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Apple Relies on Google Cloud Services for iCloud Storage

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Last month, Apple revealed on its website where they acknowledged that they are depending upon Google Cloud for storing data for providing iCloud services to their customers. iCloud is cloud backup and storage system for electronic devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac

This disclosure is great news for Google since this collaboration would help them compete with the massive giants like Amazon and Microsoft who are running a great show in cloud infrastructure business. In February, Google stated that they generate revenue of $1 billion from its cloud-based products and services.

Rumors have it that Apple started this collaboration since 2016, but this data can’t be verified due to lack of evidence from both Google and Apple.

This information became public when Apple updated its iOS Security Guide document copy where it was mentioned that iCloud services were depending upon remote data storage systems from Google. Previously, they had partnered with Amazon Web Services as well as Microsoft’s Azure.

The newest edition of iOS Security Guide published in January states that Apple iCloud uses both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Service’s S3 storage service to store the files in an encrypted format and these files are backed up in the respective iPhone or iPad. Generally, data like contacts, calendars, photo, videos, and documents are stored as backup in iCloud.

Google and Apple are considered to be arch-rivals in terms of smartphones because both of them tend to establish strong connections with the customers by bringing them premium flagship models that customers long to buy and use them. Hence, citing such data must have been really difficult for Apple since it loves keeping sensitive data private. Google’s cloud boss Diana Greene seems to be extremely thrilled about this revelation and with this she aims to scale up the cloud infrastructure business of the company.

Apart from Apple, Google’s cloud platform is also utilized by premium companies like Spotify, Snap and Paypal.