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Are Happy Days on the Cards for Delhi School Children?

If truth is to be believed then children are considered to be a wet clay. They grow up to become what they are molded into. As the ‘tomorrow’ of the world depends on the ‘today’s’ children, it is important to ensure that kids receive quality education and appropriate exposure to help them understand not just the academic syllabus but the world and their lives in it too.

Although moral education has been a part of the curriculum since long. Delhi schools are now into attempts that will enrich the children and the experience will add to their well-being. The academic year started recently and the children to be excited to study a newly added subject called happiness.

Amidst the competition, rivalry for scores, & the scenarios in which students are judged based on marks, it is a wonderful sign to see Delhi moving a step towards offering children, complete education which has more to do with introspection, psychology and happiness.

The social initiative deals with providing right education which is not just confined to marks and syllabus. “We have given best-of-the-best talent to the world,” told the Delhi’s education minister, Manish Sisodia, while addressing a huge gathering of teachers in Delhi. The occasion was all about released this bright thought into the curriculum.

All the top ranked professionals today are racing to win and taste success. We must remember that while running towards victory, we should not miss out on experiencing happiness. However now a days in the victory towards success, happiness is long forgotten and stress and worries have replaced happiness in our lives.

Hence the initiative to introduce happiness classes came into being. The happiness classes are all about spreading and injecting vibes of happiness into the kids. Introducing such a class in the nation which is focused rationally on books to deliver education in itself is a very first step towards change. Happiness classes are devised to help school-going children overcome stress, pressure and showers upon them, creativity and self-knowledge. The same shall further stop the number of children committing suicide.

Happiness classes are going to happen in the mornings. The first half of the first class is spent without having to do anything related to books and syllabus. The class includes various personality development skills like meditation, exercises, motivational stories, inspirational speeches and more.

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