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Instagram adds ‘Saved’ tab feature for Android users: Allows you to save posts without getting noticed

insatagram saved tab-feature

Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Saved’ tab feature for Android users. The app users with Android version 10.3 can see the ‘Saved’ tab on their profile page. This new save tab feature lets you save the posts you like without others knowledge. Reports say that the new ‘Saved’ tab will appear in the bottom right corner when you are viewing a photo or video on Instagram

The popular photo-sharing app is releasing the update in phases and reaches all its users soon. This new feature resembles Facebook ‘Saved’ feature which also allows its users to save articles or videos you like to view later. However, this ‘Saved’ tab’ feature isn’t a major update but will help user up to an extent to refer to pictures and videos they like.

Instagram New Update with Liking and Disabling Comments: Rolling Out Soon for Android and iOS

Instagram has come a long way from just a photo-sharing app to a video sharing platform and the next big thing. With more than 500 million users monthly, Instagram has rolled out live broadcasting feature to its users in the US.

Instagram also says that the live video update will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks. A live video feature makes its presence within the Stories section. These videos will be gone within 24 hours of uploading them and users cannot save the video or watch a recap. Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows saving live broadcasts and view later.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

The photo sharing app has recently introduced many features copying from Snapchat which disappearing photo-sharing service. Instagram has disappeared live video and messaging feature in the earlier month. Instagram Direct feature works similar to Snapchat which shared videos among users or groups and disappeared after viewing twice.

Instagram New Update with Liking and Disabling Comments: Rolling Out Soon for Android and iOS

Instagram will soon get with the strong update that will be similar to Facebook. Nowadays Instagram is getting popular almost like the Facebook. In coming update, Instagram will allow the users to Like and Comment on the user posts. This feature will soon roll out for Instagram application for Android and iOS devices.

With this update, you can able to like and comment on the user phone and even you can comment on your friend’s photo or someone else. There will heart Symbol beside each comment; you can just make the simple tap on it for submitting your like.

instagram update

Apart from this feature, there is another update to arrive in the Instagram. The user can turn off the commenting for the specific posts you require. You can make this by tapping the “Advanced Settings” and Tap “Turn Off Commenting” to apply settings right there before posting the post.  Just with the simple swipe, you can turn on the commenting for your post again.

turn comments off

Another feature added in this update is related to the Privacy. Most of the users over Instagram prefers to keep their accounts private. It does not mean that if the new user has to follow your posts you have to approve manually. If you want to remove particular user from your list, the only way we have is to block the person from the list. Now to overcome this, the Instagram is providing user to remove the person by heading to the follower’s list and tap on the respective user to unfollow.  The user who are unfollowing will not be notified when you remove the user from the list.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

These updates will be rolling out to all the users; the update may not be available for everyone at the same time. We will be updating the latest release of this new update on Instagram.

Instagram now Sends Alerts if You Screenshot Disappearing Messages

Instagram now notifies you if your friends screenshot your DM

Instagram announced the latest update which lets its users send self-destructing messages to your buddies. This feature would be an excellent one to get notified when your friend is taking a snapshot of your message.

The notifications appear only if screenshots of the new disappearing messages were taken and won’t be appearing if you take a snap of a public post.

Making use of the new feature is simple, a user can just swipe right into the camera to take a photo or video. For sending it privately, he/she need to tap the arrow.

A user can create a group or choose one in just a few taps. At the same time, he/she can also send to individual friends. If you are sending a disappearing message, Instagram now has your backup in case if your friend wants to keep them for future reference.

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Facebook has introduced ‘disappearing photos and videos’ feature to Instagram app earlier this week. Another copy of the feature was first observed on the Snapchat first.

“Unlike other messages in Direct, these photos and videos disappear from your friends’ inboxes after they have seen them. And you’ll see if they replayed it or taken a screenshot,” Instagram mentioned in a blog post.

Live video feature was also launched on the Instagram app to make a live video. A user should swipe right from their feed and tap on the “Start Live Video” button to go live. You can live to stream a video up to an hour and can attach the comment box on it. A notification will be sent to your friends when you go live.

Instagram has a huge user base with more than 500 million monthly active users. It is also being updated with new features frequently. On the other hand, its rival Snapchat has 100 million users.

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Instagram adds Live Video Feature along with Disappearing Photos and Videos

instagram live video-feature

Instagram Live Video Feature Unveiled

Are you ready for live video feature on Instagram??? Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) will be going to roll out the new Live Video feature globally in the new few weeks. Exciting right!!! Now you can share freely. Instagram made this attempt as a copy of Snapchat by adding videos and disappearing photos with the direct message feature.

This Instagram new Live Video feature is now part of stories as like other stories on the app, and it also disappears after 24 hours. These videos cannot be stored as a separate video file like on Facebook, and you can also see how many people are watching the video.

Facebook Launches its New Public Group Chats Feature Rooms

According to the Instagram officials, around 100 million people are using Stories every day. They mentioned that “We’ve seen stories open up a new side of what people share on Instagram, and now over 100 million people use it every day. With today’s announcement, you’ll soon have two more ways to share freely and at the moment.”

How to start Live Video: It’s easy to go live

  • First of all, swipe right from the feed to open the camera.
  • Tap on the ‘Start Live Video’ button, and you can start sharing for up to an hour.
  • Your friends will get a notification when you go live.
  • While you are live, you can ping a comment for everyone to see or can also turn off the comments.

When you are following someone, and they start a live story, you can see a ‘Live’ under their profile in the stories bar. One interesting thing is, during broadcast you can like and comment as much as you can. You can also check new live stories on Explore.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

By tapping on the ‘Top Live’, you can see exciting live stories happening at that moment, and you can easily skip that by swiping right and left. The user can edit the photos and videos of others by swiping right into the Stories camera. And next, you can tap on the arrow button to share this privately with your friends.

Users can also create a group with a just tap on the ‘New Group’ feature on the top right. Instagram also says, “Whether your account is set to public or private, you can only send disappearing photos and videos to people who follow you,” thus ensuring that not everyone ends up with these messages.

Facebook launches a unified inbox for businesses across its platform

facebook page manager-new-update

Facebook is planning to launch a new feature for businesses to stay on top of conversations across Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. This new Facebook pages manager app enables the businesses to link up with Facebook to get notified about how customers are interacting with the different apps.

Businesses will now have one inbox which acts as a primary communication hub between the three different services. Businesses can see whenever someone posts reviews, comments, or feedback through any of the three services.

Facebook Launches its New Public Group Chats Feature Rooms

Companies can also respond through this universal inbox rather than logging into each service. However, companies are still able to respond to Instagram comments directly via the Instagram app.

facebook pages app

Businesses can now respond to all of those comments through Facebook’s Pages Manager app. A unified stream of all that commentary is included in the inbox of the app.

In addition to this, businesses are now able to avoid public to see available profiles of their customers who comment or message.

Facebook Provides The Select Pages with the Power to Tag their Products

“Facebook pages manager is one of our most frequent requests. Previously, if a business’s wanted to respond to customers on Facebook and Instagram, they had to open separate apps an increasing challenge as more and more of their communication is happening on social media. There were some people even carrying multiple phones so that they can quickly respond to all the different things coming in,” says, Benji Shomair, Facebook’s global head of Pages.

Facebook is testing this feature with selected users and is planning to roll out more broadly in the next few weeks. It seems this Facebook pages manager will be more relevant to small and medium businesses. However, large companies rely on their own applications for managing their social media presence.