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India Ban adding food additive “Potassium Bromate” which leads to Cancer

Potassium Bromate leads to Cancer

Are you most fond of eating Bread? Just take a sec before you consume and make sure yourself, the food you eat is free from “Potassium Bromate” which is very dangerous.

Indian Government says no to “Potassium Bromate” as a food additive which is very hazardous to health and can cause cancer. The Food Safety Standards Authority of India although referred Potassium iodate which is also carcinogenic.

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FSSAI CEO Pawan Kumar Agarwal told to a news journal that a notification issued regard to banning potassium bromate, and potassium iodate are referred to the scientific panel. A month ago, the regulatory commissioned and recommended to the health ministry of removal of K Bromate from the list of food ingredients after a study conducted by the CSE (Centre for Science and Environment).

Beware of Very Hot Drinks or else it may leads to Oesophageal Cancer

The CSE underwent a study and found more than 84 percent of 38 commonly available brands of pre-packaged bread tested for potassium bromate and potassium iodate. Many countries listed potassium bromate as the hazardous food additive.

After the study by CSE, The all India Bread Manufacturers Association has said they will stop using both two food additives. Major bread manufacturers such as Harvest Gold and Britannia asked FSSAI to verify the findings of CSE.

Birth Control via Apps and Websites without Doctor’s Appointment

birth control app

Growing Technology now makes it possible for women to obtain birth control prescription contraceptives without directly consulting a doctor. The newly developed apps and websites will enable woman to control unwanted child births. This advancement is not just a comfort for women but will make a difference in controlling the population. Anticipation of many public health experts is this technology will encourage more women to start or restart using contraceptives which proportionally helps in reducing the unintended pregnancies. The other hope is, this can also bring down the rate of abortions in the country.

Gluten-Free Diet May Be More Harmful For Your Kid’s Health:Study Reports

Birth control is a serious public health issue in United States as nearly 40 percent of all pregnancies are unintended in the Country. Long-acting contraceptive methods, like intrauterine devices are often advised by the experts in this issue. Well, practically speaking if short-term methods are opted, it is difficult to visit the doctor for a contraceptive prescription. It can also be a time killing factor or sometimes costly. And for teenagers, the process of visiting a doctor for contraceptive prescription can be terrifying and embarrassing too.

Susan Hashem 24, an auditor in Dearborn, Mich. said, “At first I didn’t believe it.” Susan who cannot make time out of her work to consult doctor regarding the restart of birth control pills noticed an app called Lemonaid. A doctor reviews a woman’s medical information for $15 and sends a pill prescription to a local pharmacy.

Beware of Very Hot Drinks or else it may leads to Oesophageal Cancer

“I thought it was just a setup to get money,” said Susan. But later when she answered the health questions one evening, “a doctor actually contacted me after office hours,” and the next morning, she picked up three months’ worth of pills.

So, these new services through apps and websites have grown up beneath the political radar. Unlike the legislative proposals or taxpayer-funded programs this new services have better results. But issues involving reproductive health are expected here.

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Private companies, Non-Profit organizations including Planned Parenthood and a minimum of six digital ventures are now involved in furnishing the prescriptions written by clinicians. Prescriptions are provided only after a woman answers questions about her health online or by a video. According to the source, all prescribe birth control pills, and some prescribe patches, rings and morning-after pills. Some ship contraceptives directly to women’s doors.

Planned Parenthood Care currently serves Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Washington State and also Alaska, where women in remote locations get the contraceptives delivered by float plane.

The other comfort in using apps or websites is, few accept insurance including Medicaid for women and some charge modest fees for the women who are below the line in terms of income. Some send prescriptions to local pharmacies where women can give their insurance information while picking up the contraceptives.

Beware of Very Hot Drinks or else it may leads to Oesophageal Cancer

Hot Drinks may cause cancer

To all my readers, today I would like to give you a Tip to create awareness of your health.

The research agency says consuming hot beverages may lead to Oesophageal cancer if it preferred more than 65 degrees C.

The WHO(World Health Organisation) agency declared that coffee will not cause cancer, but a detailed research found that scorching drinks may leads to cancer. Earlier in 1991, coffee was classified as a cancer cause, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has now reconsidered the evidence.

