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Do You Know Where 62% of US Adults gets the most of the NEWS from?

news from social media

social mediaAccording to the recent survey conducted by the PEW research centre, the users who reach the news websites are navigated from the top social networking website – Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. The survey was done for the 4654 people and most of them are visited the news sites from their favourite social networking site.

Apart from this study, News use across Social Media Platforms 2016, 62% of the US adults get the news from the social media. The no of users who use Facebook in US and Canada are increasing monthly. Proportionally Facebook is holding monthly 222 million active users and 1.6 billion throughout the world. In this scenario we can understand, social media sites are the primary source for the news.

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Earlier in the year 2013 PEW research centre has conducted the study and this is the second time. From the initial survey, they had noted the growth in the social platforms as the sources to the news sites.  Notice the changes happened on the different social sites with the earlier years and present year (2013-2016).

62% adults on social media

The difference was observed mainly on Facebook and the ratio changed from 47% to 66%. Followed by Twitter 52% to 59%. Reddit holds the top position with 70% in the year 2016 although the user base is less than the Facebook.

Pew surveyed the total of 4654 American adults, with the coordination with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The study is done by the mail and online in the month of January and February. After the successful completion of the study, the margin of error for the entire group is estimated at 2.4 percentage points.

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Instagram to Receive Live Video Feature Soon, Confirmed by the CEO: Check out the details

instagram live video feature

As per the reports Instagram (Facebook-owned- Photo Sharing Service) is about to receive the Live Video feature update soon. Recently CEO of the company Kevin Systrom has made the official confirmation regarding this update.

This update has been tested on many places earlier. During the one of the Interviews, he discussed the company’s live video ambitions with the live video feature. He did not reveal much information regarding on this feature, so we can’t provide you the exact things what company is going to implement.

Instagram testing the latest update on Shoppable Photo Tagging

Kevin Systrom says “Live is exciting for us, I think it can enhance what we’re doing. If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, those streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them.”

The things are still unclear, and we are not sure how this update is going to be made available for the users. After judging the rumors out earlier, we are expecting the features to be come right into the stories feature.

Are you aware of the Stories on Instagram? Stories are basically the clone feature of the snapchat, where you capture the picture or record the video. The same can be shared on your account with the followers. Stories remain for 24 hours from the time you upload. It stays for the one-day duration and disappears later.

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

We have to wait and see whether this new live video feature is embedded into the stories. So it will be simple to host it live directly from the stories. The interesting thing to notice, how this feature will be received by the people.

After considering the things like most of the social media platforms and the video sharing platforms are already using this feature and now Instagram is going to join the race. As of now, the Stories feature on the Instagram was received well in the marketplace, even after receiving the criticism on copied from Snapchat.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

There is no surprise that Instagram will roll out this feature quite soon since the parent company is Facebook. Instagram is currently holding 500 million monthly active users, and this new feature is going to boost the usage by the users.

Existing users on the Instagram is going to love this new feature. Until the official announcement from the company, consider this information as the pinch of salt. Stay tuned for the information regarding this update

Instagram testing the latest update on Shoppable Photo Tagging

Are you like me on Instagram, Scrolling all the feeds and trigger these items to purchase them. When you come across some good looking goggles, a pair of jeans, stylish and premium phone cases, generally you take the screenshot of it. Later you struggle in searching the item for purchasing. Haunting the product you love and where to buy is the hectic task, and you give up in the end without finding the desired. To overcome on this, Instagram has introduced the new feature for tagging the product manufacturer on the product image.

Nowadays mobiles have changed the way of shopping people do. In fact, 84% of the smartphone users in the United States browse research or compare products in the web browser or the mobile app. Browsing and searching on the mobile are easy than finding the information on the other sources and platforms.

Instagram is Testing Live Videos with Go Insta Feature

To test these features and experience the new update, 20 US-based retail brands are selected, which includes Jack Threads, Kate Spade, and Warby Parker will be sharing the posts which contain more depth. This let the Instagrammers for reviewing and learn about and consider the products they are interested in.

