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Indian Government to Make a law for Data Security, Storage and Sale by the Social and Messenger Sites Operating in the Country

Indian Government to Make a law for Data Security

Data  is a powerful weapon for all means in today’s generation. It can make things or destroy things. Data security is also another matter of concern.

There are millions of people in India who use the social networking sites and other messenger services widely. All these people are more or less rely on the services and communicate with each other. Indian government therefore is planning to bring a law to protect the customer’s data from misuse.

Till date in India, there is no legal authority as other nations to have control over these social media sites and messengers to control. Therefore, there are high chances of data security breach in India.

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But, the Information and broadcasting ministry of India has now proposed to bring a law as to control the data misuse. It is a open fact that the large data centers like social media sites and messengers prefer to sell their data and generate revenue.

This however cannot be restricted practically. In a recent incident, Facebook has agreed to purchase the customer data from WhatsApp. The Delhi High Court has passed a judgement stating that the ongoing process should be confined to the present customers only. Hence, WhatsApp has erased all the details of the customers that it has prior to 25th September 2016.

The Information Technology Act 67C will now be amended and guideline will be set regarding what type of data has to be stored, in which format, and for how long it should be stored.

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A three member committee is drafting the bill that is to be presented in the Indian Parliament for making into a law.

The implementation is also a matter of concern as some of the messengers of mobile have a end to end encryption technology. This law cannot be enforced for such technologies. So, the technicalities have also to be taken into account while drafting this bill.

Postal Cover and Coin to be Released on the Occasion of Mother Teresa’s Canonisation Ceremony

Mother Teresa’s Canonisation Ceremony

Celebrating Mother Teresa’s canonisation ceremony on September 4th at Vatican city, India post has made arrangements to release a postal cover made of pure silk. Along with the postal cover, a five-rupee commemorative coin and a statue will be released on September 1st.

Also known as blessed Teresa of kolkata , the Albanian was 18 when she joined  Sisters of Loreto. She was sent to Calcutta in the year 1929. She was teaching at convent in Darjeeling. She was extremely disturbed with the poverty at Calcutta and made her decision to stop teaching and help poor. She began her work in 1948 and won hearts of billions with her unconditional service to poor. She was born on 26th August 1910.

“A five-rupee commemorative coin issued by the Indian government in 2010 to mark the centenary birth celebrations of the legend will be engraved on the cover. This is a special feature as it combines the two cllectible items of coins and stamps,” eminent philatelist Alok K Goyal, who designed the stamps, said.

The collectors’ item will be released in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

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“The cover will have a motif of Mother and a child. Along with that, it will also have Kolkata’s skyline. Other guests of honour will include principal of Loreto College Christine Coutinho,” Goyal said

“We are hoping that this coin will be a hit not only in the Indian market but all over the world as she has her fans in every corner,” Goyal added.

“As far as I know, such a silk postal cover has never been released in India. When we received the proposal, we thought it was a nice way to commemorate the historic occasion,” said Polly Sarkar, deputy assistant director, philately, General Post Office (GPO).

“We are expecting a huge crowd. Hence, it might be prudent to host the event at the GPO, which is also a heritage building,” she added.

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The birth place of mother Republic of Macedonia, has also announced to release a special gold-plated silver coin on the Nobel laureate.

A life-size bronze statue of her will be installed at the Bishop House this Thursday, on the eve of her birth anniversary at Kolkata.

Mother Teresa established Missionaries of Charity, at Kolkata to serve poor, needy and disabled.

Canonisation ceremony is a Roman Catholic, or Anglican Church act through which person dead will be declared as saint.

A Huge Treasure Of Natural Gas Reserve Is Spotted In Bay Of Bengal

A New Natural Gas Reserve Is Discovered By Indo-US Scientists In Bay Of Bengal

On Tuesday, a joint expedition team which includes the Indian Government, Japanese scientists and United States Geological Survey (USGS), spotted producible Natural gas hydrates deposits in the Krishna-Godavari Basin in the Bay of Bengal. The vast treasure of the reserve would fulfil the energy needs of India, the country which mainly imports coal and petroleum fuels on large-scale.

Unlike the first expedition, the natural gas hydrate reserve found by the Indian National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 02 under USGS and Indian government are producible. The US government agency said that the natural gas has to occur in sand reservoirs to make it “producible with existing technologies.”

“Advances like the Bay of Bengal discovery will help unlock the global energy resource potential of gas hydrates as well help define the technology needed to safely produce them,” stated Walter Guidroz, Energy Resources Program Coordinator at USGS.

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Reports say that the natural gas hydrates deposits discovered now are located within coarse-grained sand-rich depositional systems in Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin. And it is made up of a sand-rich, gas-hydrate-bearing fan and channel-levee gas hydrate prospects. USGS said that the further research would involve production testing whether to know whether the natural gas production is “practical and economic.”

“The results from this expedition mark a critical step forward to understanding the energy resource potential of gas hydrates,” Tim Collett, USGS Senior Scientist, who was engaged in the expedition said.

“The discovery of what we believe to be several of the largest and most concentrated gas hydrate accumulations yet found in the world will yield the geologic and engineering data needed to better understand the geologic controls on the occurrence of gas hydrate in nature and to assess the technologies needed to safely produce gas hydrates.”

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Natural gas hydrates deposits is a result of the ultimate comprehensive gas hydrate field venture made by the scientists from India, Japan and the United States. The discovery was a result of an exploration of the location from March to July 2015. On behalf of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, in association with the USGS Japanese Drilling Company and Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, the Expedition 02 team was headed by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).