Facebook.

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Recent polls said that nearly 70 to 80 percent of teens look at their phones on an hourly basis. While 70 percent feel that they need to respond immediately said Mick Lesitsky of Youngstown.

One more person, Jason Sop of Youngstown, told that nine times out of 10 every teenager is always on their phone. It’s not even just teenager. I’d even seen younger children, adults who have any social networking, who are all having a cell phone, android, tablet, anything of either always in their hands.

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“I think there is a real limiting on the amount of expression that people have now because they used to look on their cell phones and such,” said Caro of Youngstown.

But as per the U.S. physicians, mobile addiction is not considered as a disorder or The Internet is not viewed as a public health threat in other parts of the world. Doctors say studies to be undergone to done to determine how real addiction went to be.

So as of now let us considered to be a bad news according to the study, only 40 percent of teens are trying to cut down the time spent on their mobile devices.

“Contact” with Business Profiles on Instagram! New update to roll out soon.

The recent survey by DSM 5 in 2013, states that behavioral disorder on Internet gambling and gaming already set online. Cell phone rehabilitation programs already conducted in the U.S.

Finally, Common Sense Media is a non-profit organization, San Francisco that provides education and advocacy to promote safe technology and media for children.

“Contact” with Business Profiles on Instagram! New update to roll out soon.

instagram contact button

Instagram is the place you can find different types of people. It is the best photo sharing application and many people promote their business through the Instagram. This is the best place to promote the business and this also includes the promotions, advertisements and day activities.

Initially, Instagram had only the Profile name and you can give the short description. Website details can be added to your profile. But in this future update, you can get the contact button beside the follow option, where the users can get connected easily. Once you click on the “Contact” button, the options like Get directions and Email are shown.

The new changes in Instagram brought panic to its users

Location tag which allows you to enter the details of your business location and users can navigate through the maps from the respective location assigned. You can mark the category of your business which is indicated on the profile. All these features soon roll out on the Instagram Application.

The screenshots regarding this update are shared on a blog called later.com, and you can notice that the details on the screens were on the iOS platform. The Instagram Profiles can be categorized which is similar to the pages on the Facebook.

Facebook Messenger debuts with Group-calling feature limit Up to 50 people

This update is currently not available for the users. Some users got this app for the testing and to inform the changes. The information regarding the release are yet to know or when these features will roll out to everyone.

The company recently announced that it will launch a video carousel ads, which let the advertisers share up to five separate videos with one single ad purchase. Each video duration is about 60 seconds.