The previous study or research published on the subject found that coffee drinkers have no reason to worry. South America people widely consume an herbal drink also known as Cimarron or chimarrao, where oesophageal cancer is more common when to compare to other parts of the world.

Gluten-Free Diet May Be More Harmful For Your Kid’s Health:Study Reports

IARC conducted research and found that the herbal drink mate was not the reason for cancer but if it consumed more than 65C, might lead to cancer. The agency also looked at hot beverages consumed at high temperature in central Asia, China, and Japan.

The American Institute for Cancer Research says:

“Coffee’s possible link to cancer is a well-studied one, with over 1,000 studies on the topic. Early in the research, some studies hinted that coffee might increase cancer risk. Larger and well-designed studies now suggest the opposite: it may be protective for some cancers.”

There is no concluded message given by the WHO that coffee can cause cancer but drink it below 65C or 149F, and more than that it might leads to Oesophageal cancer. Not only boiling coffee, but it might also be a tea, water. Any hot beverage consuming more than 149 degrees Fahrenheit can result in cancer.

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A group of 23 scientists convened by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has evaluated that any hot beverage consuming may lead to carcinogenic it exceeds more than 65C.

UN study says the places such as China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America; they drink hot beverages boiling more than 70 degrees C and found increasing in oesophageal cancer more and more.

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I suggest that there should be an immediate awareness program to be conducted around the world where the risk of carcinogenic is rising in high.

Age Has No Limits: 97-Year-Old Woman Teaches Yoga

97 years old yoga teacher

A yoga instructor at the age of 97. Unbelievable. Right? Tao-Porchon Lynch is the woman who claims this amazing feat. Tao, who has undergone 3 hip replacement surgeries, has proved to the world that age is never an obstructing factor for achieving your dreams.

Walnuts Beneficial In Reducing Risk Of Colon Cancer: Study

Nearing almost 100 years of age, Tao is known to be an inspirational yoga instructor. Tao, who started practicing yoga at the age of 8, is still highly passionate about the art even after 90 years. She teaches beginner and advanced yoga classes in Scarsdale, New York. Tao was recently seen on “American’s Got Talent”.

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Tao, who was brought up by her uncle and aunt in Pondicherry, India, attributes her strong will towards her passion for learning more and more of the art. She says that she keeps her “fire of life” burning with the help of her positive attitude.

Parents Might Be Overfeeding Their Babies Leading To Them Becoming Overweight, Warn Experts

Parents Might Be Overfeeding Their Babies

On the lines of a recent study, experts have issued a warning to parents saying that they might be feeding their babies much more than what they actually need, which could lead to their children becoming overweight.

According to the study conducted, the food which overweight children between 4 and 18 months eat and the food which healthy weight children eat is similar, but, the only difference is that overweight children consume larger portions. The report prepared by the University College London said that parents are not aware of how much young children should eat or the dangers of being overweight. The guidelines for feeding children should be outlined in a better manner, the report added.

The data from a recent survey conducted in UK examined the eating diaries of 2,564 children, which were maintained by parents. The diaries focussed on what children ate, how often they eat and the size of their portions of food.

The data was used by researchers to compare the eating habits of overweight and healthy weight children and it helped in coming up with the finding that overweight children consumed larger portions of meals than the healthy weight children. (141 calories versus 130 calories).

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The author of the report, Hayley Syrad, from University College London, said, “The research suggests eating frequency is having no impact on weight and it’s not that parents of larger children are giving them an extra Mars bar or apple – it’s that their portions are bigger.”

According to the researchers, there was 9% higher risk of becoming overweight or obese for every extra 24 calories consumed during each meal. Some parents tend to overfeed their children under the misconception that their children might become chubby, the author of the report said.

According to Syrad, “We know that even birth weight tracks into later life. If children are overweight when they are under two it tracks into adulthood.A bigger baby is likely to be a bigger child and then a bigger adult.”

Gluten-Free Diet May Be More Harmful For Your Kid’s Health:Study Reports

Highlighting the responsibility of the parents, Judy More, a nutritionist and paediatric dietician, said that some parents tend to overfeed their babies and young children due to the fear of them being underfed. She said that it is the responsibility of the parents to make their children eat until they are full and that they should not force their children to finish everything on their plates. The guidelines for eating for infants and young children should be drawn out specifically to cater to the smaller age ranges.

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