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Meritorious Sir Lankan Students can Now Study in IITs through IIT Entrance Exam

IIT Exam for sri Lankan students

IIT aspirants from Sri Lanka can now apply for the IIT Joint Entrance Examination along with Indian students. The High Commission of India in Colombia has announced that the Government of India has decided to conduct Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) JEE examination for the admission of meritorious Sri Lankan Students.

For the admissions, Sri Lankan students are exempted from IIT JEE (Main) as per the reports. The Indian Government decided to conduct the IIT JEE (Advanced) at D.S Senanayake College in Colombia on 21st May 2017. Online applications for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-JEE Advanced) can be submitted from 28th April to 2nd May 2017.

Government offers subsidy on Interest for home loans with income Rs 6 Lakh to Rs 18 lakh

The courses that are offered in 23 IITs in India include:

  • 4-year Bachelor Degree in B.Tech, B.S, B.S, B.Pharm
  • 5-year B.Arch
  • 5-year Dual Degree in B.Tech-M.Tech, B.S.-M.S.
  • 5-year Integrated Masters (M.Tech, M.Sc., M.Pharm)

Students of Sri Lanka who are aspiring for IIT Admission can apply online along with the Indian students who have cleared the IIT JEE (Main) screening test. For this, students who have cleared GCE ‘A’ level can visit the official website jeeadv.ac.in and check the details that are furnished in the official jeeadv.ac.in/pdf/foreign.pdf link.

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Government going to launch malware and BotNet Cleaning Centre from December 20th

Government to launch botnet malware cleaning centre

The Indian government is going to start an operation of malware and BotNet cleaning center with the soft launch on December 20th. The main aim for this program is to remove the virus and malicious software from the computers and mobiles at free of cost.

Ministry of electronics and IT, additional secretary Ajay Kumar tweeted “major cyber security issue initiative of digital India. Soft launch of Botnet cleaning center of India CERT is December 20th

Indian Government to Link All Savings Accounts to Aadhar for making Cashless Transactions

Botnet is a network of malicious software which can steal information, take control of device functions and carry out cyber attacks like Distributed Denial-of-Service which prevents the access of websites. The government is going to start this BotNet Cleaning Centre project with 100 crores budget. This project has to start in 2014 only but due to some reasons it got delayed.

Ajay Kumar said from December 20th onwards Indian CERT will start informing to internet service providers about infected systems. Then they have to synchronize their system to meet the requirements of Botnet and malware cleaning system. These internet service providers will alert their customers and will give suggestion to download this BotNet centre to remove the virus.

Govt Launched AirSewa Portal and Mobile App to Address Traveller’s Grievances

This software is free of cost from Botnet center, by installing this software, it will clean out the virus and malicious software from the system or mobile. Mr.kumar said around December 26th complete system will be operational.

Google & Govt of India Planning to Launch Toilet Finder tool

Indian Government to launch Toilet Finder tool

Google and India government coordinates to launch toilet finder in India. In our country toilets is biggest problem, 60% of people are doing toilet activities in public. By this tool, we can make our India clean, in part of Swatch Bharat, they are going to start this program.

India ministry of urban development has taken this campaign. Already they have introduced the mobile app IHHL toilet locator and now they are introducing locator tool with the help of Google. In maps, you can find out the nearest toilet.

Will Kohinoor reach India from Britain under MODI Govt?

Google is providing the searches in English and native languages like the toilet, lavatory, swachta and sulab. Maps will show the toilets nearby hotels, restaurants, and other places.

After going to the particular toilet in case it is dirty, we can give bad ratings. Ratings are available for all locations so that you can give ratings. By November end, this tool will launch in Delhi. Government is trying to find the solution for the toilets problem; they are giving loans to build a toilet. Soon we can see a clean India

LinkedIn signs MoU with HRD Ministry to Provide Jobs for Netizens in an Easy way


Popular business and employment-oriented social media service LinkedIn is trying something new to provide better job opportunities to students. Already Naukri.com and Times jobs have a strong user base in Indian job market and to face these competitors, LinkedIn has been trying to provide job opportunities in the easiest way. As a part of their new strategies, they are introducing the services like Placements and Starter Pack.

To take on rivals like Naukri.com and Times Jobs, LinkedIn has signed MoU( Memorandum of understanding) with the Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) for making it easier to find jobs to netizens and students. We all know LinkedIn is a popular business service that objects to put its members first when it comes to making important decisions.

Government is Planning to give PM Research Fellowships for Students Passing out of IITs

It has its jobs portal where popular syndicates and recruiters can post their company openings.Job searchers directly login to the site with security details and can apply through LinkedIn profiles to reduce time on creating resumes. We are all familiar with the Job market in India is not straight forward, and lakhs of people applied through employment-oriented services only.

Every year lakhs of students finished their graduations and looking for better jobs respective to their fields. Unfortunately, the availability of jobs is very low in the market and a lot of candidates are doing mistakes after graduation and trail something due to lack of opportunities.

However, through this Memorandum of Understanding, the placements product will be implemented by all colleges associated with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). On speaking about this LinkedIn India head, Akshay Kothari said “very happy to sign MoU with HRD Ministry. Our main objective is to provide better job opportunities to talented students and makes it easier to find jobs.”

LinkedIn ‘LITE’ For Mobile Browsing in India

LinkedIn employments offer an opportunity to all students, irrespective of their college or location. Students can access to thousands of openings in 3 top most companies in the county through online assessment test. This OAT (Online Assessment Test) is homogeneous across campuses and doesn’t have any conditions and terms.

LinkedIn’s  latest service has already received a huge round of applause from students and job applicants, with more than 1.2 million job applications in less than two months.

India Using Advanced Technologies to Close the Border Between India and Pakistan 

India using advance technology in border to stop militants infiltration.

After Uri attack, India government is considering all the options that are related to the eradication of the infiltration of terrorists across the border.

As a part of the options review, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the India-Pakistan border will be closed by 2018.

The decision is being implemented at a rapid speed. There is an agreement signed with Israel for this purpose. It is observed that the Israel has a strong border built around it. It is considered as one of the strongest and high security provided border.

Many countries in the world are facing the same problem as India with its neighboring countries. The United States is struggling to control the illegal entry from Mexico. It decided to build a 3,360 fence KM which is under construction.

A Tribute to India’s ‘Missile Man’ Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on his 85th Birthday

A border between Western Sahara and Southeastern Morocco is also an affective measure to stop entry between the two. The border built is 2,700 KM long.

A 700 KM long border between Iran and Pakistan is intended to block smuggling, drug mafia entry and terrorist’s entry into Iran from Pakistan.

Israel and Gaza has a 60 KM border size which intensifies the tensions between the two countries. Terrorist and Palestinians illegal entry was controlled with this high-security border.

Now, that India on a large scale is looking into the aspect of building a barrier between its neighboring country Pakistan.

India has a lengthy border of 3,323 KM of land border and a 740 KM marine border. Pakistan and its raised militants use both ways for infiltration. There is a huge loss in terms of Civilians life and Army men death with these terrorist activities.

Indian Hackers Massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government Network

Use of advanced technologies like Sensors, Cameras, Drones, and Radars will be set up along the borders that are being and already built.

Analyzing the past loss of life of army men while patrolling and protecting the borders, the Indian government has announced the decision to modify and implement latest technologies in safeguarding our borders.

On the other hand, many experts think that seizing of borders will not be the solution for stopping terrorist and their activities. The Indian government has to think another big way for curbing this problem.