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Google allows G Suite Admins to Block user from installing Untrustworthy Apps

G Suite Admin

G Suite Admins: Back in May this year, a scam compromised Google Docs links and their accounts by giving untrustworthy third-party apps access to their information. Google ensured the situation when the scam was spread initially. Now, the search engine giant has introduced more G Suite admin controls which allow them to prevent users from installing third-party apps.

The latest G Suite admin controls update brings a new security feature, called OAuth apps whitelisting. This OAuth apps whitelisting improves data access control and enhances the phishing prevention. Essentially, the new feature allows the admins to decide the third-party apps which will be allowed to access users’ G Suite data.

“Once an app is part of a whitelist, users can choose to grant authorized access to their G Suite apps data. This prevents malicious apps from tricking users into accidentally granting access to their corporate data,” Reena Nadkarni, Group Product Manager at G Suite, said in a blog post.

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With this G Suite admin controls update, the admins get “fine-grained” visibility into the third-party apps which access the G Suite data. Google says that the update will be out in phases and will show up for admins in the next few days.

For unknown, the Google Docs phishing scam was found hard to detect when compared with previous scams. It made use of authentic Google login for access to users’ information.

Google Job search: New AI-powered job search engine to help job seekers

Google job search

Google Job Search: Google has launched new jobs search feature right on its search result pages. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered feature lets you search for jobs across the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster virtually. Also, Google will add job listings finds on its homepage. Fundamentally, the idea of this Google Job search is to assist job seekers to search available jobs at one platform. Besides that, Google jobs search feature helps in cutting down duplicate postings and lots of irrelevant jobs.

Google Job search feature allows you to filter jobs by industry, location, when they were posted, and employer. If you find a relevant query, you can turn on notifications to get an immediate alert of new job listing which matches your search.

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“Finding a job is like dating, each person has a unique set of preferences, and it only takes one person to fill this job,” says, Nick Zakrasek, Product Manager at Google.

Firstly, Google has to dedupe all the duplicate listings on the job sites to create a comprehensive list. Then this AI-powered categorizes the jobs and help the search engines to understand the job posting. If you find the job of your preference, Google will redirect you to the job website and start the actual application process. The job search feature will link you the complete job posting if in case the job is listed in multiple sites.

“We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers,” says a Google spokesperson.

The data of these job search feature can be validated through a structured data testing tool which allows you preview those listings. Google also assured a new filter to the Search Analytics report to this Google job search feature. This helps to track how well your job listings are doing in Google search.

Google Calculator version 7.3 comes with Text Editing and Memory action options

google calculator

Google Calculator version 7.3 has got few minor adjustments to the app. The updated app has rolled to the play store recently and will be available for all in the next few days. If you are curious about the latest version, you can also download Google Calculator APK for version 7.3 and install it on your device.

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Discussing the changes, Google Calculator version 7.3 gets a new app icon on the app drawer and for the shortcut on home screen. However, the icon is identical to the older one, and you don’t find too different. The noticeable change you observe in the “=” symbol within a circle is now in a square icon shape just like other symbols. However, the functionality of the device doesn’t change except following the Google Calculator design language.

As of now, there are only a few functional changes found in the Calculator app. The little arrow icon on the bright green bar that sits off to the right part denotes the access for slide out menu. The menu was present in the earlier version itself, but now the UI makes it much easier to locate the menu. This new version now allows you to edit the text for characters in the value field. In addition to this, a long press on the values that have already been entered provides you an option of copy, paste, and cut the text.

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Google My Business Website Builder to Help Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs

Business Website Builder

Google My Business Website Builder: Tech Giant Google has rolled out “Google My Business” website builder to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This new feature aims to leverage the power of Internet by building a mobile optimized website instantly. SMEs can create their first website for free by making use of Google My Business.

The search engine giant has unveiled this feature on Tuesday which the CEO Sundar Pichai has announced in his last visit to Delhi back in January. Users can build websites in 10 languages by using this Google My Business. The website builder allows regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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“Using Google My Business, you can create your first website for free, right from your phone in less than 10 minutes. It’s so easy it basically creates itself. We use your Google listing to build the site, taking care of the design and making sure your website is found in Search and Maps,” says Google in a blog post announcing the Google, My Business website builder.

A pilot run was being run over the past five months, and more than 120000 Indian businesses were part of the programme. As part of the website builder, users can get a free domain from Google or buy their Domains right from Google My Business.

“Connect with customers by telling them exactly what you want them to do next, like call your business, book an appointment or sign up for your mailing list,” the company added.

“Small business owners believe that building a website can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. To solve these problems, we initiated a new simple, free, and fast way to build a mobile-optimised website through ‘Website with Google My Business,’ said Shalini Girish, Director, Marketing Solutions, Google, in a statement.

Google launches Qibla Finder web app to find right direction with New App

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Google launches Qibla Finder web app to find right direction with New App

Qibla Finder

Qibla : Google has launched a new Qibla-finding service to help users in finding the right direction of the Qibla in Makkah. Celebrating this month of Ramzan, Google Qibla Finder web app uses the latest Qibla Finder to assist in directing to Qibla in Makkah.

This new web app service is accessible through mobile browsers and enables anyone to use the service on any mobile model. User needs to enable the Qibla Finder app to identify their location.

The web app makes use of augmented reality technology on Android devices to a clear blue line in the imagery the phone camera sees. This imaginary line points the Kaaba without saving any pictures or imagery. Similarly, the service works on iOS devices as well but without the imagery.

“When people search for the Qibla, they often look for a website or an app to point them in the right direction. This explains why the word “compass” often pops up when we look at Qibla-related search results over the past five years. That is why Google is launching the Qibla Finder, to make it simpler for our users to easily find the right direction to pray towards wherever they are in the world,” says a spokesperson.

This Google Qibla Finder will also be available after Ramadan and will be updated to help users mark the month. This updates from Google include a collection of discounts on the Google Play Store on top premium applications and books, Ramadan-specific notifications on Google Maps, also the collection of the month’s most critically acclaimed Ramadan TV series on YouTube Mosalsalat.

Google launched Ramzan hub back in 2014 to help users navigate the different ways Google can help them during Ramadan. The complete details about the Qibla Finder web app and the other updates are now available on Google’s Ramadan Hub.

You can also try Google Qibla Finder web app here: Visit This Link