Each post on the Insta will have the top to view icon on the bottom left of the image. When you tap the tag that appears on the image, it will showcase the product details including their prices. Once the user taps the tag, it gets selected, and the new detailed view of the product is opened. This will bring the important information for the customer; earlier he has to leave the Instagram app for searching. Once the user visits the link, he’ll be provided with the official website details. With the simple click, he can be redirected to the official site.

Insta Shopping

Instagram chosen 20 US retail brands and here are the words delivered by their officials about this new update.

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

“Instagram is where we reflect the interesting life of the kate spade new york girl through relatable social moments which highlight the products that are characters in her story,” says Mary Beech, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade & Company.

“Our community uses Instagram as an aspirational discovery platform, and they’re looking to us for inspiration,” says Ryan McIntyre, CMO, JackThreads

This new feature on the Instagram will be rolling out in the next week for select iOS users in the US.

Instagram is Testing Live Videos with Go Insta Feature

Instagram is Testing Live Videos with Go Insta Feature

Instagram is planning to release live video streaming which can start with a red button named Go Insta. It is testing live video in its stories feature. Snapchat is one of the social networking sites which allows users to post images and videos as part of the story. But it will disappear after 24 hours. In the same way Instagram is introducing Go insta, but we are not sure about span of time.

As we all know, Instagram is social networking site which is used for online photo sharing, video sharing, etc. By 2010 it has 1 million registered users; by 2011 it has 5 million registered users, in 2012, 30 million users registered. At present 300 million to 500 million users are using Instagram.

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

To start the live streaming, users have to click the large red button named Go insta. After that, it starts broadcasting. We can’t say videos will remain for only 24 hours or not, that details should be announced by the officials of Instagram. It seems to be limited to live videos for Russian users. It soon to be launched in the US also.

On August 2nd Company introduced a new feature called Instagram stories. Users can take photos of their moments and make a story. They can edit their photos and save it as ‘your story’. They have options watch, create and choose people to watch story. Many users enjoyed this feature.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sell data to Geofeedia which in-turn sells to other agencies

Now they are introducing live video streaming in ‘your story’ feature. Now they can enjoy the video clippings. Whereas in Instagram stories, photos which are saved in the main profile will remain safe or else it will delete exactly after 24 hours. We still don’t know company included same feature in live streaming videos or not.

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

instagram adds suicide prevention tool

Instagram introduces Suicide Prevention Tool and Self-harm Prevention Tool. This tool is specially designed to reach out the users who are at the risk of self-harm.

At present situation, 60% of people are leading their life with depression. In that main victims are teenagers and young adults. They are facing many harassments, bullying, pressures in their daily life.

Finally, this stages leads to suicide. They involve in the self-harm. Mainly they are facing troubles from social networking sites.

Instagram Now Shows All the Live Events Across The World in the Event Channel

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites. This site is mainly used for post photos and videos, share multiple photos and videos, send private messages, videos and directly to your Instagram friends. You can follow your friends to get updates. In some cases some posts will make us feel worried, at that time you can use this tool.

instagram adds suicide prevention tool

Let’s see how it works!!! When you are scrolling out the Instagram feeds, if any post worries you, then you have the option to report it. After reporting, the person who shared the post will receive the message that “someone saw your messages and thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you need any support, we’d like to help.

Then that person can have the option to see support resources or skip it. In case they select support resources they get options of talking to a friend, contact helpline or tips, and support. If anyone selected with the hashtag of self-injury, then they will also get same options.

Now, order food through Facebook directly. Also you can book tickets for movies as well as events

Instagram chief operating officer, marine Levine said: “Instagram understands the people and offers them support.” This tool is mainly designed to know the people who are in trouble.

The photo sharing app is working with mental health experts and groups which have experienced eating disorders or self-harm issues to offer help more efficiently. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram which comes with suicide prevention tool earlier.

They make a team to review reports to determine severe cases and false ones. We are not still sure if this option is coming to both ios and android. Soon Instagram will release more information about this tool.